Tuesday, May 19, 2015

'Cry Havoc' -- Grimm 4x22

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, that was a giant pile of crazy, wasn't it?

So, we have someone to blame for the Jack stuff ... someone that will keep the police happy and away from Renard (so that he can continue being the captain, and no one will suspect that he was the one that was doing everything ... well, ok, so it wasn't technically him, but as he and Hank were saying, it would have been blamed on him if he tried to explain it). And they've left it open so that we will still have Viktor around, and I am guessing that he will probably be the king now, since he was the next in line after the king. And with Diana getting rid of the king, I'm guessing that things are going to be very different for the royals, since it seems that having her very early life with a Grimm has created a great deal of influence on her. It looks very much like she is going to be going along with the resistance, and she will be a great big weapon for them if they choose to use her that way.

I'm curious as to what was going on with the kid, and who she was talking to on the phone when Bud thought that Nick was calling her. Probably not Josh. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that the FBI agent (whose name is escaping me right now) has something on the kid, and is using that to make sure that the kid does whatever it is that she wants; it certainly looked like they were setting things up that way for next season. But what could it be that the FBI agent has on her? Maybe she's holding Josh captive? The kid seemed a little bit cagy when Bud was asking about Josh, so it's possible that's what it was.

Juliette getting killed ... I know that there are going to be plenty of people who are probably happy about that; I have the feeling that she wasn't exactly a fan favorite, but I still would have liked to see her stick around. I kind of hope that this turns out to be a giant fake out, cuz I do like her (the old her anyway), but the writers do seem to have been gearing things up so that she wouldn't be brought back anytime soon. Still, there may be some interesting things that the writers could do in the fallout of the kid killing Juliette. Intellectually, I have the feeling that Nick will understand that she was only trying to save his life, but at the same time, I can see him being angry with her over it (even if there really isn't time to be angry with her, seeing as it seems like they aren't going to have time to even think and things are going to pick right up next season).

I just hope that we aren't going to see Adalind turn into one of the gang now that Juliette is gone and there will be a new baby. Not only does it feel like it's kind of weird after all the things that she's done to them already, but it also feels a little bit like it would be a replacement of Juliette, and if someone else comes into the gang it should be someone they know they can trust a little bit more than Adalind, and someone who wouldn't seem to be a bit of a replacement of a previous member.

Whatever is about to happen, I'm actually kind of hoping that the kid sticks around this time, and they don't get rid of her midseason (which I probably wouldn't have said at the beginning of this season).

Sunday, May 10, 2015

'Headache' -- Grimm 4x21

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm really disappointed that it turned out that Renard was "Jack." I still felt like it was far too much of an easy fit to have him be the one that was the killer, but I suppose going that way created some drama for him without taking too much away from what was going on with Juliette (which has been the primary story arch of the season). I'd also like it if they would come out and give some reasoning for why he kept coming to near water. There's probably a very simple answer, if a bit of research was done about spirit possessions, but sometimes it's nice when they just give us the answers as canon (since the writers' reasonings for things, and the way they have things work, may be different than the folklore).

Also, his story arch seemed to finish really quickly. Yeah, he wasn't part of the primary story arch of the season, but it seemed like we got the information about what was going on with him, and then, it was wrapped up within the next ten minutes. I think that I may have liked what was going on with his story arch more if it was in one of the tie-in books, where the writer would have been able to explore what the ramifications of what was going on with him were. It still probably wouldn't have been as much as I would have liked, since the tie-in books that are out right now aren't that long, but it still would have been better than nothing.

I'm also still not buying the idea that Adalind is suddenly the one with all of the answers, when the friend of her mother's was spouted as being super powerful and knowledgeable (and Adalind has been painted as more of a pretty face, and one that is more apt to use that pretty face to get what she wants, rather than getting into the more intricate spells). But maybe the writers are wanting to play around with (and broaden) her character somewhat, and I'm ok with that (since I do enjoy wanting to shake the fuck out of her).

I was expecting a bit more of the kid in this episode, but I suppose that getting more of her would have taken away from what they were doing with the primary story of the episode, and she did fulfill the function that she had been brought in for (to make sure that Nick knew that something was going on back at the house).

As far as Kelly goes, I wish that it wasn't so clear from the beginning of her appearance that they were using a body double and dialogue from previous episodes. It probably just came down to the fact that the actress wasn't available, but as soon as the double came out of the jeep, I kept thinking "body double ... body double ... body double," and it distracted me somewhat.

So, now Kelly is dead for real, and the royals have Diana. I get the feeling that Nick is going to want some serious revenge for his mom getting killed (and especially for the "What's in the box?!" moment), and he's going to rally the gang to storm the castle. If that's done, they'd probably be able to make an attempt at getting Diana back (which I don't think will be at the forefront of Nick's mind), and maybe she'll be reunited with Adalind and raised with her brother. I wish that Kelly had lived and had raised Diana into (at least) her teenage years. I still think it would make a very interesting exploration of the character to have a hexenbiest raised by a Grimm, and a half-Grimm raised by a hexenbiest.

I'm also getting the feeling that Juliette is going to be instrumental in the death of Kenneth, and the bringing back of Diana from the royals. There were too many points in the episode where she seemed like she was regretting her involvement with Kelly's death and the reabduction of Diana (and also like she was really starting to miss Nick). I have a feeling that she's going to switch sides again, try to help the gang, Nick's not going to forgive her, and that may be part of (at least) the secondary story arch for the next season. I do hope that a tentative peace is made at some point in the near future, and Juliette can go back to being somewhat part of the gang; Adalind has her moments where she's really helpful, but I don't think that she should ever really be trusted, since her loyalties are only really to herself, and she'll sell all of them out if she thinks that it would be the best thing for her. With Juliette, you know that there's a possibility of loyalty there, since she's proven that she has it in her (and got turned into a hexenbiest for her trouble).

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

'You Don't Know Jack' -- Grimm 4x20

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I feel like the writers are trying to make us think that there's some sort of significance to "Jack's" shoes in this episode. Either that we should recognize them as being someone's, or so that we will remember them for later on. And I am kind of getting the feeling that they want us t think that "Jack" is actually Renard, but I'm really hoping that it turns out to be someone else. Renard would feasibly wear the kind of shoes that Jack was wearing, he has been having lots of missing time (where in this possible alternate personality could be doing something), and he was at what's her face's house right before she was killed. It really does seem like they are wanting to lead us that way, but I'm holding out for it to be a red herring (since, in a way), it feels a little too much like we're being led around by the nose).

There is something going on with Renard and the water, I'm almost positive of that, but I'm still not sure what it could be. I wonder what it could be that would continue to draw him back to water, but I think I'll have to get a little more information before I try to even speculate on what it may be.

So, it looks like we're back to having Adalind without her powers, only this time it was of her own free will. From a writing standpoint, it would create all sorts of new possibilities between her and Juliette to have Juliette with the upper hand now (and being the one with the possibility of getting back at her for the memory spell she did on Juliette), but from a character standpoint, it seemed kind of stupid for her to suppress her abilities. Sure, it may have been the only real way for them to be completely sure that the potion worked, but it was pretty stupid of her to do so. She already knew that Juliette wanted to kill her, and that Juliette wasn't likely to want to go along with anything that would mean that she lost her new powers (especially if Adalind knew full well that Juliette was starting to like having all of the new powers that she has at her disposal). All she's really doing is leaving herself open to get killed (open in a way that she wasn’t before now).

I'm wondering what sort of affect this potion will have on the baby. Will he be all Grimm now, without any Wesen abilities? We've seen how Adalind getting her powers back only made Diana's powers stronger (even before she was born); is it possible that this potion will suppress that side of the new baby, or is it possible that it might suppress both sides? That would be an interesting development ... if he turned out to be your run of the mill human cuz of that potion. What I'm really hoping is that they don't turn around and have Adalind do something that will bring back her powers, only to make the baby's powers stronger; they already did that with Diana, and doing it again will be extra tired. But then, they are kind of rehashing her losing her powers again, so it's possible that they might try to do something to enhance the baby's powers while he's still in utero.

The burning of Aunt Marie's trailer and taking what they were able to salvage (which I'm amazed that they were able to salvage anything the way that the fire was going) to Monroe and Rosalee's (also with the talk of bringing back the kid in the next episode) makes me want even more to have Josh and the kid turn into the super librarians of the Grimm universe. I still want so bad for Josh and the kid to be like the Watchers from "Highlander: The Series" that it's kind of driving me crazy (WRITERS! MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!). After all, there has to be a way that they can make the information that they gather safer so that this sort of thing doesn't happen again; I never liked the idea of just leaving the trailer out somewhere (regardless of where it was) without anyone making sure that all the stuff that was inside of it was safe (look at all the generations worth of work they lost in that fire). Keep Josh and the kid in charge of making sure no one tries to torch the place, and there's a better chance that all of that information (and all of those tools) might make it on to the next generation of Grimms. Also, I think it's kind of great that Nick trusts Monroe and Rosalee enough to keep such valuable stuff in their house. I love the trust between the gang members like whoa (this is, of course, excluding Renard, since he’s not actually part of the gang proper).