Thursday, February 26, 2015

'Intent' -- Suits 4x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

OMG!! I am so glad that it looks like Donna isn't about to be written off the show, since I need to have Donna in my life. She is everything that is good and awesome in the world, and that is no lie. I am not sure how much I would have continued to enjoy the show if Donna had been written off of it, since she is so thoroughly awesome.

Her relationship with Harvey ... holy hell. The two of them really need to get on the same page about stuff, since that would make things so very much easier on everyone. It's not likely to get any more touchy feely between the two of them than what it is now, since that's just now how they roll, but it would be nice if they could actually say what they mean without any hang-ups getting in their way (but their hang-ups are part of the reason why they are so awesome at what they do, and why I love them both). The thing is that I think that if she hadn't been so scared that she was about to go to prison, she probably would have seen what Harvey was doing, and she wouldn't have needed him to actually tell her that everything was going to be ok (but he was scared, so she did need to hear those words from him ... and I think that if he wasn't so scared that she might go to prison, he might have been more able to see that she needed to hear the words from him that she got from Luis).

And the fact that he kept saying through the episode about how she was different than everyone else ... in normal circumstances, that would have been a throwaway comment, but in this instance it wasn't. The way that this episode was played made those comments add even more weight (or a different weight) to him telling her that he loved her at the end of the episode. In a different episode (where her whole life might not have been ruined by what was going on in the episode), him telling her that he loved her might have been brushed off as him having a rare moment of showing feelings for a bestie (and someone that he knew that he could trust), but with those comments from earlier (and how scared he was that he might be able to protect her like he wanted to), him telling her that he loved her ... I kind of wish this would mean that the two of them would get together, but I have the feeling that the writers are going to go no farther than acknowledging that the two of them really are in love with each other, but because of how well they work together, they aren't going to ruin their working relationship to complicate it with a personal relationship.

I can't seem to make myself care about the fact that Jeff quit, since he outlived his usefulness to the show. The guy really only should have lasted a few episodes, but it was his relationship with Jessica that saved him from getting canned. He wasn't really adding anything to the show as one of the attorneys (since we didn't see him do much of anything after his initial few episodes). And after a while, his scenes were a bit too repetitive (him getting upset that Jessica wouldn't tell him what was really going on, and her being cagey about it); there's really only so many times that you can rehash that one scene before you have the character branch out in some other direction, or you write him/her off.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

'Tempus Fugit' -- SH 2x18

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, that's what "Fuck you, it's magic" looks like where time travel is concerned. I had hoped that they would have done something intelligent where the paradoxes of Abbie being the past were concerned, instead of giving them the magical assist that would have undone every bit of damage that she and Katrina possibly could have done. And rather convenient that we weren't given a timeframe where using the Traveler spell would have not been effective in stopping the paradoxes was concerned. I have a feeling that no matter what might have happened, the writers still would have given themselves enough time to get Abbie and Katrina back before things couldn't have been undone. And I will admit that I feel completely cheated in that regard; I wanted there to be some ripples of badness that came out of the two of them going back in time, instead of having everything getting retconed, and Abbie still retaining her memory about what happened (complete with the nudge from Grace). I wish I could say that I think that there could be some kind of fallout later on from Abbie and Katrina going back in time (maybe with Abraham, or something that may have seemed insignificant at one point, but which has snowballed into something that is near impossible for them to solve now ... and maybe they don't even really notice that it's something that has changed), but I have a feeling that the whole thing was a way for the writers to give us a visual that starting with next season we are going to have a new beginning (with Abbie meeting Captain Skinnyjeans in the past while in a prison cell and not believing anything that she said, much like what happened in the pilot), and to give us some sort of plausible reason for killing of Katrina.

However, I will say that I am not sad to see Katrina go (and that we were given a most definite nod to the fact that we will not have to worry about the writers bringing her back). The things that the writers could have done with her character are astounding, but they botched the whole thing up, and I'm glad that we won't have to worry about them continuing to drag out that storyline (while continuing to lose viewers like whoa).

But since they have now officially gotten rid of Katrina, and we have had a bit of guidance from Grace to Abbie, I have a feeling that we may see a bit more of Abbie and Jenny using their magic (and using Grace's journal as their Book of Shadows, adding to the things that Grace had put in there with the things that they have learned and faced in the battle against whatever is coming next ... maybe something more about the angels? or the demons who escaped Purgatory trying to make Abraham the new Big Bad?). And maybe the comment from Franklin means that we are going to meet some more modern witches, and some of them might be able to train Abbie and Jenny in the Craft.

And since we have now gotten rid of Katrina and the awful soap opera that was her relationship with Ichabod, I am leaning toward hoping that we don't find out that they never left Purgatory (even if I still think that it makes complete sense that they are still there and only think that they're not), and we never have to hear anything more about Henry and marriage woes.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

'Derailed' -- Suits 4x14

Warning: Spoiler Alert

What is it with this show and giving tertiary characters that are involved with primary characters the axe as soon as they either find out about Mike, or edge up to finding out about Mike? First Scotty, and now Jeff. Sure, I wasn't all that interested in having the Jeff aspect of Jessica's storyline (not only their romance, but her being conflicted about telling him) be the primary arch that her character was involved in, but that doesn't mean that I didn't want her to have him in her life (if she could have opened up to him a little bit more, which I know was hard for her, I have a feeling that the two of them could have had a pretty solid relationship).

Stupid Mike, and his secret.

I know that it wasn't something that Luis had done on purpose, since sometimes he just isn't thinking about what he's saying and how it will come back and bite him (or someone else) in the ass, but I kind of want to shake him ... just a little bit. Not a whole lot, like I've wanted to before, when he was being a jerkface on purpose; just a little to make him think about what he's saying. Live the lie, bro.

That isn't to say that Jessica probably shouldn't have told Jeff what was going on before now, but since Luis knew that there was the lie there ... urgh! But I'll completely admit to being like Jessica with the keeping things very close to the vest, until sometime down the road (if I ever say anything about it), so that may be a bit why I'm kind of frustrated with him for not thinking about what he was saying so that she could tell Jeff when she was ready; not that I don't completely think that Jeff was right to be angry when he found out that she had lied to him, cuz he had every right to be.

Donna!! Donna!! Donna!! She really should have known better than to go down there and pretend to be someone that she wasn't, and that she had asked for copies of records that she hadn't asked for. She's worked in a law office long enough that doing something like that should have been a big no no ... even if the boys skirt around the law sometimes to get what they need. But you would have thought that she would have learned her lesson that time when her signature was forged on that paperwork, and she got fired. Her heart was in the right place (not only as far as Mike was concerned, but also with those people that were killed), but she still should have known that doing something like that could come back to bite her in the ass (she's Donna after all). I just hope that this isn't a way to write Donna off of the show, since I love her so. I would be beyond sad if she left the show; I'd be down right disgruntled. No lie.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

'The Executioner's Song' -- SPN 10x14

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, that didn't last anywhere as long as I was expecting. I figured that the fight with Cain might have lasted a bit longer than it did ... but I don't know why I'm surprised, since this is SPN (they're all about the build up, and not much about the execution). It would have been all manner of better if it felt like Cain was actually putting up a fight against Dean, since he reportedly was now not wanting to die (and wanted to get rid of all of those who were his descendants). If that's not what was really going on ... if he was still tired and really wanted to die ... the writers should have backed that up a little bit more, instead of having him go through all the trouble of putting up a fight, and then, just letting Dean finish him off. The whole thing was so very disappointing.

So, now, we're supposed to think that there really isn't any way that Dean isn't going to turn into a killer? That cuz of the life that they lead (killing monsters and whatnot) that he will never really ever be safe from the Mark (since Cain only really was able to be chill for so long cuz he had ditched the First Blade, and stopped doing pretty much anything at all ... only trying to live his life off the radar). But since there isn't much chance of Dean giving up the fight, since that's not what he's about (even when he tried, he was miserable, and he practically ran back into it when he realized that Sam was still alive), he's probably always going to be a danger to himself and everyone else that he's around.

I am glad, however, that Cas is now the one who knows where the First Blade is hidden, instead of Crowley. While Crowley is good for a laugh or two (or at least he was until his mom came into the picture), having to go to him to get the Blade if they needed it wasn't something that was entirely ideal ... besides the fact that having it in the possession of the King of Hell isn't something that seems like they should be ok with, since he can use it against them (even if he is a complete fanboy, and wants to hang out with them as much as he possibly can).

The whole thing with the Grand Coven seems like it might be something that would be interesting, and I wish that the writers would start going in that direction, instead of staying on the thing with the Mark. Dean becoming emo over the Mark isn't as entertaining as they may think that it is. I liked him much better when he was woobie, and not so much now that he's all about being emo.

'Awakening' -- SH 2x17

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I have the feeling that no matter what else happens in this show, we're never really going to see the end of Henry. We've already seen him come back once after he was supposedly dead, and with Katrina and Abbie now in the past, I have the feeling that Katrina is going to do something incredibly stupid to make sure that Henry doesn't die by Greek Fire ... and in doing so, I don't have any faith that she's going to stop him from being the git that he is; she will only ensure that he will become even more evil than he was before, Moloch will somehow come back to life, and there will now be a coven of evil witches with her at their head.

I really don't see there being any chance that Abbie going into the past with Katrina is going to turn out well. Ichabod may figure out a way to return her to the present day, but when she gets there, I have the feeling that everything is going to be so much worse than it was before that we will all wish (even more strenuously than before) that someone had either killed Katrina, or left her in Purgatory. At least, I hope that everything turns out horribly for everyone (even while Abbie does make it back to present day). There is way too much of a chance with time travel that the writers could use it to retcon everything that has been happening with Ichabod and Katrina, and get the show back into a place where they aren't hemorrhaging fans.

While I can see sending Abbie back with Katrina may have been the way to go, since having two Ichabods in the past might prove to be problematic, the writers were a bit heavy handed with their "fish out of water" imagery in the beginning of the episode. It felt a little too much like they were trying to drive the whole idea of someone being outside of their time home so that they could go, "Oh, look, we're doing it to Abbie now, too." However, I will say that I appreciate the aesthetic of having Abbie and Ichabod meet in the pilot in a jail cell, and then, having past!Ichabod meet her in a jail cell again.

And no matter what else was going on with the episode, I keep coming back to the idea that no matter what happens with Katrina, or Abbie and Ichabod, the future is going to be completely messed up (even while Team Witness may be trying to do what they think is the best for the future ... and they may have a better idea of what the "best" is when you compare them to Katrina). Everything good that Team Witness may conceivably be undone, since they are now creating a new timeline where Ichabod never made it to the future (cuz Katrina never put the spell on him while he was dying) ... but I have the feeling that the writers may not even want to open that can of worms, and will choose to ignore it instead, sending her back to a future where Ichabod is there, and he remembers how things originally were (while also, perhaps, remembering how things are now that they have been changed).

Monday, February 16, 2015

'Trial by Fire' -- Grimm 4x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, look at that, Juliette decided to tell Nick about becoming a hexenbiest. I guess that the writers decided that they weren't going to drag it out like they might have done. I'm really glad about that, since I would rather they get that fight over with, and get everyone on the same page about what's going on. I don't see Nick not having a bit of a problem with it at first, what with what is supposed to be a Grimm's tendency toward not wanting to have anything to do with hexenbiests, and with it being a complete shock, but I'm sure that he'll remember that he loves her (and that she's still the same person that she was before this happened). So, I still think that things will get somewhat back to normal before too long (even if he might still get a bit hinky about what she is now every once in a while ... but even then, I'm sure he'll kick himself and remember that it only happened, cuz she was helping him to become a Grimm again, and they were both trying to help Monroe).

Speaking of Monroe, good on him for learning from the things that have happened recently (and listening to what Rosalee was telling him) and put his own hang ups somewhat behind him ... at least enough so that he could help to find dude who had killed those two teenagers. He's a good guy, and it was only a matter of time before his good sense won out.

I guess that Adalind can fight a little bit more than what I was giving her credit for, what with her being someone who relies more on her looks than anything else. Still, it was nice to see Juliette beat the hell out of her ... mostly, cuz I have a hard time not wanting bad things to happen to her after all of the bad things that she's done to everyone in the gang.

I really wish that the dude that Renard had gotten to look into Diana's whereabouts wasn't passing information on to his cousin, since I don't want Diana to end up in the hands of the royals, but I can't say that I'm surprised about it happening. All of the royals are bit too sneaky for something like that to not be happening. And I kind of wish that Adalind would be more leery about accepting help from a royal to find Diana, since she should know by now that she can't trust them to do what they are claiming to do (since they only say what they need to in order to get what they want).

Also, as far as there being a bounty on Nick's head now, I'm really hoping that the writers don't put that so far on the back burner that people forget about it, since it could be really interesting. I'm not saying there should be something all the time where that is concerned, but something every once in a while would still be cool. And I also cannot be the only one who is now wondering what would happen if this new "phoenix" wesen had a child with one of the "dragon" wesen. The idea of it amuses me to no end.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

'Fork in the Road' -- Suits 4x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Is it just me, or does the guy who plays Mike look kind of like Chris Hardwick? It may have a little more to do with the fact that their both skinny, the general shape of their faces, and the way they do their hair more than anything else; but as I was watching this episode, I don't know why it struck me so strongly that they kind of look like each other inside of my head.

So, now we have a little bit of an explanation of where the bad blood came from between Harvey and Luis ... other than just that Harvey is kind of a bully, and Luis is kind of a jackass (and that the two of them are too different to really be great friends, without there being some kind of common ground between them, and the two of them really wanting to be friends (and both consciously working at it)). Yeah, the two of them have been able to make the peace with each other in the past, but they are so different from each other (their personalities, their interests, their motives ...), I don't see it ever really becoming easier for them as far as being friends is concerned; it seems like it's always going to be an uphill battle for them, and they're always going to have to make a conscious effort to at least be civil with each other.

I'm so glad that Daniel isn't a regular on the show anymore. It was good having him as an antagonist for a while (and maybe again every once in a while in a flashback episode), but if he were a series regular, I think I'd be hoping that a comet would crash into the building, or something. The guy makes me want horrible things to happen to him (cuz of how much of a horrible person he is).

Another person I am glad isn't a regular on the show anymore? Trevor. There's another one that makes me want to bitchslap him upside the head. Yeah, it was a flashback episode, so there was going to be some Trevor in it, but ... I really could do without him; the guy was bad news.

But it was awesome to see Grammy again!! Oh, how I missed her!! It sucks so much that they killed her off, and I really wish that they hadn't. I can see how the writers may have thought that there was only so much that they could have done with her character, and they were possibly wanting to create some great tension within the story by killing her off, but ... she was such a great character, and I wish she could have stayed (and not just cuz she was good for Mike to have around, and I lived the interactions between Mike and Grammy).

So, now we've gotten some forgiveness for Mike from Luis. Maybe now Luis can get on board with being a secret keeper, and he won't keep lashing out at everybody about how they kept it from him (even though it was kind of stupid to think that they would have just come out and told him, and if he really thought about it, he would have understood why they would have not wanted that many people to know about it ... despite being friends with Mike). Now that he's on board, I can see him being a great secret keeper, since it seems like as soon as he decides that he's going to go all in, he is all in and does whatever he can to make sure that things are taken care of. And hopefully now he can be friends with the others again. Sure, he makes things hard for other people when it comes to being friends with him, but they are his friends, and I hope that he sees that. I don't like it when they have huge fights like that, and not just cuz it alienates Luis from everyone else.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

'Halt & Catch Fire' -- SPN 10x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, it looks like Dean is going to go the route of trying to live with the Mark, instead of constantly trying to get rid of it. I think that would be great, if it wasn't something that probably wasn't going to be a constant struggle for him to accomplish ... but he may do a better job of keeping it under control than Sammy would; maybe the way to make sure that the Mark doesn't make someone go completely out of control is to make sure that the person who has it is already someone who is beating themselves up over something, and is someone who already knows what it is to struggle with something. Maybe you need to be someone who isn't well adjusted to make the struggle work? Yeah, he's already gone all dark side with it, but maybe that was only cuz he had died and the thing brought him back (so he came back a demon, instead of himself).

I wonder if the writer of this episode thought s/he was being clever by making the initials for the fraternity be "STD"? Maybe it was just me, but the joke seemed incredibly juvenile and not funny. Far too much in the way of "college humor," as it were ... but maybe that was the point (seeing as how the episode spent so much time on a college campus). Still, I had the feeling that we were supposed to find more humor in it than I did (which was pretty much none at all).

And this whole, "Dean doesn't know anything about modern technology" trope that they've been riding for a while now is getting kind of old. Dean may not be as tech savvy as Sammy is, but there are things that he should know about (like that nothing can really be deleted off the internet (especially that one, since they use the internet for research so very, very much), or whatever the writers happen to be calling Siri in the show, since you don't have to be using a particular brand of phone to know about phone aps that can speak to). Also, I guess we're going back to the trope of having Dean being the one who eats all the time, while Sam just sits there and watches him do it? That one is getting kind of old as well, especially when they have Jensen kind of go over the top with it, and have noodles hanging out of his mouth.

It looks like we're going to see the return of Cain in the next episode, and I'm actually pretty happy about that. But with Dean seeming to come to terms with the idea of having the Mark, I'm not completely sure that we're going to see the end of the love affair that is Dean and the Mark. I'm getting the feeling that Dean is going to see Cain go kind of crazy with the return of the First Blade, and he's going to decide that maybe it's time to keep good on his promise to kill Cain when he had the chance (so, he'll end up having to keep the Mark, unless he wants to curse some poor sucker the same way that he was). So, yeah, I get the feeling that the writers are going to take Cain and the ability to get rid of the Mark out of the equation.

Kind of makes me wonder what would have happened if Dean had become the vessel for Michael. Would he be able to even have the Mark if Michael was riding him? Probably not (and he probably wouldn't have even needed the Mark in the first place if Michael was there ... but then, that would mean that he was stuck in the Pit with Lu and Michael, the way that Adam is), but it would have been kind of interesting to see the conflict that would have come about from something like that.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

'What Lies Beneath' -- SH 2x16

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Frank's explanation of what's been going on with him, the reason for the marks on his arm, and the reason why he was looking for the Hellfire stuffs ... I wish that I could trust that he was just trying to figure out some way to make sure that his family is taken care of with everything that is happening with Henry, but I don't. I'm highly suspicious of what is going on with him, and suspect that there is something on that flashdrive that shouldn't be out in the world. I have the feeling that Evil!Frank is very much in control and has learned how to make people think that he's just regular!Frank; if Evil!Frank is so much in control most of the time, I don't see how regular!Frank would be able to take enough control to realize that there was a way to keep the evilness away, look around for a way to make sure that he could stay in control for a while, and hatch a plan to make sure the wife and kid are taken care of. It seems like the evilness would realize there was something going on and would reassert its control ... but then, with his "rebirth," I'm not entirely convinced that there would be anything but the evilness in him anyway, what with his soul belonging to Henry.

I'm kind of glad that they were forced to blow up the Chamber of Secrets without having a chance to roam around and read everything that was in there. It would probably be helpful for them to have a better idea of what they need to do in the fight against evil, but I like the idea of the having to figure things out as they go long much more than having everything spelled out for them; besides which, having everything spelled out for them that way would mean that they were getting what Jefferson and Washington thought were important, and not necessarily what really was important (and their actions might have been colored negatively by that, making them possibly do something other than what their guts told them was the right thing to do). Even if there are times when they could really use some more information in a hurry about what they're dealing with, going with their guts when it comes to saving people (hunting things) has done them pretty well ... at least as far as when Katrina isn't involved.

And I'm not going to get into the fact that Jefferson was a hologram, Captain Skinnyjeans was able to run his hand through the hologram, and yet, the hologram was able to pick up things and carry them around (without giving us any kind of explanation about how that was possible; not even OMG!Magic!).

I'm so glad that it didn't turn out that the visit from Henry to Katrina didn't turn out to just be a dream, but I hate it when that sort of thing happens. It seems far too much like a giant FU to the audience (unless it's done very tongue-in-cheek like on "Newhart" or the last episode of "The Late, Late Show" that Craig Ferguson was on, where it's something self-aware ... where the writers and actors/performers are giving a giant wink to the people watching). And I'm also glad that it looks like Katrina is going to go all Dark Side, cuz it seems like it would be kind of awesome ... and maybe her character won't suck as much as it does right now.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Maréchaussée' -- Grimm 4x12

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, Juliette doesn't just get to wish away the hexenbiest inside of her. Good. I didn't want it to go away, but even if it did, I didn't want it to be an easy fix (if it does go away, I want her to have to fight for it, instead of just, "Oh, hai, just drink some Grimm blood" or something). And even if things are kind of touch and go between her and Nick at first, once she tells him about what's been going on, I think that not only will the two of them become stronger for her being honest with him, but I still think that having a hexenbiest on Team Grimm will be a good thing. I would really like it if the writers didn't have her go to full power right away ... I'd like it much better if it took her time to figure out what she was doing, and if she had to get all sorts of training (maybe from a few different people, who have a specialty in a certain kind of spell, or form of spells), since the writers are setting her up to be all kinds of powerful, and it seems like there might be a danger of turning her into deus ex machina. And even if they hadn't made it canon that those who were made instead of born were powerful, I would still think that Juliette would pwn Adalind as far as being a hexenbiest goes. Adalind seems to take her heritage for granted, relying more on her looks, and doesn't seem like she's someone who would have tried to learn how to be a kick ass witch (in addition to someone who can manipulate other people ... although, she's not all that fantastic at that either, only really having success with people who aren't really ready for what she's doing).

I'm really hoping that the writers aren't going to drag out this whole thing with Juliette not telling Nick about what's going on with her, and waiting until he gets so suspicious about what's been happening with her that he calls her out on his suspicions. Yeah, Nick waited quite a while before telling her about being a Grimm, and she's nervous about telling him about being a hexenbiest cuz of both of their feelings about the hexenbiests that they have met (with the possible exception of Elizabeth, who they at least seem to not hate the way that they have all of the others). I don't see how keeping it from him for a long time won't end up having some consequences that will take some time for them both to get over, and I would rather not have that, since I want the two of them to be solid with each other the way that Monroe and Rosalee are.

Good on Wu!! I love, love, love the fact that he's jumped in with both feet, doing as much research as he can on his own, and being able to apply the things that he's starting to learn in a real world scenario. Other people may have kind of taken it for granted that there were other people around him who knew more of what was going on, and might rely more on them for the information about the Wesen world. If I didn't think that it would be kind of awesome if the kid and Josh became the librarians of the Grimms (kind of something like the Watchers in "Highlander"), I would think that Wu should start up something like that ... and if things didn't have the potential of being really tense between Wu and the kid, I'd say that he should touch base with them and help somewhat with the starting of The Ultimate Codex of Grimm and Wesen Stuffs.

I think that it's kind of interesting that when Adalind, Renard, and Viktor were talking about Diana, they kept saying "the child," instead of using her name (at least Sean and Viktor were). There may be nothing to that, except for the writers giving us an auditory clue of what Diana actually means to them, and that by being with the royals, she would be nothing more than a tool for power. Renard may be right in that Kelly didn't take Diana very far, but I'm hoping that it won't be easy for anyone to find her. It's not just that I would like it very much if she didn't end up in the clutches of the royals, or that she may be a deus ex machina as far as the royals are concerned, but it would be very interesting if she were raised by a Grimm (how would Grimm/Wesen relations be affected by having such a powerful hexenbiest raised by a Grimm? I think that is just as interesting a question as what would happen if a Grimm had children with a Wesen).

Thursday, February 5, 2015

'Respect' -- Suits 4x12

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Wow, the secret about Mike really isn't getting kept all that well, is it? People who weren't part of the inner circle (of Mike, Harvey, Donna, Rachel, and Jessica) were going to start figuring things out eventually, but now we've had Luis and the ethics professor both figuring it out within a few episodes of each other ... and it doesn't seem like it's going to be all that long from now before Jeff is going to start putting things together as well. He may seem kind of satisfied with the answer for what was being kept from him that he's gotten from Jessica (especially now with Luis backing her lie), but at some point, I get the feeling that he's going to become suspicious about what's really going on as well; at least, that's the way things seem like they're going to go with the way that the writers are setting things up.

I wonder how just how much Luis is going to be willing to stop being such a jerk to everyone around him, and for how long it's going to last. It's only going to go so far, and last for so long, only cuz of the nature of how Luis reacts to things. Since we've had flashbacks with Harvey, Mike, and the company, I'd really like to have at least one flashback that dealt a little more with Luis. Sure, he's just on the outskirts of being on the A Team of the show, and those are the ones who tend to get the flashbacks, but I want to know what may have happened to him in his past that may have caused him to have the reactions that he does to things. I get the feeling that there had to've been something that happened to him ... probably a long series of somethings that happened that made him start reacting that way to protect himself from getting hurt by other people. It doesn't really help him all that much, but there has to be something there that would make it make sense (I'm sure of it).

I'm not sure that Harvey and Luis are ever going to be cool with each other, but I would love it if he got his relationships with Donna and Rachel back. The two of them really do care about him; I wish that he could just see that, it would make things so much better/easier for everyone.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

'About a Boy' -- SPN 10x12

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Yeah, I'm getting the impression more and more that we aren't going to see the end of the Mark as far as Dean is concerned. It's looking like he's just going to have to keep it around ... until he can somehow figure out someone else to give it to (the way that Cain did), but that it will likely remain with him for a long, long time ... and that he may end up living longer than he has any right to (and not just cuz of the kind of life that he leads).

When he showed Sam that the Mark wasn't on his arm anymore once he had been turned into a teenager, and they tried to make it seem like there might be a chance that the boys would think about Dean remaining a teen so he didn't have to have it anymore, the writers didn't do well enough with that. It's not just a foregone conclusion that they were going to bring back Jensen, but if the writers had done a better job, it might have at least appeared that they were actually considering having the change be permanent. Hell, they could have even left Dean a teenager until next episode to try to make it look like they were really thinking about it, but that would mean that the show did something that wasn't a complete Kripke move.

And the thing that is bothering me about this episode: if their clothes fell to the ground (and were left behind) when they were turned into teens), that would mean that they were transported to the witch's house naked, right? And Hansel probably had to dress them again in clothes that would now fit them, right? That's kind of ick enough as it is (especially when you're thinking that he had to do it for what was now, essentially, a teenage girl), but what I am really wondering (since I don't want to consider that other part too much) is why teen!Dean's clothes still fit Jensen!Dean? The jacket was a little short in the arms, but they should have been a lot more tight on him than they were. That may have been kind of awkward in the jean region, but all they would have to do would be to hide Jensen behind some furniture after the action slowed down, and then, have the boys have their little talk with Tina outside after Sam was able to find some bigger clothes (probably something worn by Hansel) for Dean to change into. Yes, this is the sort of thing that my brain latches onto and wants to make sense out of, even though I know that I shouldn't be worrying about it where genre television is concerned.

Another mention of the Grand Coven ... and from someone other than from Crowley's mom. I have the feeling that the writers are going to be making the attempt to try for something kind of big where the Grand Coven is involved, but I'm not really holding my breath that it's going to be anything close to as awesome as what it could be. I'm kind of hoping that the boys will have to ally themselves with the Grand Coven to deal with Crowley's mom, and that we won't be seeing her anymore after the end of the season. I doubt that they're going to make a serious move against Crowley, however. They might make the motions, but the boys (Dean specifically) will probably do something to protect him.

But the fact that the Grand Coven has a problem with Crowley's mom, but not with the witch that captured Hansel and Gretel (and who continues to kill and eat people) makes me wonder about them. Crowley's mom made it sound like they weren't cool with hurting people, and we've seen witches before that have been at least good enough people that they weren't willing to hurt others (even if they have been kind of questionable when it comes to some of their other morals), so I'm not entirely sure about them (or if the writers are being entirely consistent where they are involved).

'Spellcaster' -- SH 2x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, look at that ... Henry isn't really dead, and Irving is playing Team Witness, cuz he's turned evil. Color me mock surprised; yeah, totes didn't see that one coming. Ptsh. I really wish that I could say that I didn't see that one coming ... at least as far as Henry being alive (cuz I figured that he really was). I really did hope that Irving was going to turn out to be on Team Witness (and not be colored by evil cuz of what Henry had done to him), but after Katrina was hit in the face by Henry's magic, I can't say that it isn't surprising that he's been playing them. And even though Henry said that he was trying to turn over a new leaf and not be a "wolf," I get the feeling that he and Irving had been together for at least a part of the time that Irving was supposed to have been dead, and the two of them were coming up with some sort of plan for ... something. They probably didn't have any idea of the grimoire being something that the needed to keep an eye out for until Homeboy Warlock tried to go after it (or maybe a little bit before that), so they may not have been looking for that specifically; Iriving was interacting with Team Witness again before the grimoire went to the auction house, so unless Irving and Henry are able to communicate telepathically, there probably isn't much of a chance that they were looking for it. Irving probably grabbed it cuz it seemed like something that Henry would have wanted, and he had the opportunity to get it without suspicion.

So, Katrina is turning evil? I am hoping that this is something that turns out to stay though the duration of the show ... or at least for a while. Maybe now we will be able to see her be the badass that we were promised that she was, and I can fully appreciate that. What I would kind of love to see is her teaming up with Henry and Irving, be completely evil, and Abbie and Jenny have to tap into their family magic to stop Katrina from doing something completely awful (while Captain Skinnyjeans went after Henry ... I am starting to get the impression that Ichabod is the only one who will be able to stop Henry. His comment about "who needs a father anyway" made me kind of suspicious, and I think there is more significance to it than just his daddy issues). And since Death is supposed to be important with some of those who were following Moloch thinking that he is the new Power, I wonder what that's going to mean for Henry trying to become the new Power. If the writers do it correctly, it might be kind of interesting to see Bram become an ally of convenience with Team Witness.

Also, since when does Abbie call Katrina "Kat"? I didn't know that Katrina liked having a nickname, or that the two of them were cool enough that a nickname would have been given (or received).

I really like the idea that Katrina's powers are used by tapping into nature, and that others might also tap into nature the way that she does, or that they may tap into the phases of the moon, or fire, or something else specific. It kin of reminds me of the witches that are in the Jane Yellowrock books, but I'm sure that it's something that's more common than just "Sleepy Hollow" and that serious of books (I'm just not familiar enough with Wicca to know if that's the case, especially since my interest leans more toward Germanic neo-paganism), and I think that it's a pretty cool idea that a person's natural talents will pull magic more easily from a certain source (like nature, or water, or the moon, or fire, or the earth).