Saturday, January 31, 2015

'Death Do Us Part' -- Grimm 4x11

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I wish I could say that I didn't see it coming that Stetson was going to be the killer, but I did. Too much of a big deal was made over the fact that Theo was supposedly the killer, and that Stetson was one of the two who was dead ... also, the fact that they pointed to the fact that both of the victims had wedding rings on their fingers I thought didn't really prove anything. Anyone can wear a ring, and just cuz the person is wearing what appears to be a wedding ring, doesn't mean that they are married to the person that they're in bed with. Duh. That seemed to be kind of a dangerous assumption to make, especially when the original detective knew that there was an affair going on.

I completely loved Wu's interactions with the boys in this episode ... of him trying to get his feet underneath him where the whole Grimm/Wesen thing is concerned. Also, loved the fact that the boys are now so open with him and have no issue with answering questions, or letting him do research in the trailer (whether they're there or not). Probably favorite part of that whole thing was Hank explaining what it looks like when someone who is probably a Wesen gets twitchy in front of Nick. Oh, boys.

And Nick's instinct that Juliette is keeping something from him!! She is doing a really crappy job of keeping things from him. Sure, Hank is willing to brush it off as the fact that some stressful things have happened, but Nick should know Juliette better than that, and know that there really is something going on with her. I kind of want him to ask her about it, and not stop pushing until she tells him what is going on; that comes more out of the fact that it's such a huge secret that she's keeping from the person that she's spending her life with, and the fact that he would be able to be beside her as she tried to figure out what to do to make things right (so that she wouldn't have to feel like she's all alone in trying to get back to normal). He loves her enough that I don't think that it would cause problems for them, and I'm sure that he'd stick with her no matter what happened with trying to get herself back to normal (or if she decided to stay a hexenbiest ... which I really hope that she does, since it would be awesome to have one within the inner circles of the gang).

What is going on with Renard? Whatever his mom did to make sure that he survived ... maybe she didn't do as good a job as everyone thought that she did (despite her being so awesome). I kind of would love to find out that whatever is going on with him is cuz of whatever is going on with Juliette ... that she's unconsciously making him ... unheal? As though it's caused by some sort of psychic residue that she isn't aware that she's sending out, since the "made" hexenbiests are more powerful, and she's never had the training that she needed to stop that sort of thing from happening.

Very nice effect when Stetson died, with the electric pulse that shot out everywhere. I kind of hoped that the pulse would have meant that he had disintegrated or something, but that's just cuz I thought it would have been cool (nevermind the fact that it would have meant less paperwork for the boys, and not having to make up the story about how Lily killed him in self defense).

Thursday, January 29, 2015

'Enough is Enough' -- Suits 4x11

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Show is back!! I thought it wasn't coming back until the spring! Oh, "Suits," how I've missed you.

I'm glad that Luis isn't gone forever, cuz I've always enjoyed having his character around (even if he is a jerkface who needs someone to shake him until his teeth rattle every once in a while). And I'm even more glad that Jessica figured out a way to make sure that he stopped trying to get revenge on everyone for not telling him about Mike (and not realizing that it wasn't a personal affront upon him that they were trying to keep the secret on the DL). Luis does strike me as the type of person who takes every little slight as a personal affront to him, even when it's not, and who will drive everything into the ground cuz of it if someone doesn't do something final about it to make him stop.

I'm not the biggest fan of Rachel (she tends to kind of irritate me), but I was not at all cool with the things that Luis said to her about lying to him (especially when he started bringing her family into it). Not cool, bro, not cool. But good on her to try to do something good for Katrina, to make sure that homegirl landed on her feet once it became clear that there was no way that Jessica was going to allow her to come back (no matter how much Luis tried to strong-arm his way into getting her back).

And I'm really happy about the fact that all of the drama with Luis figuring out what was going on didn't get dragged out for several episodes. By around the time that the episode was about half-way over, I was already ready for the drama to be at an end, and for them to figure out some other thing to have the characters go through; if they had had any more episodes with Luis throwing his tantrum, I think that I may have started to get frustrated with the show (which would have been a first for this one, since I don't really have a whole lot to complain about where this show is concerned).

As far as Luis becoming a named partner, I know that this is something that he's wanted since the show first started, but I wouldn't be surprised if the writers did something so that Luis found out that it wasn't everything that he wanted, or thought that it was going to be. It feels like he wanted it cuz of the sense of accomplishment that it would give him, but the way that he went about getting it ... I don't know if he's going to have the feeling of being as accomplished as he thought he might have (since he didn't really earn it; as Jessica said, he strong-armed his way into getting his name up there). I wouldn't be surprised if there was an undercurrent of resentment from the others cuz of the way that he went about things (there already seems to be all kinds of animosity for him cuz of it), and if he didn't start feeling the effects of it.

Oh, Jessica. Why can't you tell homeboy the truth? For a second, I almost thought that she was going to tell her piece of stuff about what was going on with Mike. Sure, it's kind of out of character for her to tell anyone anything, but it had been slammed in her face that the secret was hers' as well, and she has said that she was going to have to accept the fact that she was a part of Mike's secret as well. Sure, it would have meant another person who knew about what was really going on with Mike ... someone that we don't really know all that well, but things would probably have been better between the two of them if she had been willing to tell him what was going on. But I have the feeling that he will probably be the next person who will be brought in on the secret, if only cuz Jessica has kind of cozied up to almost telling him, and she looked guilty for not telling him everything. This doesn't mean that I necessarily think that this means he's going to last on the show, since Harvey told Scotty, and she's gone now (so, it doesn't mean that he's going to be a series regular).

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

'Kali Yuga' -- SH 2x14

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Why does anyone trust Katrina at this point? Almost everything she does seems to be shady now. Her actions may have come from the desire to save her son, but they've morphed now so that it seems like she would be willing to do other people harm if it meant that Henry would be saved. And at a certain point, it would seem as though she should realize that the things that he's done have been awful, and maybe she should walk away from her effort to try and redeem him (since the lives of everyone else on the planet might be spared if she didn't try so very hard to make sure that she keeps trying to remind him that she's his mother). Yes, it would have to be a hard thing for her to do ... but she has to realize that in all likelihood the chances of him not eventually doing something so horrible that it wipes out a huge amount of people might make it worth it to not try so hard to save him at the expense of everyone else. Sure, he ended up killing Moloch, but we don't know what happened to him, or if he's becoming the new Power for the dark side now.

I don't believe her for a second when she says that Henry's influence can't be felt on Irving anymore. It's not just the flashes that she got when she was doing the whole "let's give you an aura cleanse" thing ... it was also the expression that she had when she said it (and when she was looking at Irving getting happy about it), and let's not forget the fact that Irving doesn't have a reflection now. No good is going to come from that. None. It makes me think too much that he might be the new Horseman of War (and that Henry may becoming the new Power). I may be reading that all wrong, but that's the impression that I'm getting.

I can't say too much that I'll be sad to see Hawley go. I've enjoyed him in the episodes that he's been in, but sometimes too much of a good thing and all that. Maybe we'll see him some more later on, when there's a big fight or something, but I'm not going to be holding my breath on that one. And even if I kind of like the idea (right now) of Jenny and Hawley getting together, I think that if there was too much of that in the show, it would end up annoying me to no ends, and I would end up wishing that the writers had never put it in there.

Good on Captain Skinnyjeans and Abbie finally having a real talk with each other and airing things out between them ... and it only took nearly dying for the two of them finally went, "you know ... maybe we should fix this before things get so bad that we never are able to make peace with each other." Stupids. Makes you want to smack their heads together, no? But hopefully the two of them will be stronger for this, and we will see them be the ultimate tag team that they are supposed to be ... provided that the show can get back on track and give us Team Witness Fighting the Good Fight ... instead of Population Family Dramaville.

'There's No Place Like Home' -- SPN 10x11

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm freaking out! This was the best episode that Show has had in a long, long time ... like in a "I can't even remember how long" amount of time. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if a lot of it had to do with the addition of Felicia Day. The last episode with her wasn't all that great, but I think that a log of that one had to do with the fact that that particular episode felt more like a flashback one, and no one else really seemed to be trying to bring their A game to it. So, maybe it also had to do with the fact that the boys were actually trying in this episode, rather than just phoning it in.

Oz time is different than our own, huh? So, I guess that kind of makes it like faerie? I think that may be what's going on here ... even if the writers aren't necessarily aware that that's what they're trying to say (and just trying to give themselves an excuse as to why someone who should be dead is still alive (I have long since given up hope that the writers of Show are at all aware of the implications that they may have been putting into Show)).

I'm getting the feeling more and more that we aren't actually ever going to see Dean get rid of the Mark ... and that we might also find out that it has somehow messed with the longevity of his life. With the addition of "ZOMG! OZ TOTES RUNS ON DIFFERENT TIME," and the fact that they mentioned how Cain had it for so long before figuring out how to deal with it so that he didn't try to kill everyone that he came into contact with, it makes me think that they might be saying that Dean is kind of doomed to roam the world without ever figuring out how to get rid of the Mark ... or at least, he'll be doomed to live a whole lot longer than he ever was meant to, and he'll end up just as tired as Cain was when he gave over the Mark (and maybe then, he'll be able to get rid of it and die ... and maybe go to Heaven, but this time for good).

I also have the feeling that the whole thing about Dean not forgiving himself is going to come back to be dealt with later on. Just the way that forgiveness kept popping up in the episode, and the way that it was such a big deal when Charlie and Dean were talking at the end of the episode made me think that if he doesn't forgive himself for things that he's done in his life (not even just the things that he's done since he got the Mark, or even things that he necessarily needs to be forgiven for (but that he thinks that he does)), something is going to happen. Maybe he needs to forgive (and make peace with) himself before he's going to be able to find any peace and not have the Mark be such a driving force in his life anymore.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Tribunal' -- Grimm 4x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Look at Wu, all on board with the crazy and everything. Our boy grows up so fast.

I loved his reaction to seeing Bud woge, and the fact that he wasn't all freaked out by it. But I guess that he wouldn't be ... he'd be glad to get more confirmation that he's not crazy, and that there isn't a reason for him to worry about his own sanity anymore. And when he was playing bad cop with Acker, oh, how I loved that. It's not every day that we get to see Wu do much more than play the comic relief, so it was nice to see him pull off turning the screws on someone. I will say, however, that it was a bit "on the nose" to have the Wesen cop that they were dealing with turn out to be a Bauerschwein (pig ... cop ... I see what you guys did there).

Monroe was fantastic with his "I am so disappointed in you guys for not knowing the power of love" speech; and just that little bit of manly tears was fantastic. Bravo, bro. You made me love Monroe just a little bit more. And Bud ... I don't know that I could love him anymore after this episode; doing as best as a little Eisbiber could in the face of so much reckless hate. I need to squeeze him so very tight.

Very nice hero shots of the gang in this episode; first with them all walking out of the precinct (even though I kept thinking, "Why are they not running?! Monroe is getting himself killed, and they're taking time for a hero-gang walk?"), and then, them when they were getting geared up to make their move. The camera people and the actors were working overtime on those to make sure they got the cool down.

And now to the really important parts of the episode: Juliette is a Hexenbiest. Ok, so it's now officially canon that there are some that can be made (and not just born that way); good to know. Doubly good to know that those rare Hexenbiests (is that the correct plural for that word?) that are made (instead of born) are even more dangerous than those that are born that way. I kind of have the feeling that the writers added this part to the Hexenbiest lore to give themselves some cool avenues in which to play with her character, and I am perfectly ok with that. She has already proven herself to be someone you don't necessarily want to mess with when she was in her completely human form, but now that we know that she may be super dangerous in her present Wesen form ... yes, please. It also brings up some very interesting possibilities when it comes to her and Nick and the possibility of children. I still want to know what would happen if a Grimm and a Wesen had a baby together, and it makes me wonder if there might be some added messing about with the DNA of the child, since Juliette's DNA has been messed with so much. Would the child of a Grimm and a Hexenbiest that started off as a normal human have something close to super powers? Something like Wyatt from "Charmed"?

Also, now that we know that there are Wesen who weren't born that way, it makes me wonder if Krampus was also one that was made; it would certainly make a lot more sense as to why dude had no idea of what Nick and Hank where talking about when he returned to human form, and it allows me to handwave the fact that no one in his family would have warned him that something like that was coming, or that he never saw anyone in his family turn into Krampus. Perhaps it's something where there can only be one of them in the world at a time, and when one of them feels like they're about to die, they "infect" someone else with the Krampus ... gene? Yes, I think that this is how I'm going to headcanon this (having there only be one at a time, and adding in the sickness that happened to the little boy in "Stories We Tell Our Young").

I can understand why she might have told Renard first, seeing as how he's half a Zauberbiest and might be able to explain to her what's going on better than someone else in the gang might, but that being said ... I can see where Nick might be hurt and angry that she went to Renard first (even if he might also understand how she might be afraid to tell him what's going on). What I want is for Renard to be able to calm her down some while explaining things, and for there to not be all kinds of drama between Nick and Juliette (I'm not a fan of when there's all kinds of drama between them ... that whole time when she didn't have her memory ... yeah, that went on a little too long, and I'm not eager to have another drawn out "I don't trust you" thing between the two of them).

And once she starts getting her feet underneath her where being a Hexenbiest is concerned (and learning how to do all the things that they can do), I see her being even more of an asset for the gang. She already proved that she is capable of learning pretty quickly (and being pretty dangerous) when she clocked that dude with the branch. I really hope the writers make this good.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

'The Hunter Games' -- SPN 10x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, I guess it's a good thing that they've finally stopped ignoring the fact that Dean really does need to get rid of the Mark before he goes all out crazy, but this episode didn't really get me excited about the idea that they might figure out how to do it ... not that I'm sure that they would have been able to do much at this point to really make me care one way or the other. And honestly, I trust Metatron about as far as I could throw him. Whatever the way is to get rid of the Mark, I wouldn't believe that he would tell them the truth of it, even if he really did know what it was. Sure, he has read a lot of books, and he was the Scribe before he abandoned his post, but I'm not completely convinced that he would know what the answer is ... or that he would actually tell them the truth on what those steps were.

I keep coming back to why they wouldn't go back to Cain to ask him, since there's no way that he would be dead. He's fucking Cain after all. It probably comes down to the fact that the actor is probably not available to reprise his role, but as far as the story goes, it makes more sense to ask the dude who the Mark came from in the first place how to get rid of it (especially since the one that you end up asking is an angel that's been in hiding for thousands of years, and his knowledge on it might be iffy even if he hadn't been in hiding for all that time, and the Mark comes from a demon. It seems like a demon would be the one to ask, since it's from their area of the universe, even if they tent to keep things close to the vest, especially amongst themselves. I guess my point is that the Mark never had anything to do with angels, and since a demon would likely keep the information on something so powerful to himself, it's not likely that an angel would know what to do about it).

I don't like the idea of Claire being alone; I want her to have someone that she can count on, and a family that she can be a part of. I kind of want her to find Krissy's gang so that she would at least have someone looking out for her who would have her best interests at heart, and who would know that she wasn't crazy. But I suppose it's at least a good thing that she was willing by the end of the episode to at least talk to Cas and accept that it might be a good thing to have him around sometimes to help her out.

'Pittura Infamante' -- SH 2x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Yeah, I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to last much longer on this show. There's too much that's kind of predictable, and I'm not concerned enough with what may, or may not happen to the characters. For the most part, I do enjoy the characters, which makes it a bit hard to walk away, despite the lack of dynamic storytelling in this season. The glaring exception continues to be Katrina, and I'm still not completely sure if my dislike of her has more to do with the fact that she seems to be someone who hasn't been completely fleshed out (and relies too heavily on the "I'm a pretty girl" factor, or if it's the fact that we were given a promise of her being a Powerful Witch ... and she still hasn't given us anything to really prove that she ever earned that title.

I'm sure that I was supposed to care about the fact that we had a ghosty inside of a painting, who had escaped, and was now trying to make sure that he could walk around murdering people, but I really couldn't bring myself to care about the fact that it might happen. Instead, I was kind of leaning toward the idea that it might be a good thing if he escaped and started eluding the gang and killing people (cuz it might bring some excitement to the show). And I was not worried in the slightest about whether or not Katrina and Captain Skinnyjeans survived going into the painting. The writers have done enough over the past season and a half to prove that they aren't going to put any of the characters into any danger that they aren't going to come back from (especially those who are on the first tier when it comes to importance). It seems much more like the writers have taken a page from the SPN writers' handbook, where you kill characters off, only to bring them back, because supernatural.

It's starting to get to the point where I'm having to handwave anything that's happening in the show and tell myself that the whole thing is happening in Purgatory. I still like the idea that Abbie and Captain Skinnyjeans never made it out after they went to get Katrina out, and this whole thing has been a fever dream given to them by Moloch to make them think that they've succeeded in fighting against him. And when Ichabod went to get Abbie out, I still don't understand why the writers thought that the fist bump would prove anything, and it only proved a little more to me that none of this is really happening. If Purgatory could mess with their minds enough to make him think that he was being brow-beaten by his father, and she was having pie with Corbin, it could make them think that they made it out ... and it certainly would have gotten into their brains enough to know what she was talking about when she asked him to give her the fist bump to prove that it was him (no matter how cryptic she was about how she asked him). This is probably the one instance when I would be all about the "it was all a dream" psych out; since it would make my brain want to explode a little less when it comes to this particular show.

I also am getting rather exhausted of the idea that practically everyone that Ichabod and Katrina knew from their original time either was part of the conspiracy to stop the Apocalypse, or else they were making their own attempts to save the world outside of the greater conspiracy. Not everyone who was important in their adult lives was a part of it in some way. Well, ok, it's not every single person, but the amount of people who were are way past what the odds say should be logical or likely. There had to be other people in their lives who were important and had nothing to do with his future as a Witness.

Just the whole A plot of this episode ... bleck. The two plots should have been switched around. The whole thing with the painting should have been the B plot (since it wasn't dynamic enough to carry the episode, and not just cuz I don't know that anyone cares about whether or not Katrina and Ichabod are able to save their marriage at this point), but also cuz the whole WTF with Irving is much more interesting.

Dearest Dork Gods,

Please have an intervention with the writers of this show so that I don't have another show that I want to walk away from.


'Wesenrein' -- Grimm 4x09

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Wu finally knows what's going on!!!! Hizzah!!! It seriously took them long enough to tell him everything; no lie. I am so happy about them finally telling him what's been happening with Grimms and Wesen and such ... well, at least starting to tell him everything (cuz there's still all sorts of stuff that he's going to have to be caught up on that he doesn't know about, especially if they really make him a part of the gang, and give him a key to the secret clubhouse). And I really do hope that they let him into the inner sanctum and don't stop with the information now that they've made sure that he realizes that he's not crazy. It may prove to be kind of tricky, since I'm not sure that Renard wants Wu to know his backstory (not that the others know a whole hell of a lot, but they certainly know more than Wu does ... or may ever know).

For the time being, I can see them being a bit freer to speak about things in front of Wu when it comes to their cases and stuff, and he can help make sure that no one who isn't in the know asks too many questions, but kind of keeping him at arm's length when it comes to what's going on with Renard and some of the more personal stuff with the members of the gang. But after a while, they may end up trusting him more, and I surely hope that they do. I like Wu.

I wish that I could feel more worried about Monroe and his survival, but truthfully ... I am not even the least bit concerned that he's going to survive. The writers would be stupid to kill him off, since he's not only so integral to Nick's survival as a Grimm (since Nick as to get so much information from him), the fact that he was introduced in the first episode as The Wesen that gives us the info we (as the audience) need to understand what's going on sometimes will make sure that he's not in any real danger. Besides which (and probably more importantly), Monroe is dead popular (no pun intended), and they would have to be daft to get rid of someone who the audience loves.

Rosalee, however ... OMG! I was legit scared there for a second that Juliette had really killed her in her Hexenbiest rage (or whatever it is that's going on with her). I typically hate the "oh, it was all only a dream" psych outs that writers do, but in this instance, I was really glad that it was there. It's not just that there aren't enough female characters on the show (and I don't want the writers to get rid of any more), it's also that I really like Rosalee, and I would rather not see her go.

I have the feeling that the whole thing with Adalind and the baby is going to be dragged out for the rest of the season (kind of the way the writers put the royals on the back burner last season), and we aren't really going to see much of anything from that storyline until maybe the last few episodes of the season. And there really hasn't been enough to make me care about where Diana is, or if Adlind is going to find her written into the show. I am more curious as to what may happen when/if Juliette meets up with Adalind. Will the two of them get into an epic fight? Will Adalind lose her powers again (probably won't happen, since that would be a little too much like a repeat of last season)? Will Juliette permanently turn into a Hexenbiest, and will Adalind have to train her (and if that happens, I would kind of prefer Renard's mom to teach Juliette what she needs to know, since I love, love, love Renard's mom)?

Speaking of not enough female characters on the show, I didn't expect that I would, but I'm starting to miss the kid. I didn't care for her too much in the beginning, but by the end of her run, I was starting to warm up to her, and I was looking forward to her working in tandem with Nick. I would really like it if she checks back in every now and then, so we can see the two of them kick some ass together. But I also hope that Nick meets up with and becomes allies with many more Grimms (especially those who think the same way that he does about Wesen, and they aren't all monsters that need to be killed). I can see the final season of the show ending with a giant battle between the royals and Nick (and whoever else he has on his side), and he's going to need all sorts of other people coming to his side to make sure that the "good guys" (a term I don't tend to like to use, since there are so many shades of grey) win the day.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

'Paradise Lost' -- SH 2x12

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Was that really all it took to finally kill Moloch? I was expecting for there to be something ... more. I'm not saying that I'm not glad to be done with all the emo drama that they had surrounding Henry, since that stuff was getting old fast, but I was expecting there to be a little bit more when it came to killing Moloch ... that it would have come at a season finale after a few seasons (at least), instead of the season two mid-season finale. After building him up to be something completely huge, it just seemed like a bit of a let down.

And it seems as though the writers are trying to build it up so that we have Death and Orion as the new Big Bads of the series. Death has now lost all of the umph that he may have once had (as far as I see it), and has joined the emo drama that is now the Crane family. So, I'm not sure that I can really take him seriously as a bad guy anymore. And Orion ... I'm not entirely sure about him at this point. I'm kind of on the fence when it comes to whether or not bringing in an angel is a good idea or not. I'll admit that my brain has gone over to SPN, and just how much of a disappointment the whole angel thing is over there (to me anyway). But if it's done correctly, I suppose that having Orion could turn into something kind of cool ... but I'm really not going to hold my breath on that one at this point. Wait and see, and all that.

Zombie!Irving is back, and I'm glad of that. I didn't like the idea that he just died so stupidly, and didn't get a chance to really do all of the things that he could have done. But since he's back, and Henry is supposedly dead, it makes me wonder about the magics that might possibly be on him. Is he the new War now? Or is it just that the residual magic from Henry is still on him (and that's what brought him back)? I would love to have some answers on that. Also, I would love it if he became the new Big Bad for the series. If it's done correctly, there could be all sorts of torment for Team Witness if they are forced to kill him in an effort to stop the Horsemen from rising again. This doesn't mean that I want him to turn into one of the Horsemen, cuz it seems far too unlikely that there have already been two Horsemen that have connections to Captain Skinnyjeans, and to create a new one that has ties to Team Witness seems astronomical. Not everything has ties to them.

Also, I'm still really curious as to the other two Horsemen ... you know, the two that the writers have pretty much been ignoring this whole time. Who are they? Where are they? What is there deal? Are they still roaming around and causing strife? They would have to be, since we only have been told that War (in the form of Henry) is gone. SOMEONE GET TABS ON THEM! SOMEONE ACTUALLY BE WORRIED ABOUT THEM! Sure, Death and War are the ones that seem like you should be worried about them, but that doesn't mean that the other two should just be ignored.