Wednesday, April 30, 2014

'Bloodlines' -- SPN 9x20

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Aaaaaaaaand, here's a spin-off that I'm not going to be checking out when it officially airs. It seemed a little to much like just another one of those CW shows that's on the air now (more specifically, "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals"). I wasn't at all thrilled with the premise behind the spin-off, and it really came down to this episode as to whether or not I would even give it a shot, but since I was beyond not impressed, I'm not going to waste my time on something that struck me as being another emo teen show.

Why, oh, why couldn't they have done what I had originally heard that they were going to do and have the spin-off be in the Old West (and possibly involve Samuel Colt)? That would have made for a much better show IMO.

Monday, April 28, 2014

'Oathkeeper' -- GoT 4x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, Brienne. I really need to give you a giant hug (and not cuz you're at least eight feet high). I need to give you a giant hug, cuz you keep falling for the doodes who are never going to love you back (or at least, even if they start to maybe, kind of have feelings for you, they are either never going to admit to themselves that they have them, or they're never going to act on them). It's crazy how much I'm shipping Jaime/Brienne in the show (and how much I'm shipping Arya/Gendry in the books), and I want the two of them to end up together ... provided that Jaime and Tyrion are the only Lannisters left standing, and Jamie can get over his whole thing about being a giant douche. Ok, so there's the thing about how he's not allowed to marry, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything (since the two of them could both be awesome knights, and could be seeing each other on the sly (or even not so much on the sly, where everyone knows it's happening, but everyone pretends like they don't know)).

I'm really looking forward to seeing the stuff between Brienne and Pod, since it amuses me in the books (and his inability to know whether he should be calling her "sir" or "lady"). I'm really glad that it's already started, and I have a feeling that it's going to continue to make me want to giggle for quite a while longer.

I want to punch Little Finger so very, very hard, but that goes right back to feeling like he's a smarmy bastard and being annoyed by that. I want Sansa to see what's he's like, not trust him, and learn how to beat him at his own game. It's not something that's going to happen right now, but it's still something that I would really like to see ... even more than I would like to see her and Tyrion become a power couple in which very few would be able to compare (but she would really need to get over some of her hang ups about the Lannisters ... which may be possible if things in the books keep going the way that they've been going).

Olenna Tyrell continues to be completely amazing, and I'm loving her just as much as I've loved her in the books. As cunning as she is, it would be nice to see her have a little more power, but I have a feeling that she had much more than what she had, things might start to unravel and fall apart (she may have learned to work perfectly with the amount of power that she has already have, and to give her anymore would not be a good thing, since she would be spreading herself too thin).

Tyrion continues to be the only Lannister who shouldn't be poked in the eye until he cries, and I suspect that it's going to remain that way for a very long time from now. I do like the fact that not only does Tyrion know about Jaime and Cersei, it doesn't stop him from being close with Jaime. If Jaime could just continue working his way toward being a decent human being ...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

'Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen' -- Grimm 3x19

Warning: Spoiler Alert

"Nobody calls me 'Theresa'."

"What do they call you?"

[super dramatic] "Trouble." [/dramatic]

Really? Come. On. I know you guys could do better than that. That's got to be one of the most cliché things that the writers could have done with this character. Yeah, let's have her be a Grimm who doesn't know that she's a Grimm (and have her conveniently wear sunglasses during the one fight that we see her have, cuz we now know that it's the eyes that the Wesen community know that they are dealing with a Grimm), have her be a troubled teen (who's actually in her early 20s), complete her look with a leather jacket, combat boots, and a semi-punk hair cut ... and let's make sure that she tells the one person who asks what she should be called that she is "Trouble." ::giant eye roll::

I kind of like the idea of Nick having someone who he can mentor as a Grimm. It's not only the idea that he would probably be good at it, or that he would probably learn a whole hell of a lot about being a Grimm by mentoring someone else (since he, himself, doesn't have someone there to tell him what's normal for Grimms), but it would do someone else a lot of good ... and it might do the Grimm and Wesen communities good to have Nick mentoring someone else who isn't going to be part of the Grimm/Wesen Establishment (and who would be willing to friends with Wesen, and wouldn't go in swinging without necessarily knowing why he's supposed to kill a certain Wesen).

But the way that they set up Theresa's character was that I didn't feel like they set up her backstory well enough. I really want to know why it is that she didn't know that she was a Grimm. Did her parents die before they could tell her? Did she run away before they had a chance (and they thought that they still had plenty of time)? What? It makes more sense to me that if Wesen children know what they are from an early age, Grimm kids should know what they are from an early age, too. Nick's mom and aunt both knew, and it doesn't seem fair that they kept everything from him, and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me that Theresa's parents (or parent) kept this information away from her ... especially if it might help her later on, when there are a whole lot of people out there who would try to kill her for what she was. And the thing is that it doesn't make a lot of sense to me that the wee!Grimms wouldn't notice that there was something weird going on with their parents (or at least one of them), and there were people out there trying to hurt them ... or they're being shipped off to live with their aunts with no warning. I really want more fleshing out of this part of the mythos.

'The Choice' -- Vikings 2x09

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I am so glad that we know for certain that there is some bad blood between Ragnar and Floki (and that Ragnar knows that Floki's loyalties have been compromised by Horik. I don't like that there is bad blood between them, or that Horik has been whispering into Floki's ear, but I'm glad that Ragnar knows about what's been going on ... and that Floki knows that he hasn't been fooling anyone). Perhaps this is why we didn't see Floki in the battle that was at the beginning of the pilot ... Floki's loyalties had been so compromised by that point that he had been off fighting with Horik instead (and maybe he wasn't actually dead, like it may have seemed before ... but then, if Horik has his way, they may all be dead before anything that any of them want is actually accomplished).

I really don't like that Horik put the idea of killing Bjorn into Floki's head ... and I like it even less that Floki actually seemed to consider doing it (even if he only considered it for a moment). Floki has known Bjorn since Bjorn was a child, and he has always seemed to like the kid (even when he may have started to have issues with Ragnar). Sure, killing Bjorn would hurt Ragnar immensely, but the fact that Floki has always seemed like care for the kid (and the kid has always seemed to care for him) makes it feel like Floki should scoff at the idea ... at least when it is first presented to him.

Because of all of the backstabbing that Horik has been doing this season, I am having trouble not wanting something horrible to happen to him. Not the Blood Eagle (like what was done with Borg), but at least getting killed in battle ... and maybe being left there for a little while before he died ... from a knife to the stomach. But if the writers can continue to think of ways to have him put a wrench into all of Ragnar's plans (whether that be of getting land to farm or having peace with the neighbors), I don't see them killing him off any time soon (they'll probably find having him put a wrench into the plans a little too delicious for all of that).

I'm really glad that Athelstan decided that he was going to go back with Ragnar and become a Shield Maiden again (instead of staying in England). He probably felt a little too much of a prisoner in England (what with Ecbert having him on a leash the way that he did, and the prince giving him the side eye for not taking communion). I'm kind of surprised that Ecbert decided that he was going to let Athelstan go ... provided that Athelstan let him know what was going on (which I don't see why he wouldn't have). Even if Ecbert has seemed like he is the jealous boyfriend to the viewer, that doesn't mean that Athelstan would necessarily realize just how much danger he would have been in by even bringing up the subject of wanting to leave. But then, Ecbert threatening to kill him that time may have made him realize just how sensitive the ground was under his feet ... and may have made him more desperate to get away.

Things are probably not going to be all that good between him and Floki (or him and Horik), and I can't imagine that Horik wouldn't try to get Floki (or someone) to try and kill Athelstan to try and hurt Ragnar. Hell, the fact that Rollo wanted to kill him, even after he saved the big idiot, would probably be an indication that Horik wouldn't have to look very far to find someone who would be willing to do the deed for him ... which makes me kind of want it even more to be Athelstan to be the one who kills Horik.

'Alex Annie Alexis Ann' -- SPN 9x19

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While I do enjoy me some Jody, this episode was so over the top boring, I'm not sure how it made it onto the air ... or how it managed to make it on when it's so close to the end of the season. It would seem that there are more important things for the boys to be taking care of right now, like (IDK?) the First Blade ... or the fact that Cas is now using the Gabriel Trumpet cuz Metatron is piloting him like he's a fucking marionette.

And the story that was going on with this episode was kind of stupid and pointless (especially when you consider the fact of all of the more important things that are going on). So, now we have it established that vampires really do have feelings (even though some of them may lie and say that they don't), and they morn the loss of people that they knew when they were still alive ... and Jody is now able to be a mom again ... to a girl who is going to be fighting against Stockholm Syndrome for probably the rest of her life.

Speaking of homegirl, I have a hard time believing that she could go from being the one who got "her family" food, to being so close to getting back to being a decent human being at the end of the episode. Even if she was having doubts about the things that she was doing, she was still completely indoctrinated into their family (and their lifestyle), and it wouldn't have been that easy for her to come out of that and start acting like she was a real girl again. She straight out told Jody at the end that she didn't want to disappoint Mama again, so it seems like it should have a little bit harder for her to pull herself away from what her life had been for so many years (and towards what it would be like for anyone who had never known that monsters are real).

But like I said, it seemed like an excuse to give Jody a family again after what the writers had put her through since she had first been introduced into Show. And if that is what was going on, I don't see why it couldn't have waiting until there weren't other (more pressing) things that the boys really needed to take care of.

Monday, April 21, 2014

'Breaker of Chains' -- GoT 4x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Tyrion continues to be the biggest pimp in the entire kingdom ... even if he is locked up at the moment. I loved the interaction between him and Pod, with him realizing that he was completely boned and trying to get Pod to agree to save himself (even while Pod felt completely guilty at the very idea of selling out Tyrion ... especially since doing so would mean telling a bald-faced lie). Good on them both.

And now we have the return of Little Finger. I'll completely admit that every time that I see him, I want to shake the hell out of him, cuz he's so backstabby. But then, Varys is backstabby as well, but I rather like him. I think it may come down to their motivations. Varys seems to just want to survive (so, he does questionable things to make sure that he can do that); Little Finger seems to just want to take down the entire world for the hell of it. But then, even while saying it that way, it would seem like I should like Little Finger as well (since he's the closest thing to Loki in this story as we've probably seen so far, and I dig me some Loki (especially when we're talking about the legit Loki ... the one from Heathenism)). So, I don't know, maybe there's something a bit more going on that is making me really not like him.

As much as I really can't stand Sansa in the books, I am finding myself kind of cheering her on in this season. I think part of that may have to do with the fact that I saw someone say that they thought that it would be kind of awesome if Sansa turned into the next Cersei (having learned at Cercei's feet about how to be ruthless). But combined with that, I like the idea that she will take what she has learned from Cercei and mix it in with the Stark sensibility of honor to create something slightly parallel to both of those things. So, while I do sometimes find myself getting kind of annoyed with her, I still want to see that, and have started wanting to see her survive all of this.

I thought that it was incredibly smart of Dany to shoot all of those collars toward the city that she was trying to take out ... and it was very smart of the writers to have that be the last thing in the episode. As soon as you could see the wheels turning in that one slave's mind about how things would be so much better if he wasn't a slave anymore, and that there might actually be a possibility that he might be free to live his own life, you could tell that there was about to be a giant beat-down (cuz there would have had to've been all manner of others who were thinking exactly the same thing).

Arya continues to be a little badass, and I love that she's not the least bit afraid of the Hound (she goes right up to him and tells him that she thinks he's a giant douche). I am really looking forward to seeing them do the stuff that is going to be coming with her, since I love her, and I love the stuff that's been going on with her in A Dance With Dragons. Really, that stuff cannot come fast enough.

Friday, April 18, 2014

'Boneless' -- Vikings 2x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

It felt like nothing much really happened in this episode; it felt much more like what happened in this episode was set up for things that are going to be happening later on in the season ... well, since it's so late in their season, things that are going to be happening in the two final episodes. I am really hoping that what happens in the finale for this season isn't the same sort of thing that happened in the finale of last season (where exactly dick happened, even though everything should have been happening so that people would want to come back for the following season to find out what was going to happen next).

I'll admit that when we finally found out what was wrong with the new baby, my first thought was of 300, and that scene at the beginning where it showed the bones of all the Spartan babies that had been killed cuz they weren't good enough. This wouldn't have been as crazy as that (since the baby will certainly have a tone of problems ... much more than he might have now ... and way more than if he knew Hermione Granger).

But then, I thought of how many months must have passed within the last two or three episodes. She just had the other baby (the Snake in the Eye one), and now she's already had Boneless ... and still nothing has really been happening with them and the war on England. It seems like it would make a bit more sense to try to get back to England a little faster than what they've done, so that they could catch everyone off-guard if there was a fight (and so Ecbert wouldn't be able to do exactly what he's been doing and getting himself allies to lay the beat down on the Vikings when they come back, cuz I get the impression that he's not stupid enough to believe that Ragnar and his gang would just never come back).

Sure, Ragnar needed to make sure that he still had people to help him out, and there have been some fast and sweet words that he's had to say to make sure that he's still got people to help him out (especially since Horik seems determined to make sure that everyone is against Ragnar as soon as this whole thing with Ecbert is over). But even if he's still got to make sure that he has friends to help him with what he wants to do, it still seemed like he waited a whole hell of a lot longer than may have been necessary.

Speaking of Horik, I really don't like the fact that he's been whispering into people's ears, and it seems like they have been listening somewhat. Even if Floki and Lagertha don't ditch Ragnar for Horik, the things that he's been whispering to them will probably poison whatever relationship that the two of them still have with Ragnar (to the point where there would be such doubts in their minds that they wouldn't want to have much of anything more to do with him). It especially makes me sad that Floki seems to be moving away from Ragnar and going over to Horik's camp, since Ragnar and Floki are supposed to be BFFs. But I get the feeling that things might be mended somewhat if Ragnar would be a little more open and honest with Floki (instead of keeping him in the dark about pretty much everything, and making Floki feel like he's being used).

Also, I really want to know what happened with Floki and Helga's baby. Cuz one second, she was pregnant, and the next second she wasn't. Did she abort it? If she did, it would make sense via what the writers had been doing with the show and the characters, but they haven't mentioned the fact that she doesn't seem to be pregnant anymore and there is no baby. I know that this bugging me is coming down to my INTJ brain needing some things spelled out so that I don't have to wonder about them anymore (kind of like how on "Grimm," I'm still convinced that Eric is still alive (even though everyone keeps saying that he's dead), since we've never seen a body, or even the aftermath of the place where he was supposed to have really died ... and I don't mean the plane crash, cuz we all know by now that he survived the crash). If they would do this so that I don't have to assume, it would make my brain so much happier.

'Meta Fiction' -- SPN 9x18

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I was so insanely happy when I saw Gabriel show up in this episode ... and so very sad when I realized that he really was dead after all (and it wasn't just another one of his tricks that Lu had been able to gank him). I would have loved it if he had come back for reals, since there needs to be a whole lot more of the trickster around. Why must the writers yank me around like that, instead of giving me exactly what I want? It would make things so much better if they would understand what it is that I would love for them to do, and if they did that.

Yet another super device introduced into the mythos of the show. So, now we have the Gabriel Trumpet out there, and everyone now knows exactly how to get it started and get everyone together using it. It still annoys me that they continually add things that are Super Weapons or Super Devices (especially lately) for either the boys (almost exclusively of the hunters), Metatron, or Crowley to use (or attempt to use). I think that I would have liked it much better if only Gabriel was able to use the Gabriel Trumpet. I mean, hell, his name is part of the device itself, so it would kind of make sense that only really he would be able to use it ... or at least, he's only able to use it easily. It seemed far too easy for everyone else to be able to create and use the Trumpet (far more easy than I thought that it should have been for them ... everyone seemed to understand and get the ingredients for it as though it were no big deal, and it seemed like it should have been kind of a big deal. Sure, it would have meant a little more build up, and not as much pay off, but the way that it was done felt like they didn't have to work for it).

I also didn't dig the idea that Cas ended up being so willing to use the Trumpet to get other angels to come to him so that he could lead them in the battle that Metatron wants him to be a part of. I get the feeling that he's being manipulated by Metatron (that the "play" that he was writing actually changed who Cas was as a person), and it made me feel icky that it was so easy for him to do that. Sure, he claims that he's God now, but Cas claimed he was God at one point as well, and things weren't that easy for him. Things seems to be far too easy for Metatron when it comes to taking over and using God-powers. Sure, he knows what was on the different tablets, but I don't get the feeling that there is a God Tablet (cuz that would be stupid); and it seems like it should be harder for him to become all powerful (or even as powerful as he seems to have become). The fact that he started off in the secretarial pool makes it seem to me that if he went too far in trying to access power (or use power), it might do him more harm than good (kind of the way it did to Cas when he tried to take in a billion leviathan). If Metatron had been an archangel, I might believe it that he might be able to do some things that were on the more crazy impressive side (but the fact that he started off at the secretarial pool would insinuate that he's a run of the mill angel as far as capability for using insane amounts of power).

Maybe there was something in the tablets that would let him know how to not burn out? It's possible, but I would really rather that they tell us that without us having to possibly assume that something like that was there (cuz that's kind of what it feels like we have to do right now).

And if Metatron really does have that much power, I don't understand why he doesn't just rewrite everything so that everything works his way and the way that he wants it to. Sure, he's said that he wants the boys to scurry around and try to stop him, but the hubris of that is infuriating and stupid (and wasn't there a point when we all decided that hubris + God-like power was cliché and not something that we should be doing, cuz of how over-done it is). And the more powerful that the writers make Metatron, the more impossible it seems that it would be for the boys to get rid of him and get the world back to normal. I almost get the feeling that the writers are starting to paint themselves into a corner with him, and I hope that they have some out when it comes to him and his defeat (but I'm not going to hold my breath. I have feeling that whatever they're going to do will probably end up being something that will be kind of stupid).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

'The Lion and the Rose' -- GoT 4x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

And now the other sword has made an appearance. Good. I'm glad that they at least mentioned it ... even if it only lasted long enough for Joffrey to be a giant cock about Tyrion's gift (which he really should have been happy about ... instead of thinking that he knew everything that was good for him and the country). And the way that everyone just sat around looking uncomfortable while he tried to do everything that he could to make sure that Tyrion was humiliated.

It's getting to a point that it doesn't make much sense why everyone (with a few possible exceptions) hates and distrusts Tyrion. There are people in the kingdom who actually should be hated and distrusted, but he is not one of them; he is one of the few people around who is actually doing things that are good for everyone. There are some people who I can understand why they don't trust him, but that has more to do with family ties (rather than anything that he has actually done), but the people that are in his family shouldn't always think the worst of him. It probably comes from the fact that his father never really loved him (and seems to have despised him from the moment that he was born), and that probably colored the way that Cersei and Jamie may have looked at him ... maybe not so much Jamie (since the two of them appear to have at least a cordial relationship), but definitely Cersei.

There are times that I really want to shake Sansa. It's not just the fact that she's a silly girl, it's the fact that Tyrion has been kind to her (maybe a bit kinder to her than she deserves, seeing as how horrible she's been to him). But I'm glad that he hasn't stopped being kind to her, since it would make me think less of him (and I don't want to do that, since he's arguably the only Lannister worth surviving the purge that's going to happen when winter comes).

Speaking of wanting to shake the fuck out of someone, the way that Cersei was treating Brienne after the wedding made me hate her a little bit more (which didn't seem like it was entirely possible). It wasn't just that she made the comment about how Brienne was actually a lady and should act like one, it was the fact that she treated Brienne like crap cuz Brienne has worked for Renly, and then agreed to help Catelyn Stark, and now has allied herself with Jamie. Even if Brienne did start to have feelings for Jamie, she shouldn't be made to feel like crap about them, cuz she hasn't done anything wrong. Sure, Cersei's words came out of anger (over the fact that she felt like she was being pushed aside now that there was another queen) and jealousy (over the fact that she thinks that Jamie belongs only to her).

I'm sure that I can't be the only person who was glad that this was the last episode with Joffrey, since the little bastard was a pain in the ass (and he made everything far worse than it should have been). And I'll admit that the fact that he has always been a spoiled little fuck isn't the only reason why I'm glad that he's gone; the other part of why I'm glad he's gone is the fact that I'm looking forward to the show dealing with the stuff that's coming now that he's gone (cuz really, there's all sorts of interesting things that are going to happen now).

'Our Betrayal Part 2' -- Ripper Street 2x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Interesting. So, we've had somewhat of a reversal of the characters of Drake and Reid (where Drake started off being the bulldog, and Reid started off as the lily). Even if his job hadn't already started to make things difficult between him and his new lady friend, the fact that she saw him demanding that Drake kill Shine will certainly put a damper on whatever may happen between the two of them in the future (which, at this point, doesn't seem like much at all).

And it seemed a bit out of bounds to keep demanding that Drake be the one who got Shine's blood on his hands, instead of Reid doing the deed himself (if that's really what he wanted to happen). It didn't sit all that well with me that he wanted the violence to be done, but he was unwilling to do it himself. It wasn't even just that it smacked of hypocrisy to me ... it was also the fact that what he was demanding of Drake would have taken away of Drake's soul. Granted, this is exactly the sort of thing that Drake would have been fine with doing not that long ago, but he's not alright with doing it anymore (cuz he's changed).

Even as much as I would like Susan and Jackson to make up and get back together, I don't get the feeling that Susan is going to be able to forgive him for what happened. It seems like they may have flirted with love when they first got together, but their relationship may have been based much more on passion than love ... and that passion may have finally run out (despite looking like it may have been enough to save them last season).

I am really glad that it was Susan that was the one who knifed Duggan. In another show set in the same time period, the writers could have feasibly have had one of the boys do it for her (most likely Jackson, since he was so desperate to make things up to her and try to win her back). But the fact that it was Susan that Duggan was holding over the barrel (and who he was forcing to do things that she really didn't want to do), I am glad that it was her that was able to exact the revenge and get her free ... even if it was her taking advantage of the moment that was created by Jackson and his brother.

Speaking of Jackson's brother, I don't know why Jackson would have trusted him at all, if he knew that his brother was so untrustworthy. Sure, he wanted to get the plan worked out so that he could get the money that Duggan would have paid for the diamond (so that he could pay Duggan back with it to free Susan), but if he really wanted it to work out (and knowing that his brother was likely to skip town with the cash), he probably should have gotten someone else to help him out. I'm not sure who he might have gotten to do it (since he seemed reluctant to let anyone else know anything that was really going on between him and his brother), but there had to've been someone that he could have trusted (maybe one of Susan's girls?).

I'm glad that the show was picked up for a third series, and I'm looking forward to seeing what is going to have happened between the series two finale and the series three premier. The fact that it's supposed to start up again a few years down the road will probably mean that there will have been all manner of fall out from this episode.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

'The Law of Sacrifice' -- Grimm 3x18

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I really want to shake the hell out of Nick's mom, and not just cuz I don't trust her as far as I would be able to throw her. Everything that she did in the episode looked like a giant manipulation with the final scene. It's not even that I think that she really wants a do-over cuz she chose to give up her son to her sister so that she could "protect him" (which I think is called into question cuz of this episode); it's the fact that she now has what appears to be the most powerful hexenbiest that is currently alive, and she also has the Coins of Zakynthos. The fact that she has both of these things makes me think that she has some sort of long con going on, and that she has every intention of doing something that will fuck everything up. I get the feeling that with the combination of the Coins and the baby, she is on her way to not just get rid of the Royals, but she's also maybe on her way toward creating her own World Order. It probably wouldn't be anything overt, but it would probably be something that would become the underpinning of a lot of things that the rest of the world would depend on (without realizing that it was dependent on).

I wouldn't be surprised at all if she added a few more things to the collection that she is putting together ... something that would make it even more impossible for the world to resist what she has planned. I don't know what those things would be, but I wouldn't put it past her to collect anything and everything that she could get her hands on to make sure that it happens.

I am still not convinced that Renard is the baby's father. I get the feeling that he wants to be the father, and that Adalind is telling him that he is so that she could manipulate him into helping her (cuz that's just the type of person that she is ... even if she has appeared to change somewhat with motherhood, and has stopped being a complete bitch).

And I'm still not entirely convinced that everyone taking Nick's mom up on her plan for how to make sure that the baby grows up to be a "normal" person who has empathy for other people proves that the other characters are all that bright. It's true that Adalind would have to go on the run for the rest of her life if Viktor thought that she still had her daughter with her, but how is not being with your mother (especially when your mother loves you) a bad thing? Not all mothers are going to be good moms, or even good people, granted, but Adalind (at this point)wanted to keep her child, and it seems like the best thing for them both would have been to stay with each other (even if they did have to go on the run). It seems like it might have helped them both get their feet on the ground (and for Diana to not turn out to be a horrible person) if they had remained with Meisner. He could have helped to make sure that the two of them were safe, and Diana could have had someone who wouldn't have taken any of her lip (while helping Adalind to also make sure that Diana didn't turn out to be a horrible human being. Sure, Adalind wasn't the greatest person, but she at least appeared to be willing to be somewhat decent when she was around Meisner).

Friday, April 11, 2014

'No Way Out' -- Suits 3x16

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While taking the other job would save Mike a whole hell of a lot of aggravation, I don't see how the writers would be able to keep the show going if they took Mike out of the equation as a lawyer. The whole thing that they were basing the premise of the show on was that Mike was faking being a lawyer and the others were covering for him. Granted, there's only so far that they're going to be able to go with the show before they have to change things up somewhat, but ... I just wish that I could see right now how they could make the show work without Mike being part of Pearson Spector. But then, there's always the possibility that they're just trying to wind us up so that we come back for the next season by trying to make us think that Mike is really going to be leaving forever.

I don't know yet if I like the idea that Harvey told Scotty what was really going on. Yeah, he wanted to be honest with her, but ... I don't trust that one day it wouldn't slip out of her if she got pissed off enough. Sure, it would put Mike, Donna, and Jessica up the creek in addition to Harvey (who would probably be her real target if she let that information out), but I don't know that she would necessarily care. Granted, she has kept her mouth shut about things in the past, so it's entirely possible that she may be able to keep this to herself (even without Harvey's reassurance to Donna that she will).

I did appreciate the fact that Luis jumped right in and started helping without knowing all of the details of what was going on, cuz of his loyalty to the people in the firm. Sometimes I want to shake the hell out of him, but then, there are times like this when I want to pinch the hell out of his cheeks for being a good guy (and not letting his peoples go down for stuff ... even if they completely did the thing that they are being accused of).

Another person that I want to shake the hell out of? Rachel. It's true that I like Mike with her a lot better than that chick that was his friend's ex-girlfriend (from back in season one ... but whose name I am completely blanking on), cuz the two of them seem to be better for each other than Mike and what's her face, but there are seriously times when I just want to shake Rachel. Whether or not she might have cause to get pissed with Mike, the fact that pretty much everything gets her pissed at him has become kind of tiresome (and make me wonder if the writers went to the School of JK Rowling Writing Romantic Relationships, cuz let's fact it, that's pretty much how she wrote relationships ... they weren't truly in love unless they were constantly bickering with each other). Then again, I wanted to shake Harvey and Scotty for pretty much the same exact thing, since the two of them seemed to constantly be bickering despite having the hots for each other.

'Blood Eagle' -- Vikings 2x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I had started to think that maybe Jarl Borg might have gotten himself an ally with King Horik, and he might have gotten away. He wouldn't have succeeded in killing Ragnar, since the writers aren't about to do that (and not just cuz it would write them right out of a show, but also cuz it would take away all of this delicious backstabbing and suspense that they've been building up lately). But even if they didn't let Borg kill Ragnar, I still half expected that Horik would at least try to help him break out; and it makes me wonder what may have happened that would have made it so that he thought that was a bad idea. It could have been that since Rollo found out about Siggy and Horik, Horik may have thought that he would have been pushing his luck by trying to help Bork break out and assassinate Ragnar.

Speaking of Rollo finding out about what's been going on with Siggy and Horik, I wonder if this was the first inkling that he had that there was something going on between the two of them (or if he maybe might have suspected that there was something more going on). It's quite possible that he didn't know anything about it, since he's more the muscle, and less the guy who has to think around corners. And Siggy can say all she wants to him about how she did everything for him, but we know that's not true (especially after she went to the seer and admitted that she wanted to have her old position back).

Speaking of her old position ... it makes me all kinds of suspicious that Aslaug said that she was kind of envious of Lagertha and wished that she could be the shieldmaiden that Lagertha was (well, it's not exactly what she said, but that was kind of the gist of it). It almost makes me think that Aslaug is going to try to get all sneaky and try to knife Lagertha while she's sleeping, or something. I don't get the impression that Lagertha sees Aslaug as a threat (at least not physically), but I don't think that I would keep both eyes closed for any amount of time if I were Lagertha and Aslaug was around.

It's kind of awesome that Lagertha has now become an Earl, but I really would have liked to have seen the scenes that occurred right after she knifed her husband in the eye. Sure, it would have taken away the surprise that the writers were probably going for with having her ride out from behind that tree, but it still would have been cool to be able to see all the dudes that had previously sworn themselves to her husband rally around her and decide that they would follow her now.

Floki is married now!! Awwwes. The wedding was completely sweet, cuz you could tell that they loved each other (and I really dug the way they juxtapositioned the two weddings, showing the one that was done for love, and the one that was done for political alliance ... while also kind of making a statement about how the Viking one was better, cuz it was done out of love). But the way that the scenes were cut, it makes me wonder when the wedding actually happened, cuz homegirl didn't look at all preggers when they were getting married (and she was preggers in the scene before that, when she was saying that they were going to get married, and in the next scene that Aslaug was in, she was still preggers, and they made a point of showing that the two of them were pregnant at the same time).

I kind of needed to hug Floki and tell him that everything was going to be alright after he got sad (and almost kind of panicked by the idea of becoming a father). He's going to be a right crazy dad, but I don't doubt that he's going to love their baby as much as he is able, and he's going to try as hard as he can to do well (he may fuck it up, since he's kind of crazy, but I don't doubt that he's going to try and make things right for the baby and his baby momma).

The whole thing with Floki no longer trusting Ragnar (and being kind of pissed at him) ... this makes me all kinds of sad on the inside, cuz their relationship seemed like it was so solid before. I would love it if the two of them became homies again, but I have the feeling that Ragnar is going to have to do a whole hell of a lot to prove himself to Floki before he is trusted again.

I wonder if someone told him that Floki was getting married and that he wasn't invited. He had to've known where everyone was going when they all started to leave. Maybe that was why he got drunk and was doing stupid things when Lagertha's dude first came to him to say that she wanted an alliance with him. Maybe?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Winter Soldier.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I went and saw The Winter Soldier yesterday, and waited until I got back from that before I watched the episode "Turn, Turn, Turn" of "Agents of SHIELD." I had heard that everything kind of tied in with that, and that if you missed the movie, there would be all sorts of stuff that would be thrown at you that you wouldn't necessarily understand in the episode. And really, I'm really glad that I did it that way, since it really (for reals) would have ruined the movie for me if I had watched the episode first; everything was tied to what happened in the film.

Speaking of the film ...

Holy fuck balls you guys. I mean, seriously. Everything has been thrown out the window right now with the return of Hydra and finding out that Hydra has really been a part of SHIELD the entire time (even when most everyone thought that it had been destroyed back in the day).

And now, if SHIELD is all gone, what the hell does that do for the rest of the Marvel universe (at least as far as the Avengers and AoS is concerned)? It seems to me that there would have to be a serious monkey wrench thrown into the whole thing cuz of that. And I have a feeling that it would probably do something as far as Phase 2 is concerned (and probably going into Phase 3 as well).

I will say that Hydra making a reappearance in the universe made this last episode of AoS a whole hell of a lot better. I was seriously getting bored with the entire thing, and was on the verge of letting the whole show go (that's seriously how bored I was getting with it). But if this has made things turn around and start getting all back-stabby (while keeping us guessing about who is really on who's side), I very well may keep going ... at least until the end of this season.

The thing with Ward ... I'm hoping so bad that he has only gone off and pretended that he's going to be working with Hydra right now. I really badly want to believe that he was working via some secret mission that was given to him by Coulson (cuz of that nod that they shared right before Ward went off), and that he's going to try to find the hold-outs from Hydra to take them out (or help Coulson to know where they are so that he can bring the gang in to take them out). It makes me not happy on the inside if Ward has really decided that he doesn't want to be a good guy anymore, cuz I kind of want the big idiot to be a white had.

Also speaking of the film ... I am very grateful for this write up on io9 from last week, since it gave us all kinds of Easter eggs to look for (and to suddenly understand if we didn't catch the reference when we watched). Of course, there are all sorts of spoilers for the film in that link, so if you haven't watched it (and plan on doing so), you probably shouldn't go strolling around there.

Monday, April 7, 2014

'Two Swords' -- GoT 4x01

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While I completely understand the naming of the episode (after all, two swords were created from the sword that had been Ice), but the fact that they only really referenced the one sword that had been given to Jaime, it doesn't seem like calling the episode "Two Swords" really make sense. Even if they weren't going to show off both of the swords that had been made from Ice, and were only going to reference "swords" as though they were people (like sellswords), they didn't really do very well with that either. If one of the "swords" was Jaime (and I don't see how it could not have been seeing as how they made kind of a big deal about the fact that he had been given one of the swords by his father), then, who would have the other one have been? Ayra? The Hound? Bronn? Grey Worm? Daario Naharis? Someone else? Any one of them could feasibly have been considered a "sword" in this scenario.

Speaking of Bronn ... every time that I see him, I kept thinking of Bennet Drake (the character the actor plays on "Ripper Street") and kind of wishing that the actor had at least used a slightly different kind of facial hair so that I wouldn't keep thinking of a completely different character on a completely different show. But at the same time, I was going "Yeah! Jerome Flynn!"

Tyrion continues to be the little bad ass that he has always been, and I want to shake Sansa for not realizing just how kind he's being to her ... despite the fact that she does have reason to not only not like Lannisters, but not trust them as well. But then, being outside of the situation would only serve to help see things a little more clearly ... but I'm not sure that it's really helped her in the books to have some distance from Tyrion. He keeps getting the shaft from his family, and he's the one Lannister that I really hope survives this whole thing. Well ... I take that back ... I've started to kind of want Jamie to survive the shitstorm that is coming as well. If he hadn't changed with the loss of his hand, I don't think that I'd be able to not wish him harm and evilness (but ever since he lost his hand, he's slowly stopped being a raging cock. He's still a bit of one, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was when he still had the use of both hands (the Jamie that had both hands never would have gone after Brienne of Tarth to make sure that she survived the bear)). And I wish that Jamie would listen to Brienne a little bit more, but I don't see that happening for some time yet ... until he stops being a complete Lannister and starts becoming somewhat of a decent human being.

If everything goes the way that I want it to, Tyrion will be the only Lannister left standing (unless Jamie starts being less of a jerkface), and he'll land on his feet ... possibly in charge of Casterly Rock. Wouldn't that be complexly awesome? The one person that the rest of the family tortured and wrote off as being worthless, and he's the one that ends up in charge of everything. Truth be told, the whole family would probably do a whole lot better if Tyrion were in charge (with a lot less enemies, and at least a few more friends ... ones that were actually friends and not just people that were afraid of them).

Prince Oberyn ... I can't even describe how happy I am with the introduction of the Martells into the story. I love the whole thing with the Martells in the books, and I'm really looking forward to being able to see that stuff on screen.

Speaking of Prince Oberyn, I saw this write up of the episode and the possibility of there being a hint about Jon Snow's parentage. That would be amazing if that was what they were pointing us toward, and not just a bunch of fans wanting to see something that wasn't really there.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

'Our Betrayal Part 1' -- Ripper Street 2x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I knew it!! I knew that there was something going on with Flight!! The way that the writers started off that episode that centered around him with him in confession saying about how he needed to be forgiven for lying. That whole thing seemed far too hinky to me (even though it only lasted for a 30 seconds or so). And now we know for sure that he is doing something that he feels all kinds of guilty about.

I really want him to go to Reid (before Reid figures everything out) and let him know what's been going on. It's not just that it would makes things a million times easier on him when this whole thing comes out, but it will also make things tons easier on him when everything starts to blow over. I kind of have the feeling that he probably will at least start to say something before Reid finds out, only cuz he does seem like he's a decent person in hi core, and everything that's been happening with Shine has probably been eating away at him (and I still do believe that he is a good person at his core ... a good person who was caught in a bad situation and tried to do the best that he could cuz of it).

The guy playing Daniel Judge (Jackson's brother), this is the third show that I watch that he's been a part of in the past couple of years, and it's starting to freak me out. And he played someone named Daniel on another of them as well. At this point, I'm kind of surprised that I haven't seen him on "Criminal Minds," since they tend to have all manner of people as guest stars that have been part of other fandoms that I have been a part of. But he started off as a Daniel on "Suits," then, he was on "Grimm," and now he's been on "Ripper Street." I almost have the feeling that this is probably not the last time that I'm going to see him within my fandoms.

As much as I want Susan and Jackson to get back together (cuz I like the two of them together), I have the feeling that they're probably done for. As much as they love each other (or have loved each other in the past), they really don't work together. Their relationship (at its core) seems to have been based almost exclusively on sex, and it doesn't seem that something like that is going to last forever ... unless they are able to find some other common ground and trust with each other; but the way that things are now, I don't see Susan trusting Jackson again, no matter how much either of them might like for her to be able to.

Rose saying that she has never been with anyone that she's ever loved ... I don't really believe that. I think that she does love Drake ... maybe not the way that he may have wanted her to in the past (or the way that he probably still wants her to now), I do think that she cares deeply about him. And I'll admit to still wanting the two of them to be together (and not just cuz I want at least one of the boys to have a love life that works out ... or that having the one that works out be Drake's makes me all the more happy at the idea).

Finally with getting back to Shine. There has been too many episodes where Shine hasn't been involved, when they set him up in the beginning as the one that Reid really needs to look out for. And I'll admit that I am wanting the fight that happens between the two of them to be something kind of epic (or as epic as anything that is going to come out of a period drama).

Saturday, April 5, 2014

'Synchronicity' -- Grimm 3x17

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Can we get some more backstory regarding Nick, Nick's mom, and Aunt Marie? This little bit that we got with this episode was fantastic (they didn't really cover new ground, but it was at least nice to see some of the stuff that we already knew had happened come to life), and I would adore being able to get some more. It would, in fact, make me all happy inside of that place where I should have feelings.

I also want to know how they suddenly know that Renard is the baby's father? The first thing that we heard about the possible paternity of the baby was that Adalind wasn't sure whether it was Sean or Eric. Then, suddenly, Renard is super sure that it was him that was the baby's father. And now, Adalind is introducing Renard to the baby as her father. I mean, I get that she may be manipulating him, cuz he's the only one that's around right now for her to be able to manipulate (which may be exactly what's going on), but I still want to know what it was that made him so sure in the first place, and what would make her so sure as well (if she isn't just trying to use him for all he's worth). There has to be some sort of hexenbiest spell that could be used that would allow her to figure out which it was. I can't imagine that he would have been able to do it, himself, without a bit of the baby's blood (or something along those lines) ... not that we've been given any kind of clue as to the fact that he might have been able to cast spells and the like. For all we have been able to see, he's just a regular guy ... aside from the fact that he's half a Zauberbiest ... and we haven't been show anything that would make it appear that his mother might have taught him the craft at all (or that he would have even have been able to, seeing as how he's half human).

I almost get the feeling that the reason why Eric has been dropped from the show without us ever seeing his body (or being given any real proof as to the fact that he might, or might not, be dead), and the reason why Renard is now slotted as being the baby's father is that there may have been a contract dispute with the actor who was playing Eric. Maybe he wanted more money, or something, and the peoples involved with the show weren't willing to give it to him, and they let him go. It would make sense as to why he has suddenly left the show, and the rumors of his demise have not set as well with me as they might have. I think this is how I'm going to handwave the whole thing with him, since it will help my brain from exploding when it comes to him.

Finally, an explanation as to how Wesen are able to figure out that Nick's a Grimm. It was seriously driving me a bit crazy that we never knew how they knew what he was, and that he never bothered to ask the two people that he could have gotten the answer from. It really should not have taken him that long to ask them about it. Maybe the writers hadn't figured it out yet, but ... damn. It would have been nice if we had been given this little bit of information quite a bit sooner; that way, I wouldn't have had to've been mulling it over inside of my brainpan for the past two seasons or so (and being driven crazy by just how it is that they would have been able to know what Nick was).

But Monroe and Rosalee's idea for how the Wesen would be able to not figure out what Nick was ... that felt a little bit contrived and cheap. I wish that they would have been able to come up with a better idea than that ... one that didn't seem like they pieced it together at the last minute when they realized that they had kind of painted themselves into a corner.

Friday, April 4, 2014

'Know When to Fold 'Em' -- Suits 3x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, boys. Why can't they just tell each other what they are actually thinking and feeling? It would make things so much easier for both of them ... and would make things a billion times easier on Donna (since it would mean that she wouldn't get yelled at every time that she had to go in and explain things to them). The two of them just need to tell each other that they completely love each other, and get it over with (cuz we all know that it's true. The two of them have a legit bromance going on over there).

On one level, I'm really glad that Mike decided that he wasn't going to leave the firm, since he and Harvey need to never, ever break up (and without Mike working as a lawyer, there isn't much of a show); but the fact that he did exactly what Harvey had been telling him all of this time that he shouldn't be doing, I can't see that anything good is going to come from it. But I have the feeling that the preview for the finale is going to turn out kind of like the preview for "Heartburn," where they're trying to make us think that one thing is going on, but when the episode actually premiers, we'll find out that something else entirely happened. The preview makes it look like we're supposed to believe that Mike has finally been caught (probably from going in and making it look like he passed the bar), but I have a feeling that it's going to end up being something else entirely. Of course, it's going to be something that Harvey was also involved with and privy to, but I really don't think that it's going to be what they want us to think that it is.

As much as they've kind of been dancing around having Harvey tell Scotty what's been going on with Mike (like they did with Mike and Rachel), I really don't want him to tell her. It's not just that I don't trust her not to say something to the wrong person (out of her own self interest), or that this exactly the same as when Harvey kept telling Mike not to tell Rachel about what had been going on, I still really think that the less people that know about what's been going on, the better. And the fact of the matter is that, there are enough people that know about the truth right now (and all of them are people that could feasibly do something if someone else finds out who is outside of their circle ... baring the federal government finding out).

I kind of didn't hate Luis' associate in this episode (even though I tend to lean toward hating her in most of the episodes that she's appeared in). Gotta respect the loyalty that was going on with what she tried to do ... and the fact that she was able to swallow her dislike of Rachel enough to try to get Rachel's help for what was going on. I think this may be the only time that I say that I don't want her to be sacked (since she was working out of the right place).

Thursday, April 3, 2014

'Unforgiven' -- Vikings 2x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

How can I not love Floki? I mean, really. His reaction to Siggy asking him if he could keep a secret ... perfection. I must give a most enthusiastic golf clap for his no, and mostly cuz of the way that it made me giggle like a mad thing once it was said.

Look at our little Bjorn, all grown up and mackin' on girls. I get the feeling that the chick that he's mackin' on has the makings to be a most triumphant shield maiden ... once she had the proper training for such a thing. But then, I'm not really surprised that he would be attracted to someone who had the capability of kicking so much ass; after all, his mother kicks all manner of ass (and looks completely fierce while doing it).

Speaking of Lagertha kicking ass ... oh, how I loved the fact that she stabbed her husband in the eye, and then, pretty much dared anyone else to try something with her. She has had pretty much exactly enough of every bit of their crap, and that is no lie. I was kind of surprised that she got some help from random guy, especially after what happened to her the night before. Either that guy hadn't been a part of the raiding party that sacked her badassery, or he decided that he was going to back a different horse (cuz the winds of change were gusting like a mofo). I almost have the feeling that now that her douche of a husband is dead, she is going to be the one who is left in charge of the place. This may not be the way that things are normally done, but I get the feeling that she may have more support in that place than we have been previously been led to realize, and the fact that she took at least one, small step to stop the abuse that he was heaping upon her, she may gain some more (respect and) support from the others. Then, if she is put in charge (as the new Jarl ... or whatever title that she gets), she will be brining a portion of the fighting men back to Ragnar to help him with the tiff that he's been having with Ecbert.

And now, speaking of Ecbert ... I really, sincerely don't trust him. I think that he's understood just how to maximize the manipulation of Athelstan, and our boy Athelstan doesn't see what is happening right in front of his face. But then, why would he? Homeboy is still a bit of an innocent (despite all that he has seen). Ecbert is certainly up with something with him, and I think it's more than just having someone around who will make all sorts of extra copies of the old Roman texts, and who will become his super secret knower of secret Roman Pagan things ... I'm just not sure exactly what it is just yet ... except that maybe Ecbert is wanting to get more information about how to defeat Ragnar, and thinks that Athelstan may be the best way to do that ... even if that seems like far too easy of a reason for him to be doing the things that he's doing.

And I don't like the way that Floki was talking smack about Athelstan. I know that he never really trusted him, but still ... I like them both, and I want them to at least be non-douchie to each other, even if they can't be friends. But when Horik started saying how Athelstan was a worthless person, I wanted Ragnar to reach across the table and smack him across the face like Ragnar was Tyrion Lannister and Horik was Joffrey. But I suppose that for now, I can accept Ragnar using Rollo to do a double-cross, making Horik think that he was completely on board with Horik's idea, killing all of Borg's men, and then, having his dudes beat the hell out of Borg (before telling Borg that he was going to perform the blood eagle on him). And really, I can't understand by Jarl Borg didn't get the least bit suspicious when Raganar offered dude's barn for his guys to sleep in ... there were all kinds of winks and nudges between Ragnar and his dude about "letting them sleep" inside the barn. And really, I can't say that I will be sad to see Jarl Borg go. ::waves bye to Borg::