Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Remember the Titans' -- SPN 8x16

Warning: Spoiler Alert

You know what's kind of annoying? When a show has an episode (or a series of episodes) where one of the characters is supposed to be proficient with a bow, but the actor looks like they have never held a bow a day in his/her life. The longer that the actress who played Artemis held the bow, the more convinced I became that if she actually tried to fire it, the arrow would have gone absolutely nowhere (and would have only fallen down at her feet). It was like watching "Robin Hood" from the BBC again, where Marian was supposed to have been a fab archer, but the actress who played her looked like she had never held a bow before (and if she tried to fire it, she wouldn't have managed to have been able to do anything). It could be that since the SPN showrunners thought that it would have wasted time and money to have homegirl who played Artemis learn how to actually hold the damn thing so that it seemed even the least bit believable that she would have been able to cause some serious damage with it (and since she is the goddess of the hunt, and the bow is her thing ... she should look like a complete badass when holding any weapon).

But I do have to say hizzah! for the writers actually getting Artemis' name right, and not calling her Diana. A few weeks ago, one of the characters on "Spartacus: War of the Damned" used "Poseidon" instead of "Neptune," and it bugged me that they used the Greek name for the god, instead of the Roman name (when the show is all about a point in Roman history).

At first, when Artemis showed up, I was almost sure that she was actually Nemesis. I can kind of understand why they used Artemis, since she's the goddess of the hunt, and the writers might have wanted to create a connection between her being a hunter, and the boys being hunters ... but it still seems like it would have made more sense to have Nemesis be the one that would have been the one to go after him in the first place. Zeus seemed to think that Prometheus had done something that would have been in need of some divine retribution, and that is what Nemesis is for.

Was kind of disappointed how easy it was to figure out who Prometheus was. As soon as they showed the crow eating his liver it was pretty much obvious as to who he was. It would have been a little bit more fun if it was kind of harder to figure out his true identity, especially since the writers had made kind of a big deal about the fact that he couldn't remember who he was. But then, they did only have an hour, so there was only so much that they could do (even if the episode felt a bit rushed, and they could have easily broken this up into two episodes).

Was glad to find out that Sam isn't as awesome with the hiding of what's going on when it comes to Dean. It seems like they're together far too often to really be able to hide much of anything from each other, but with the whole letting Sam believe that he's getting away with hiding what's going on seems like the way to go with right now (and possibly until Sam finally says that he needs help, cuz things are getting kind of crazy for him).

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

'Hunt' -- Castle 5x16

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Alexis is safe!! Hizzah!! ::throws confetti:: ::blows noisemakers:: ::pops poppers:: She is now back home where she should be. But the fact that Castle now has a much better idea of who his father is (even if we didn't find out if the man eats whip cream out of a spray can, which I kind of needed to be something that they shared), and the kind of danger that he is in just by being related to the man, I can see Castle getting a little bit more overprotective about Alexis. Who wants to bet that he hires some undercover security people to watch over Alexis and make sure that this sort of thing never happens to her again? Of course, she will end up figuring it out after a while, and I'm sure that she will be kind of furious (even while she's also kind of relieved by the idea of having people around who are only there to make sure that she isn't kidnapped again by a psychopath and taken to France).

But it really is gratifying to know that Gramps is watching over Alexis and Castle and Martha the way that he can. So, even if he isn't able to be there with them like he would like to be, he's still a part of their lives in a way ... especially when you consider the significance of that book that he gave to Castle as a kid ... the same book that he sent to Castle to let him know that everything was alright.

It's also really nice to know that the family unit now has some answers that they didn't have before, and that there may be some peace inside of themselves now that they know the things that they didn't know before. After all, it did seem to bother Alexis a bit when she was doing that project about her family tree, and she had nothing to go on for her paternal grandfather and his family. What they have now isn't a whole hell of a lot, but at least now it's something (and something is better than nothing).

And honestly, I can't understand why Castle promised Beckett that he would never do anything like that ever again without her. He made sure to tell her not to make promises that she couldn't keep, and this is something that he is not going to be able to keep at all. As soon as something bad happens to Alexis ... he is going to do whatever he has to do to make sure that she is ok ... even if it means pissing off Beckett (cuz that will only be secondary when it comes to getting back his baby).

Monday, February 25, 2013

'Tournament of Shadows' -- Ripper Street 1x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, now we finally have a bit of information about what happened with Reid and Emily's daughter (as well as now having her name). And I'm glad to now know why it is that he throws himself into his work: he blames himself for what happened to his daughter and to everyone else that happened to that day (and thinks that everyone else blames him as well ... I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that Emily really does blame him as much as he blames himself for what happened, even if I'm not convinced yet that what happened was actually his fault). And the fact that he thinks that Matilda is actually alive, I think maybe says as much about him as the fact that Emily thinks that she is dead. It seems like he needs to believe that she is still alive (even if it means that she's out in the world without the people that are most likely to protect and love her, and that she is possibly being forced to do things that no child should ever be forced to do).

But if she is alive, it makes me wonder what happened to her ... wonder like whoa. Could someone have taken her after finding her? Could she have wondered off after coming out of the water, perhaps with no memory of who she was? And if Reid ever finds her again (providing that she is still alive), what state will she be in? Will she be glad to be back with Reid and Emily again? It's possible that she might not be found again for several years, and she may have changed a great deal in the time that she has been away from her family. But it's also completely possible that she really is dead, but her body wasn't in the proper place to be found (maybe it was moved by someone, or by the water). Gah!! I need to know what happened to her and where she is now!! Cuz I'm sure that not knowing is going to drive me a bit bonkers ... which probably means that we aren't going to be told this series, or even next series (since it provides an underlying mystery to the show).

But WTH with Reid kissing Miss Goren? Yeah, I get that Emily is pushing him away (cuz she apparently blames him for what happened to Matilda), but still ... YOU'RE MARRIED, MAN!! She was nice to him, yes, but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't be loyal to his wife, yo.

Finding out that Homer Jackson isn't actually Jackson's real name wasn't really much of a revelation (since I didn't suspect that it actually was, nor do I think that anyone suspected that it was at this point). Still, it would be nice to know what he and Susan are trying to run away from, since it is super clear that the two of them have something that they really don't want finding either of them from when they were still in America (and it pretty clear that it's something pretty serious). And from the preview for next week, it looks like there is probably going to be something about what is actually going on with the two of them going on, and we might actually find out what it is that they are running away from.

Friday, February 22, 2013

'War' -- Suits 2x16

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I will be the first one to admit that I will be so very glad when the new season starts, and we possibly don't have to deal with the fallout of Daniel Hardman anymore. When he first came to the show, it was cool to see him, since we didn't really know all that much about him (and now was our chance to see exactly why it was that he was no longer with the firm, and why Jessica and Harvey seemed to hate him so much). But now that the season has finished, I am left more annoyed with him than anything else. Sure, he was fun at first, cuz he shaked things up a bit (and you don't want to see things getting stale, right?). But now, things have been shaken up to full tilt, and I'm getting the feeling more and more that things are going to kind of be in a shambles when we come back to the show over the summer. With the merger, at least the firm will still be intact, but what with everything that has been going on lately ... I still feel like there is going to be some really bad things coming. Harvey is obviously pissed about the fact that Jessica doesn't really trust him, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that her whole thing about being able to "control him" is going to come back to blow up in her face (since I have a feeling that that is the sort of thing that would probably make him even more pissed). Even with his loyalty to Jessica, I have a feeling that after a while, we're going to see him walk ... even if she did have him sign paperwork that would mean that he wouldn't be able to work (once his trust is completely broken where she is concerned, I don't think that will matter all that much to him).

I was rather proud of Donna for sticking up for Scotty ... even though I really don't like Scotty. It was her being able to put aside her feelings for Harvey, realizing that it was unlikely that he was ever going to feel about her the way that she wanted him to, and trying to help someone else be happy. Also, good on her for calling him out on all of his bullshit with women, and the fact that he tends to run away when things get really serious with anyone. Whatever it was that his mom did, it must have been really bad to make him not want to get that close to anyone ever again. But now, I really would love to have some more information about Harvey's past (specifically about his family).

Good on Luis for finally telling Rachel the truth about what was going on. Yes, it made me want to snuggle him a little bit more when he told Mike that the real reason was that she "wasn't good enough" to get in to Harvard, but that he knew that was crap, cuz she really was good enough. As much of a jerk as the man can be, he obviously thinks very highly of Rachel ... I almost get the feeling that he thinks of her as a little sister. Sure, he has no idea of how to actually relate to people (and is completely socially autistic), but he tries to do the right thing by her (even if it isn't actually what he should be doing), and that's sweet.

Mike telling Rachel what the secret is ... I have a feeling that is going to come back and bite him in the ass later on. As soon as Harvey finds out, he's going to be furious. Donna is probably going to be disappointed, but she also may be relieved that she doesn't have to keep the information away from Rachel anymore (seeing as how the two of them are friends). And Jessica is probably going to be angry, as well as go into overdrive trying to make sure that one more person being a part of the "Mike is Not Actually a Lawyer" secret doesn't do them any harm. It might even do Rachel some good in the long run. Who knows, Jessica might just be able to pull some strings to make sure that Rachel does actually get into Harvard so that she doesn't tell anyone about what is really going on with Mike.

'Man's Best Friend With Benefits' -- SPN 8x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, we got a bit more information about witches with the addition of some of them having familiars. I kind of like the idea of the familiars being telepathically linked with the person that they are the familiar for, as well as them being able to shift between human and animal forms. It seems like having a familiar that is able to do both of those things would be all kinds of handy. However, the fact that the familiar is fully clothed when they shift into human form seems kind of like a cheat (especially when the clothes seem to change to whatever the familiar wants them to be). Sure, the show runners were probably thinking about the nudity, and the fact that they wouldn't be able to get away with much, and it might become kind of cumbersome to have the familiars find clothes and put them on every time that they went into human form (and then, had to take them all off and possibly find a way to carry them around whenever they were about to shift into their animal form). Still, the fact that they didn't acknowledge the fact that they were fully clothed when they became human, and the clothes seemed to disappear once they went into animal form has my brain stuff screaming for some kind of answers. I should be used to Show not giving me the answers that my brain craves, but I still would like them. So there.

And also, the fact that Dean was introduced as a "wiccan from Detroit" ... I wonder if this is the writers trying to say that there was something different about the witches that we have seen and actual Wiccans. Maybe? Or maybe I'm just reading more into things than what is actually there ... which I know that I have a tendency to do, what with my tendency to overthink things. Still, I think I like the idea that they are saying that there is a difference between the witches on Show and Wiccans ... what with the witches that we have seen being full-on crazy and demon friends for the most part (and that not being what Wiccans are about).

I am glad that Dean was finally able to let go a little bit (the control freak ... sure, he wants to protect Sam, and he's always felt responsible for him ... but the fact is that Dean is kind of a control freak). It seems like it shows a little bit of growth on his part, but what with Sam coughing up blood as soon as he said that he was fine ... maybe Dean has a reason to feel like there should have been an out looked for so that he could be the one who was doing the tests. Whatever the significance of the coughing up of blood is, it sure isn't anything good, but I wonder what exactly the cause is. Maybe there is some kind of sickness that is in the hellhound blood? Or maybe his insides are running too hot (perhaps without him realizing what is going on, since it's something supernatural), and it's broken something on the inside? I'm hoping that whatever it is that Sam is going to have to go through for the tests, it isn't going to be something that is going to end up killing him. The boys have died way too often, and it's starting to get beyond old at this point.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

'Target' -- Castle 5x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The more that the episode went on, the more convinced I became that Alexis was the real target and that it was Sarah that had gotten in the way (not the other way around, like they seemed to be trying to make us believe). There was far too much in the way of trying to draw attention to the fact that Sarah's father was rich and had made so many enemies along the way. And the fact that the guys that held them spoke Arabic seemed far too much like a red herring. I really don't see why some dudes who were after Sarah would be stalking Alexis via her vlog, in the off chance that they might learn something about Sarah. There was no guarantee that the two of them would be friends, or that they would do anything with each other outside of class; so stalking Alexis via the interwebs seems like a complete waste of time ... unless it was Alexis who they were going after the entire time, and they were trying to find out where they might more easily kidnap her. And what with the preview for next week's episode (and the hearing of someone saying that he's Castle's father) makes me even more sure that the person that these guys were actually going after was Alexis, and that it was probably in retaliation for something that Castle's dad did. What do you want to bet that Castle's dad knows all about Castle, and has been following his life and career from a far? I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that he's stayed away cuz of whatever he does, cuz he was trying to protect Martha and Castle (and then, later, Alexis). I really hope he turns out to be someone that lives up to the hype. Sure, there hasn't been a lot within the show, but he still has become something of a legend ... probably cuz the writers have let us put in so much in the way of possibilities where he is concerned. But the one thing that would make me happier than anything else when it comes to Castle's dad? If he eats whip cream straight from the can. I WANTS!!

Nathan Fillion really knocked it out of the park in this episode with his whole crying and worrying about Alexis. You don't tend to think of him as being the kind of guy who can really get to the woobie space, seeing as how he is such a clown (and I mean that in the best possible way, and not in the "ZOMG! clowns are the creepiest things that ever been created ... cuz they really, really are). But he really did well at making me get right there with the character and think that he was really worrying about Alexis ... and making me want to find him so I could snuggle him and promise him all of the things that Beckett couldn't without feeling like she was being a liar. That isn't to say that I don't totally understand why Beckett didn't tell him those things, cuz she didn't feel right about not being as close to the truth as she possibly could (since sometimes telling people what they want to hear is far worse than telling them what they need to hear). Also, good on her and Lanie for trying to stop him from seeing the blood in the van. They know how much he loves his baby, and they were trying to protect him from worrying more than he needs to ... not that he isn't going to go out of his mind knowing that someone has Alexis, and he can't be sure that she's ok or not. Still, good on them for trying to protect him until they could give him some real answers (so that his imagination didn't go into overdrive from the seeing of the blood).

Monday, February 18, 2013

'The Weight of One Man's Heart' -- Ripper Street 1x05

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'll admit to feeling bad for Drake with the whole thing with Rose (he just wants to have someone to love, and have someone love him), but I'm glad that she was at least honest enough with him that she made it quick and didn't draw it out. Things could have been far worse if she hadn't been willing to let him know right then (when he was telling her that he wanted the two of them to be together) that she didn't see them being together like that. I'm not overly fond of her (what with her seeming to be trying to take advantage of him before that point with the lovebirds), but I think that I would have liked her even less if she hadn't been willing to be truthful with him in that moment. But seeing that he has the ability to be more than just the bulldog (and that he has a gooey center) makes me want him to be able to find someone that he can be happy with (and who will be happy with him).

And at least we've finally gotten some additional information about his past, and what happened in Egypt. True, it wasn't all that much, but at least it was something, and that's better than nothing, right? And I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that there was a whole hell of a lot of PTSD involved with his time in Egypt, since he seemed to have been showing some signs when he was having his mini-flashback.

I'm really glad that he was willing to tell the colonel that his loyalties where with Reid now, cuz it was looking kind of iffy there for a second. Ok, there probably wasn't going to be much of a chance that Drake was really going to not go back to Reid after he came back to his senses, but he did seem like he was questioning and doubting a lot there for a second. And very cool that Reid was willing to accept that Drake had been pulled into what was going on against his will (even though he probably knew exactly what was going on with all of that). It makes me like Reid a little bit more that he is so loyal, and is willing to over-look things that the people he cares about may have done (especially when it looks like they are having a bit of trouble when it happened).

Friday, February 15, 2013

'Normandy' -- Suits 2x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I do not like Katrina. Not even a little bit. I really want something bad to happen to her, like whoa. The way that she's been messing around with karma lately, I really don't see how she can keep going without it coming back to bite her in the ass. Sure, she wants to look good, and to get ahead, but there comes a point when you know that everyone else is swamped and that you need to be a team player so that everyone can get their stuff done. With everything that everyone needs to get done, and the entire firm balancing on whether or not they are able to win these cases, her acting like a bag full of dicks and making it seem like her work is far more important than everyone else's is only doing harm to the firm (and ultimately to her when she starts making enemies everywhere that she goes).

I kind of feel bad for Rachel and the fact that she isn't going to be able to get into Harvard, but at the same time, it doesn't seem like she should have been counting solely on going there. Even if it was her "dream school," she really should have thought about where she would go if she wasn't able to get in there. And yeah, she wants to work at Pearson, Pearson, Pearson, and Pearson after she graduates from law school, and they get their peeps from Harvard, but at this point ... Jessica has to know that Rachel kicks ass (after all, she's the only paralegal with her own office, right?). So, I don't see why it would be a problem if she went somewhere else, since I have a feeling that Jessica would still hire her back after graduation. If that did happen, and it got out to people that maybe wanted to apply to the firm who hadn't gone to Harvard, it might seem like Jessica was setting a president that people who graduated from other schools might be able to get a job there, but that still might not be a problem, since they could say that there were special circumstances with hiring Rachel.

And I'm not entirely sure that Rachel should tell her dad about how she didn't get in. I have a feeling that he might want to take some kind of action against the admissions person (whose name is escaping me at the moment), even though they really wouldn't have anything to stand on when it came to a case. The fact is that she told Luis that it had nothing to do with him, and that she had all kinds of people who were superb wanting to get in, but that she couldn't let all of them in. It was Luis that took the blame when he talked to Rachel about it, and said that she was taking the way their relationship ended out on Rachel. Even if that is really what he believes is going on, there's nothing but speculation to say that it's anything other than what what's-her-face said that it was. But good on Luis for telling her what he suspected was actually going on, taking the blame upon himself, and for looking genuinely remorseful for what had happened. He may be a complete jerk and a jackass, but sometimes he's actually a decent guy.

I love it when Donna gets all protective of Harvey and his feelings. He may be all tough on the outside, but I think that Donna realizes that on the inside, he's all mushy and soft. And I have a feeling that Scotty would be just the kind of person who would really hurt Harvey, cuz he might let himself care about her a little bit (even though he has to know that it would be dangerous for him to do so), and she is so all about herself that she would hurt him (and how could she not, since she's the type that would step on someone's neck if she thought that it would get her ahead). Also with the love? The way that Donna tries to make sure that Harvey looks nice (fixing his suit and his hair), and how he tries to fight her at first (but then, seems to realize that he's not going to win, so he just gives in to her on this point). The two of them need to be together and have babies. Seriously.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

'Trial and Error' -- SPN 8x14

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I really wish that it hadn't been kind of obvious that Ellie had made a deal with Crowley, but it was. And I suppose that things can't always work out where you (as the viewer) can't guess what's going on with at least some of the things that are happening with any given episode (or the mythos in general).

I can really appreciate the fact that Dean wants to protect her from Crowley and the hellhounds that he's bound to keep sending after her to get her soul, but regardless of how good his intentions are ... Sam has a point. At a certain point, Crowley (or one of the mountains of hellhounds he's going to send after her) is going to find her, and she's going to get dragged into the Pit. There isn't any way around that ... unless Kevin and the boys are able to figure out a way to close up Hell forever (and send all of the Earth-bound demons back there) so that no human is going to be able to be hurt by a demon ever again. There are a couple of problems that I see with that. 1) Show has been renewed for a ninth season, and I don't see the writers going back to dealing with folklore the way they did in season one. At this point, angels and demons have become the bread and butter of the show (even if I would love it if the writers stopped focusing almost exclusively on Christianity, and went back to folklore from all over the place, the way that it was in the beginning). 2) Just cuz Kevin and the boys might be able to rid the world of demons and angels for the rest of eternity, that doesn't mean that Heaven and Hell are closed to humans after they die. At no point did Kevin say that the tablets that he's read have said that humans would need to find somewhere new to go after they shuffle of the mortal coil, just cuz they have stopped humans being generally harassed by spiritual beings out of the Christian mythos system. So, she might get a few more years of life, but Crowley still holds a contract that says that she is his bitch. It would be kind of an interesting twist if cuz of the fine print of the tablets, if/when the gates of Heaven and Hell are sealed forever, anyone who is still alive who made a deal with a crossroads demon is allowed to go to Heaven (as though cuz they were able to stay alive until "time ran out" for the demons' free reign on earth, all contracts that still have not been collected at this point are null and void).

Also, I don't think I like the idea of them being able to see hellhounds (even if they have to use the magic angel oil to do so). Part of what makes the hellhounds fab is that you don't see them; they come at you, and the only warning that you have is the howling and (possibly) the destruction of property. Other than that, you really have no idea of exactly where they are, and they could be far closer to you than you realize. That would make them a bit more frightening, IMO, and stripping that away from them takes away some of the horror and the "magic" from them.

The fact that Mary became kind of a "thing" in this episode (what with her picture being put up in what is now Dean's room, and Ellie referencing her), makes me wish even more that the writers would finally let us know what happened to her and to Papa. There was that whole thing in season six with the mother of all monsters, and the inclusion of the Campbells, which would make you think that maybe (just maybe) we would be getting some answers about what the hell happened to Mary ... especially since Samuel made it sound like he knew where she was. It was very true that Crowley could have been yanking Samuel's chain so that he could get what he wanted from the guy, but whether or not he was was never answered. Whether Samuel actually knew where she was, or if Crowley was only trying to use him was one of those things that was just left hanging. And if they're going to keep bringing her up, it would be nice if we finally had some kind of answers as to what was going on.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Reality Star Struck' -- Castle 5x14

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

It made me really happy to see Gina Torres on the show ... but then, any tie to "Firefly" tends to make me happy (even know, after finding out the horrible story arch that they were going to do with Inara on the show). And can't beat her being completely bossy, now can we? No, we cannot. Would have loved to see her on there a little bit more than what she was, but it was still cool to have a bit of a "Firefly" reunion there of some of the Big Damn Heroes. I wonder if she was only available for a little while cuz of shooting of "Suits" ... but then, I'm not sure when they shoot, so it could have had nothing to do with that.

The whole thing with the earrings mistakenly being put into the captain's blazer didn't feel quite like it was hitting the mark that the writers wanted for it. It almost seemed like it was supposed to be a "comedy of errors" type of thing, but what with the way that the show is going, there is no way that the writers are going to have the captain figure out yet that Castle and Beckett are seeing each other (not with the fact that she still hates Castle, and if he wasn't allowed to shadow Beckett and the boys around anymore, there wouldn't really be a show anymore, would there?). And with the captain thinking that Castle was trying to suck up to her ... in a way, I suppose I can see where that is coming from, but at the same time, it left me going, "Really? Come. On." It was just a tad too predictable and on the nose, and didn't come off as funny as I think that they were hoping that it would be.

I'm kind of surprised that Castle didn't pick up on the fact that Esposito and Lanie were kind of back together before she came walking out in that dress. The way that the two of them kept throwing looks at each other and acting kind of wonky about the whole Valintine's thing should have had him suspicious about what was going on. Usually he's better at picking up on things than that. ::disappointed::

Since Ryan and Jenny are played by a real life married couple, I wonder what the real life woman thinks about when they say stuff about her character on the show. The fact that the two of them are married on the show, as well as actually being married, I can see how some people might take some things kind of personally when the lines get blurred like that ... like when they have Ryan say her character is bossy.

Monday, February 11, 2013

'The Good of This City' -- Ripper Street 1x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Good on Erin for calling the fact that it was a fire that killed Reid and Emily's daughter. And now that we have a reason that is canon (and not just hinted at), I want to know what it was that happened with the fire. It's obvious that Reid ran back into whatever building was on fire that his daughter was stuck in (hence the burn scar that is on his neck and shoulder), but where was it? What led to the fire in the first place? I'm still leaning toward it having to do with Jack somehow (whether it being Jack himself that started the fire, or it was a copycat of some kind), but I would love to find out through canon what the details of it were.

I'm also becoming more curious as to what it was that led to Jackson and Susan hiding out in London. The two of them have no problem causing harm (or killing) other people, that's become more than obvious now that we know that Susan killed a man for Lucy's benefit. Not that this wasn't something that could have been guessed at before (their willingness to do things to other people that is), and that's probably what it was that they're running from. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that the two of them got mixed up in something that they shouldn't have been, and one (or both) of them was involved in a murder somehow ... one that they wouldn't be able to talk their way out of (the way that Susan seems to have talked her way out of this one).

Is it wrong that I really wanted something horrible to happen to that doctor? What a horrible man. I don't feel sorry for any kind of awful things that may have happened to him through the course of his life ... not after what he did to Lucy. Sure, he may have helped other people, but it was obvious that he was willing to do some truly awful things (whether it was in the name of science, or just in the name of covering up so that he didn't get caught for the things that he had done). And really, I wasn't surprised that he was willing to do something to Lucy, especially after I saw that one random patient with the scars all over her head (like the douche had operated on her brain for some reason ... but it was probably to get rid of any pesky kind of memories that he didn't want to have to deal with later on). I'm still cringing at the idea of that jerk almost hammering metal into Lucy's eye to mess with her brain. Ick. I'm so glad that Drake is the bulldog that he is, and clubbed the guy over the head before he could do anything.

I'm also not sorry at all that Bone was electrocuted by his own railway. Screw that guy. After what he had done to Lucy over the past couple of years, and then, him knowing exactly what was going to happen to her, but still not making any kind of protest about it ... I don't feel sorry that karma came and bit him as hard as it did.

Friday, February 8, 2013

'He's Back' -- Suits 2x14

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, how I really cannot stand Daniel. He makes me want to have bad things done to him ... but then, that's exactly the reaction that the writers are going for with him, no? We're supposed to side with the guys of Pearson and Hardman, and we're supposed to think that Hardman is a complete douche. It doesn't even take Mike and Harvey actually saying it for us to really think it. Oh, and Donna pulling him into a conference room and smacking him a couple of times ... Donna is a badass, and that is a fact. I would even go so far as to say that she is a fierce, ginger beast. Yeah, I said it. Oh, how happy I was that she roughed him up a bit. I loved her already at that point, but I loved her a little bit more after that ... especially when he was trying to get up in her face, and she didn't back down even a little bit. Good on her. I want to see her rough some other people up as well; it would make me so very happy on the inside.

What didn't make me happy on the inside, however, was when she was telling Harvey about how she kicked Daniel's ass, and he said "beautiful" in a way that made you think that he was actually talking to her (which I so bad wanted him to be), but he was actually talking to Jessica. ::shakes fist:: I need for Donna and Harvey to be together so very, very badly. I know that he loves her, but I need him to love her the way that she loves him. It's so very heartbreaking when she thinks that she's so very close to getting the one thing that she wants more than anything, only to realize that she is still just as far as she's always been. I really need to snuggle her. Hard.

The more time that goes on, the more I'm thinking that Jessica can't really be trusted. Sure, I'm totally on the firm's side against Daniel, but that doesn't mean that I trust her ... and I don't think that Harvey should trust her completely either. The fact that she so obviously doesn't want to make him her partner in the firm (and only seems to want to use him as her attack dog, without letting him get off of the leash that she's got him on), and that she went to Robert Zane to make him her partner instead (so that she could save her own ass from failure) ... not cool. If things keep going like that, no matter how loyal Harvey is to her, I have a feeling that eventually he's going to go out on his own, cuz he isn't getting to the places that he feels like he should be inside Jessica's firm. This might mean bad things for Mike ... or it might not ... Jessica still might keep her mouth shut about it, since it would still mean that she would get into trouble for knowing that he never went to law school (and never graduated, or got his license).

I'm kind of getting to the point where the whole Mike and Rachel thing is starting to get boring. I keep wanting to yell at them to either jump in the pool, or put their clothes back on. But it doesn't seem like we're going to see the end of that anytime soon.

ETA: I knew I forgot to mention something about this episode ... I was seriously feeling bad for Luis. Sure, he has absolutely no moves when it comes to knowing how to get along with people, but I don't think that it was his intention to harass anyone. Still, that doesn't mean that if someone doesn't want his attention, they wouldn't be completely creeped out by all of the attention that they didn't want from him ... but I got the feeling that homegirl who was saying that he was sexually harassing her didn't actually feel threatened by him, and was only using him as a weapon against the firm. I felt bad for the guy when he realized what had been said about him in the deposition, and I was glad that Harvey was nice to him (for once). Also, good on Luis for standing up to Daniel, even if I'm pretty sure that's going to come back to bight him in the ass, knowing what a jerkface Daniel is.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

'Everybody Hates Hitler' -- SPN 8x13

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

So, the box that the boys got had a key to a super-secret Men of Letters bunker. Nice. I get the feeling that what the writers were actually trying to do with that was to give the boys a base of operation to work out of ... something akin to a home, as it were. It's not going to be anything like Bobby's, but it'll still be something. I don't mean that it won't be like Bobby's cuz of the amount of knowledge that is collected there (since I have the feeling that the bunker is going to have more, and stuff that may be way more obscure), but it won't be the same cuz of the love that is there. After all, Bobby was the closest thing that they had to a father (and they were the closest thing he had to kids). But having someplace that they can both return to will do them some good, I'm sure. That being said, if they're going to keep going back to this one place, I think that they should put some protective spells on the place. I wouldn't be surprised if there are already some there (even if we didn't see the boys looking for and finding any (not that they necessarily would have found any or all of them, if the Men of Letters are as badass as they have been presented to be when it comes to spell work), that doesn't mean that there isn't something (or quite a few somethings) there to not only keep them safe, but to also keep the place safe ... after all, I don't see the place remaining empty and untouched for all this time without there being wards to keep out the people and things that aren't wanted inside); but it also wouldn't hurt if the boys added some of their own to make doubly sure that nothing is coming in that they don't want in there.

And I'm really getting the feeling that Sam is getting an "out" when it comes to hunting. He has never really wanted this life, and has been way more of a researcher anyway. With him staying back while Dean went out to see Kevin and Garth, and diving into the files that they found there, as well as starting up the files again with their own adventures ... it looks like he's being given a chance to be the one that stays in the books and trying to figure out how to get things done, as well as figure out what they might be up against (while making sure that future hunters and Men of Letters have things that are a little more current to reference when they are needing information).

Also, I suppose that the boys have new secret society (in the Judah Initiative ... even though it's only Aaron and his golem right now) to be allied with. I'm really hoping that we see Aaron and the golem again in the future ... perhaps during a showdown with Naomi? How awesome would it be if Aaron was able to start learning some Rabbanistic magic that would be crucial in taking her down? It's true that there isn't much time left until the end of the season, and it isn't likely that he's going to learn that much, but it would still be pretty awesome for him to get back in touch with his heritage (and be something of a hunter/man of letters in his own way).

I want to know what the hell is up with the Thule Society. The way the camera lingered on the ring that Eckhart was wearing, I really do have the feeling like it is something important ... like we're going to be seeing it again later on, and were supposed to take special notice of it so that we recognize it again later (and perhaps realize that whoever is associated with it later on is far more horrible than we realize). Why would I not be at all surprised if we find out that the symbol originates with Naomi, and that she was the one who first started Eckhart and his idiots on their path of necromancy? I'm trying to remember what exactly was on the ring ... I remember thinking that it looked like a sword with wings behind it. There's got to be some kind of significance to what was on it, and I would really like to know what it is.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

'Recoil' -- Castle 5x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Having to protect her mother's killer ... yeah, that isn't at all cool. Even more not cool is the fact that he is coming out of this whole thing looking even more like he's alright, and not at all like he's the shady character that he actually is. Jerkface. The sad thing is that Beckett is right: he's coming out of this looking like a folk hero (and he probably really will step a little easier toward the White House after this). I want Beckett to be able to get him even more now. I wanted her to be able to get the guy before this (and not just for Beckett's mother), but I want her to do it even more now. Dude already has way too much power as it is being just a senator; give him even more, and the amount of shady things that will likely happen ... I don't like that idea. Though ... not getting himself into the White House will not necessarily mean that he isn't going to still be totally capable of doing really horrible things, but being in it might mean that he would be able to do them on a bigger scale ... theoretically. And you know what? I completely love the actor that is playing the senator (who doesn't love HRG? I mean, really?), but I want to see very awful things happen to the character. No lie.

I love the way the writers have Ryan and Esposito take different positions on pretty much everything (and still have the two of them be complete besties). Ryan is always going to be my snuggle bunny on this show, and I'm totally with him where it came to doing the right thing about the senator; but this isn't to say that I don't blame Esposito for his desire to either kill the guy, or at least look the other way when something bad might possibly be happening to him. It seems like both of them are coming at this from a position of trying to protect their own, but the way that they would go about doing it would be completely different (but then, when Beckett went off the rails at the end of last season, they pretty much went through this same thing where Esposito went along with everything, and Ryan let the captain know what was going on). I would love to be able to think that even though normally Esposito is the kind who would totally protect someone else (especially his own people), I don't think that his conscience would be bothered at all by letting someone like the senator get hurt. And you know what? I can't say that I necessarily like this about him. Yes, the senator is a very bad man, but Ryan is right ... by not being the people who protect other people, they are no better than people like the senator.

I'm also really glad that Beckett decided to not burn the letter. Sure, she wants to get the guy, but destroying evidence is not the way to do it (and I have a feeling that doing that would only come back to haunt her later on. If not only cuz it was something so completely out of character for her, but also cuz she may end up needing the letter for some reason later on. Don't know why she would at this point, but you never know when something that seems insignificant might turn out to be really important)


Sunday, February 3, 2013

'The King Came Calling' -- Ripper Street 1x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm so very glad that Emily didn't die from the poison that dude was putting into the flour. Not only cuz it seems like Reid has been through enough lately (when it comes to the death of loved ones), but also cuz she seems like she really wants to do some good in the world (and that she might actually accomplish it). Also, hizzah! on her for being someone who genuinely wants to help, and who is willing to not judge the people that she is trying to help (as well as not trying to force them into a religion that they may not want, and which will probably only turn away the people that she is trying to help. As she said, they may not for the help that they so desperately need, if they think that they are going to be judged, converted, and forced into feeling even worse about mistakes that they may have made in the past).

I was glad that the Mrs. Gable was able to see that she may have been wrong in her attitudes, and that she may have been placing blame on the wrong people as far as her resentment for her husband was concerned. After all, only he can be blamed for the things that he decided to do (since no one forced him to sleep with prostitutes). And the fact that she realized the errors that she was making, and she was willing to bankroll Emily's efforts to help other people makes me happy inside of my happy place (since the change in her attitude seemed genuine).

They had a daughter that died!! Ok, I have to admit that I felt rather pleased with myself when they revealed that it was their daughter that was gone, since I guessed that that was what was going on. But now that we know for sure that it was their daughter, I am wondering even more what happened to her, cuz I still get the feeling like Reid is throwing himself into work cuz of her death ... that he feels like since he wasn't able to save her, that he is going to do everything that he can to try to save as many other people as he can. I don't think that Emily understands that about him, but hopefully, he will be able to explain it to her so that she knows why he is the way that he is.

I really didn't dig the fact that after they had caught the baddie, Reid made a point of telling him that Jackson was American, cuz the implication he was making with that statement was that Americans (as a general rule) are violent people and that we are the only ones who are capable of such things. This may not have been what was intended by the writers, but this isn't the first time that I've come across this particular blanket statement on a British television show. And the fact that this particular show is dealing with the aftermath of a British serial killer, I think should probably come into play when trying to say such a thing (since violent people aren't excluded from any culture).

Friday, February 1, 2013

'Zane vs. Zane' -- Suits 2x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I have to say ... I really don't like Rachel's dad. But truth be told, I'm not entirely sure that I'm supposed to. I got the impression that we are supposed to think that her dad is a complete asshat (and not cuz he is such a bulldog at his job. After all, Harvey is a bulldog, and we're meant to think of him as the hero of the show). It seemed much more like that we weren't supposed to like him cuz he didn't seem to realize just how much of an assnozzel that he is when it comes to women in general (and to Rachel specifically). Despite the way he treated Jessica (which seemed to me to be akin to how he would treat a man ... probably cuz she had proven herself to be a worthy advisory, and as someone who was able to hand out numbers), he didn't seem to have much in the way of respect for women. I kept getting the feeling from him that he kind of thought (in some deep part of himself) that they should remain in the home, and that they maybe even should remain barefoot and pregnant. The woman that he was going after in the deposition ... the things he was saying didn't just seem like he was saying them to rattle her chain; there was an attitude there that made it look like that was really what he thought. It didn't help any that he pretty much said the same thing to Rachel before that. That may have not been his intention to say that sort of thing to her, but sometimes people say what they mean without realizing it. And the fact that he seemed so amazed that Rachel had taken her entrance exams speaks to the fact that there was probably something there when she felt like he would have made her feel like her score wasn't high enough (even though it was only a few points lower than his). Yes, I was totally on Rachel's side on this, and could see how the relationship might have been strained, and how she might have been made to feel incredibly small by his words and actions.

I also got the feeling that Rachel's dad didn't really have any idea of who she was. Her not telling him things was (I think) only partly to blame for this. It looked like she had been hurt too many times by things that he had said to her in the past that she had ended up cutting herself off from him to a certain extent, and I can't say that I blame her for that. I'd love it if they were able to mend thing completely between them, but I'm not entirely sure that they are going to be able to do that. It seems almost like he's going to say something again in the future that is going to make her feel small, and like she will never be good enough for him, and she'll pull back from him again to protect herself.

But Rachel's dad wasn't the only person that I had a problem with in this episode ... I really wanted to smack Luis upside the head in this episode. Sure, he's pissed off that there were rules implemented specifically for him, and that is bound to get under anyone's skin. But he seems to forget that there is a reason why those rules were put into place for him, and that he completely deserved what he got. Also, I'm not sure the thing about new hires applies to when the new hire is a fifth year associate; I was under the impression that it was only for first and second years ... when they really needed someone standing over them and making sure that they weren't fucking up. At this point, homegirl doesn't really need anyone standing over her anymore. She will certainly need someone to come to when/if she needs to clarify something, or she needs help in something that she may not be as proficient in as someone else, but that doesn’t mean that she needs someone to hold her hand through everything. But that isn't really what Luis was doing, was it? He's still pissed off about the fact that Harvey got to hire someone new, and he had to get rid of the associate that he thought was completely perfect; and still being pissed off about all that doesn't mean that he should be a complete ass about the whole thing. But at least the two of them were kind of able to make peace with each other, especially since I have a feeling that a war between the two of them would have become tiresome.