Wednesday, November 27, 2013

'Rock and a Hard Place' -- SPN 9x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The more that we have something to do with Ezekiel, the more that I think that there's something really wrong with him. I know that he says that Sam isn't ready to hear that he has an angel living inside of him, and maybe he has some special beat on what Sam is and isn't ready to hear (cuz he can hear Sam's thoughts, or something), but the fact that he got in the way of Dean finally telling him what is going on made me not like him even more. I am quite sure that Sam isn't going to be ok with what's been happening since the end of last season, but he should know what's going on ... especially if there is something wrong with him now (seeing as how he says that he can't "charge his battery" anymore. That could be nothing (as in it taking longer for Ezekiel to make him feel ok after doing stuff), or it could be really important (like Ezekiel is trying to zap all of the power away from Sam and leave him as nothing more than a husk on the ground of some truck stop somewhere). And the more time that goes on, the more I keep thinking that they need to get rid of Ezekiel. Pronto. Despite of how badly Sam might be doing, cuz I think that it'll be better to get rid of him sooner (rather than later). This whole thing with him using Sam as a suit is going to end badly; I'm sure of it. And it won't just be bad for Sam either. It's going to be bad for the entire gang. Maybe not for Crowley, since I have the feeling that he's a survivor, and he'll be able to use whatever mess falls down around him to his own advantage.

And having Dean get someone to break her vow of chastity ... come. on. Isn't that trope a little bit tired by now. Yes, we realize that Dean is a complete horndog, but we also know that he is completely capable of being the loyal boyfriend. Can we at least keep a little bit of the loyal boyfriend in there, since the boys have seemed to swap the places that they had when we first met them? To keep running that into the ground that Dean will make a pass at anything with boobs is beyond old at this point (and I would love to see it die off ... but I will also admit that that may be just me and my desire for some actual plot).

Also, I can understand them bringing in Zeus, Artemis, Prometheus, and Osiris ... but Vesta? She isn't exactly one of the big name pagan gods, and it would almost seem like the writers were scraping the barrel a bit to bring her on board. The others (from the Greek/Roman or Egyptian pantheons) were at least relevant for the overall story arch, but bringing in the goddess of the hearth and virginity ... not so much (especially when they only focused on the virginity part of it). If the writers had decided that they wanted to do something with Vesta in relation to the fact that the boys have now found a place that is their home, after never really having a home before the bunker, that would have made more sense; even more so if they also put into play the fact that Dean made such a big deal to Kevin that they're all family now (and no one gets left behind), and then, Dean kicked Cas out cuz Ezekiel is a possessive freak.

I don't know so much anymore why I keep watching this show, but it's like a bad habit that I can't quite shake off yet.

'Sanctuary' -- SH 1x09

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, now we know that Ichabod and Katrina had a son. Interesting. And the bad things were kind of desperate to get ahold of their baby, which really makes me wonder what ever happened to him. I don't think that he ended up in the hands of anyone associated with Moloch, cuz I get the feeling that the tree thing wouldn't have been hanging around the house where he had been born for so long ... and I think that he has something to do with why Katrina is stuck in purgatory (but that's just my assumption on this). I get the feeling (from what very little we know about him and the world of "Sleepy Hollow" at large) that there is something really important about him, and that he may be the thing that ultimately gets rid of the Horsemen and/or Moloch (but that is mostly cuz that's what I want to find out).

And wouldn't it be all kinds of wonderful to find out that the sin eater is actually related to Ichabod and Katrina ... like he is one of their descendants? At this point (after finding out that Abbie and Jenny are descendants of the woman who was Katrina's midwife) that may be a little bit too ... neat (like putting a bow on everyone and everything ... kind of the way that George Lucas likes to do), so if there's a better idea out there, I would love to see it. But as for right now, I would like to find out that the sin eater has some kind of blood relation to them.

Also, am I the only one who thought that the death of the tree/scarecrow thingy was a little bit too easy. Yes, I realize that Ichabod was full of righteous indignation, but it still seemed like it was a little bit too easy. If it had been able to kill someone from Katrina's coven (someone who had been able to keep the area so very protected for so very long, and from so many people and things), it would seem that it would have been a little bit harder to be able to kill it (especially when using nothing more than rage and an axe). As such, I have a feeling that we might be seeing said tree/scarecrow thingy again sometime later on.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The DW 50th Anniversary Special.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm still trying to get all of my thoughts together about the 50th anniversary special, cuz it wasn't exactly what I was expecting ... at least as far as how they were going to bring in 10 and Rose (cuz I was kind of expecting that they would bring in Tinkerbell!10 and the real Bad Wolf, but that was probably a little bit too obvious, especially since they've already had Rose break through the barriers of the universes before, and it nearly cost them all everything ... even though Mickey also did it, and everything is fine ... but thinking too hard when it comes to wibbly-wobbly will only make your brain hurt).

I did appreciate the fact that they brought in 12, even if it was only a shot of his eyes and only for 2 seconds (long enough for us to realize that he was there, before they took him away again); it was still super nice to be able to have him acknowledged in the special. Also with the love? The fact that ... what are we calling John Hurt's doctor? I haven't been looking around at spoilers, or anybody's reviews of the episode, so I'm not sure what everyone is calling him ... so I'll just call him 8.5. Anyway, I thought that it was nice to be able to see 8.5 just start to turn into 9 (and do it right after he said that he hoped that he wouldn't have the goofy ears that time). From everything that I've seen or heard before, Christopher Eccleston was kind of stressed out by his time on DW had hasn't really wanted to join back in on it, but it was still nice for them to still be cool with him (even after he said no to being involved with the special) and giving him a bit of fan service.

It was so nice to be able to see 10 again!! How I've missed him (like whoa!!). I even was glad to see him when his hair was lying flat (and wasn't all crazy like it's supposed to be ... but it was still 10!). And when he said that he didn't want to go ... oh, the feels!! The feels nearly tore me apart! The writers should really not do those sorts of things to me, since it made me have to relive that whole series four finale, and 10 turning into 11. :(

But the fact that they counted 8.5 and 12 as part of the doctor's regenerations, that would make 12 his 13th incarnation. I'm sure that the writers are going to have a way around stopping him at 12 (or 13), but I'm still wondering how it is that they're going to do that. It's quite possible that he may have gained some of River's regenerations when she used up her regeneration energy to save him, or ... maybe the Moment could have changed something about him so that he will live past 13 (since she/it did say that he would have to live with what he had done to Gallifrey ... but maybe it won't work that way, since he didn't actually destroy Gallifrey, and it seemed implied that he would be forced to live if he killed them all. Still, that doesn't mean that she didn't so something to him. Maybe he will be forced to continue living, until he is able to figure out how to get Gallifrey out of the artwork that he put it inside).

I have the feeling that the finding of Gallifrey may be something that will be kind of big for the remainder of 11's time, and will carry over into 12's ... at least, I hope it is. I hope that it isn't something that's just solved in one series (but will last at least a couple), but the fact that each series seems to have its own theme may mean that it will only last through series eight ... but the fact that finding Gallifrey is something that is so huge could possibly mean that it might last a little bit longer. Oh, I hope that it does.

Also, it almost seems like they're kind of going plastic!Rory with Clara's memories (where she remembers things that she shouldn't be able to, since it was actually alternate versions of her that were making those memories, and not actually her; just like the centurion wasn't actually Rory, and there shouldn't have been any way that he remembered anything that the centurion did). But as long as it isn't played into a bunch (like they did with Rory), I think that I'll be able to ignore the fact that it was even made reference to. But what I would like an explanation to ... what happened with the kids that Clara was looking after. Did they just get too old for her? And are they going to tell anyone what happened with Clara and the doctor? Answers, please.

'Bad Boys' -- SPN 9x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Soooo ... Dean went to live in a boys' home for a couple of months (and it was the best time of his life). Oooookay. If that had been the case before three seconds ago, I don't see why he would have been such a Debbie Downer on Sam for running away (any of the times that he has), when he should then have an idea of how nice it could be not having to live the life of a hunter ... and he supposedly knew it before he started playing house with Ben and Lisa. Sure, he went back to the life cuz of the unhealthy relationship that he has with his family, and the fact that he always feels like he needs to take care of Sam, but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't have known what it was like to not have that whole life hanging over his head for a little while (and that doesn't mean that he had to be a dick about the whole thing).

Yeah, I realize that this whole thing is my INTJ brain trying to make sense of genre television, where there really is no sense, but I can't help wanting it to!! It would be great if there was any kind of consistency within the seasons (especially the seasons since Kripke left. I never would have thought that I would be saying good things about Kripke (seeing as how he always struck me as being somewhat of a baby), but at least there was some kind of consistency when it came to the first five seasons ... something that has been lost since he left. But then, back then, there at least seemed to be something of a goal (first with YED, and then, with Lucifer). But then, this season has pretty much run off the rails, so it's not as though I'm completely surprised about the fact that I want the episodes to be something that I can wrap my hands around the shoulders of so that I can shake the hell out of them.

I'm also kind of surprised that Sam seemed to naïve about where Dean was at that point, seeing as how he has been in the hunter's life all of his life, and he knows how his dad operated (as well as the fact that Dean was always a good little soldier when they were younger (and would have done anything that Papa had told him to, even lie to Sam)). He has always been billed as the smart one, so it would seem like he should have been able to notice the signs of Papa and Dean trying to pull a fast one over on him; he didn't always seem to notice it when they were kids, but then, at some point in his tween years, he seemed to grow out of trusting everything that was told to him. And he doesn't seem to be pushing too much into what Dean is keeping from him right now, but I'm handwaving that as maybe Ezekiel is keeping his suspicions from coming to the surface (and getting him to scream at Dean that he knows that there's something going on, and he better tell him what it is, damn it).

Speaking of Sam and Ezekiel (and figuring out that he's possessed by an angel), when exactly are we going to have Sam start to figure out that there is something going on? I mean, really? Come. on. In previous seasons, he would have already started throwing all kinds of bitchface at Dean by now.

'Disciple' -- Castle 6x09

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm not sure why it would make me feel happy to know that Lanie and Esposito are still at least somewhat of an item (even if they aren't exclusive, which I would love for them to be). Maybe it has to do with the fact that them still being at least somewhat together means that they are still at least somewhat together ... and there's maybe a little bit of a chance that they might get back together completely. I would love for that to happen, since I love the two of them being together (they make such an awesome couple, and I totally ship them).

But the fact that the fake Lanie had the exact tattoo that she had, in the exact place that she had it (and not that many people knew that she had it in the first place) gives me all kinds of the creeps. How would 3XK have known that she had it? Did he get to someone would have known (maybe the tattoo artist, or someone else that Lanie is seeing)? Or did he have someone sneak in and make the moves on her so that he could get as much info about her as he could? There has to be something there, seeing as how not that many people knew that the tat was there in the first place.

And the fact that Lanie and Esposito are still somewhat together makes me wonder if 3XK was consciously using their relationship to his advantage ... I would imagine so. And now, he's done things against everyone on the team (going after Beckett and Castle first, then Ryan, and now Lanie and Esposito), and he's made it personal for all of them ... and I imagine that he will make it even more personal for all of them before he's finally caught completely.

I think that it was pretty smart of him to have people pretend to be part of the gang on this so that he could get ahold of the information that they had on him; it will make it that much harder for them to be able to be able to catch him later on, but I have a feeling that if he continues to make it personal for them (and continues to rub their noses in the fact that he's still alive, and they haven't caught him), it will make it that much harder for him to remain free (since he will be the bee in their bonnets, so to speak, and they'll want to make sure that they catch him and get him back in prison ... but for a good long time this time, making it much harder for him to get out).

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

'Necromancer' -- SH 1x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

And now we finally have the introduction of Bram Bones into the show's mythology, and within the story that they're telling, he really is the headless horseman (instead of it just being insinuated that he is, in an effort to scare Ichabod away from Katrina). It makes me all kinds of happy on the inside that this was put into the show's mythology this way; it makes my geeky heart go all aflutter with happy feelings.

In a way, I kind of feel bad for Abraham, since he really can't understand why Katrina would love Ichabod instead of him (thinking that he has everything that she would want cuz he's wealthy, but completely missing the point that that sort of thing isn't important when the heart is involved). If Ichabod could have explained everything to him, maybe things would have turned out a little bit differently, but probably not (since his heart was in the mix as well).

And if the Horsemen are really people who have been possessed in their dying moments (if we can take what happened to Abraham as what happened to the others as well), it brings a whole new interesting dynamic to the story of the Horsemen. If they were once people, maybe they can be defeated in some way cuz their former lives are still lingering somehow (Abraham's was lingering enough that he knew who he was before he became Death, and who Ichabod was, and who Katrina was).

It makes me wonder what else may have happened to the other Horsemen to make them become what they were, if Abraham was anything to compare them with. If it was his resentment of Ichabod (for being the one that Katrina chose) that opened him up to become Death, maybe something like that also happened to the others (where some kind of resentment or anger on their part opened them up to being turned into what they have become). Maybe one day, we'll be able to get into the stories of the other Horsemen (since the show has been renewed, and the writers will probably have time to explore a little bit where it comes to the others ... hell, they've already explored a little bit with one of the others, so it's probably likely).

I'm also now wondering how it was that Ichabod and Abraham met and become besties (it sounded like it was some time after Ichabod defected, so maybe they met each other cuz of Washington?). More fleshing out of the storyline now? Y/Y? That would be fantastic.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

'One Night Stand' -- Grimm 3x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Something strange is certainly happening with Nick. There's no way that he should have been able to stay underwater the amount of time that he did without there being something very wrong with him ... or at least something going on that there shouldn't be. It almost seemed like his body went into a kind of survival mode when he was under the water long enough, and he no longer needed to breathe (for as long as he needed to be under water). But the thing about that whole thing was that I don't see why it was so imperative for them to find Elle once she went into the water since she's a nymph (and it's not as though she would have drowned. All she would have needed to do would be to switch over to breathing through her gills, and it seems like her body would have gone into a reflex to keep her alive and would have brought out the gills of their own accord). But maybe the writers didn't want to have her automatically go into her nymph form so that they could show that there's something going on with Nick.

The email that Nick got (and which Juliette read) that was signed "M," I can only see as being from his mom, but I get the feeling that the writers are wanting to create a little bit of turmoil between him and Juliette. Maybe having two couples in love-bliss at the same time would be a bit too much for them? And it seems like the love-bliss isn't going to be interrupted when it comes to Monroe and Rosalee, so it's probably all going to be Nick and Juliette that get all of the crazy.

But then, if it was his mom that sent Nick an email (which is the only person that I can think it can be who sent that to him), I don't see why she would have sent him a message to tell him that she hadn't gotten rid of the coins yet. In the last episode that she was in, it didn't seem like she was going to get rid of them, or that she was going to contact him again (since she had what she wanted, and that wasn't a relationship with Nick). It seemed much more like she wanted to use the coins for something else (whatever that may have been).

It would be kind of cool if it came from someone else that we don't know about yet (since it turning out to be his mom would be kind of obvious), but then, that would seem like it came out of the blue if they did it that way. But if it was his mom, and this is a way to bring her back into the story, maybe we can get some more answers about what is going on with Nick and all of the weird things that have been going on with him.

I also still don't believe that Eric is dead. It's not only that it's that we haven't seen a body, it's that they've made too much of a big deal about the fact that he's dead and how much woe! there is about it. But at least we now have an idea of where the royals are from (and exactly the position that Eric was to the throne). At some point, I am sure that Eric is going to come walking back into the whole thing, and I don't think that Sean is going to be at all surprised about it. I just hope that he's ready for whatever Eric is going to have up his sleeve when he comes back.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

'The Midnight Ride' -- SH 1x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I love the fact that Ichabod couldn't help himself from dorking out and telling the tour guide that he was wrong, wrong, wrong about everything that he was telling the younglings (we were all British, dumbie, so saying 'the British are coming' would have accomplished dick). Oh, Ichabod. Could you be anymore awesome? I don't think that you can be. The fact that you want to smack someone across the face with an ironed glove makes me all kinds of happy on the inside. But those poor younglings. They would not have had any idea of what was going on, and he probably freaked them completely out.

And can we just stop for a second on just how OMG!balls Ichabod got over using a laptop ... and even more so when he somehow managed to open himself up some porn. I AM ESPOUSED TO ANOTHER!! Oh, Ichy. Never change. You are so freaking awesome, it makes my insides want to burst with happiness.

So, now we know that the captain officially believes Ichabod and Abbie about what all has been going on. He really did try to keep himself out of the loop for as long as he possibly could, didn't he? Just didn't want to believe that anything like a headless horseman could really have been roaming around the town and chopping the heads off people. And now, we can pretty much say for certain that it wasn't him that called in to the college and created the alibi for Ichabod when stalker ex-boyfriend of Abbie's tried to get more information on homeboy (cuz he didn't believe until he saw the horseman walking around). I hadn't thought that he was the one that had done it, since I didn't think that he believed, and now we know that he really didn't want to believe them ... but now, he kind of has to.

Speaking of the creepy ex-boyfriend, it looks like his encounter with Brooks really shook him up. I am curious as to what will happen cuz of that. Either he'll not want anything to do with Abbie or Ichabod, or he'll want all of the answers and will bother the two of them even more so that one or both of them will be forced to either lie (and make sure that they keep up the lie), or they tell him the truth about what's been going on. The two of them will probably try to continue to keep him in the dark (since I'm not sure that either of them can trust him), but they might be forced to tell him the truth eventually (especially if Abbie is really against telling lies about what's really been going on).

And now, we've got the Devil's Traps in this show as well. I wonder exactly how the writers for this show are going to use it (if it's going to be anything close to the way the writers of SPN have used it, or if they're going to do something at least slightly different). If they're going to use it the same way that the SPN writers have used it, they are likely going to use it to keep the horsemen out of the manuscript that Ichabod had seen it on, and they might also use it to help Ichabod and Abbie torture some answers out of Death (cuz I don't see those chains being the only thing that are going to keep him hanging around. Dude is too harcore for something like that).

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'A Murder is Forever' -- Castle 6x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I have to actually give Beckett credit for this episode for not coming off as completely pushy and horrible when it comes to Castle and the things that make him who he is. Usually, she is so unbelievably impatient with him and does things that make me wonder why he keeps coming back to her, but she was actually kind of cool in this episode. I had almost thought that she was going to force him to get rid of the lion photo, since she didn't like it, but the fact that she didn't made me kind of grateful. Well, ok, she did go kind of sneaky about it and say that she would just sleep at her own place, but even that was kind of low-key for her (usually she's kind of over the top and in your face about stuff like that).

I almost thought that I had something when it came to the number that kept popping up on the victim's phone when the camera kept panning over to the number on one of the doors, but maybe that was something that was done consciously so as to psych people out (it certainly seems like it would be a possibility). But good on them for turning it around so that it was something other than what I thought that it was going to be, and not making it too obvious.

It was nice to see that there were a couple of guys involved with the case who looked like they could have been the one who was the murderer, but who both turned out to be ... not decent exactly (since they were both involved with shady stuff at least in some part of their lives), but at least they weren't killers (and that's something, I guess). Mostly it was that by making either of them the killer, it would have been entirely too easy (and would have been kind of sloppy writing). But there did seem to be all sorts of people in this episode that could have been the killer (more than what we normally get in any given episode ... at least that's the way that it seemed).

'Heaven Can't Wait' -- SPN 9x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The writers are getting even more sloppy with this ... not that I'm really surprised, since they've seemed to be sloppy pretty much with every episode this season. The whole thing with Cas and his manager ... it was far too obvious that there was a misunderstanding there, and that she wasn't actually asking him out (even though that's what he thought was going on). The fact that she didn't actually say what was happening, and that she just asking him to come over at around 7 (and that he assumed what she was talking about) made it kind of clear that he had misunderstood her. And it bothered me about that character that she asked him to come over and didn't clarify that she wanted him to take care of her baby, cuz she never once said that she was actually a mom and that there was an infant at home that he would be watching. What kind of mother asks someone to watch her infant while she goes out on a date, but doesn't actually tell the person that they will be babysitting a six month old? That screams of irresponsibility to me.

Even more with the lies between Sam and Dean, and I don't see how Sam isn't yelling at Dean yet that he needs to have some answers as to why his brother is acting all cagy (cuz let's face it, Dean has been acting fishy around Sam all season. At some point, Sam should have been demanding some kind of answers). Sure, he asked why Dean said "Zeke" during the Oz episode, but that's as far as we've really gotten, and Sam has to be more suspicious than that about what's going on, especially when there was a genuine case, and Dean is going it alone (which they keep saying is a huge no-no).

It was good to be able to actually see Kevin again, cuz it almost seemed like the writers were going to shove him off somewhere and not have him interact with the boys for a while (even though that probably wasn't the case ... it was probably more to do with availability of the actor). But the fact that Kevin is letting Crowley get to him, even though he has to know that Crowley is fucking with him is kind of disappointing. But then, I suppose that something like that would probably happen in the real world (not necessarily where someone lets a demon fuck with their minds, but that they let someone fuck with their minds, even though they know what's going on).

I'm still not sure how Crowley would have been able to get ahold of that syringe of Kevin's blood without someone noticing what was going on, since it wasn't as though Kevin and Sam weren't paying attention. But I am curious as to what was going on with Crowley mainlining Kevin's blood, cuz there has to be something to that (more than just the creep factor). I'm really hoping that they aren't going to do a reversal of Sam going all vampire with Ruby's blood (and yes, it still irritates me to no end that the writers keep saying that Sam was addicted to demon blood, since demons don't have blood, and he was just drinking the blood of her host).

Monday, November 11, 2013

'A Dish Best Served Cold' -- Grimm 3x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I am so insanely glad that what it looked like was going to happen from the previews didn't actually happen (with it looking like Monroe was going to go a bit crazy, and Nick was going to have to do something drastic to try and stop him). I love Monroe, and I don't want anything to happen to my favorite clock nerd, since it would make me all kinds of sad inside of that place where I am supposed to have feelings.

Also, Monroe asking Rosalee if she wanted to move in with him (seeing as how Nick was moving out, and the two of them are totes true love forever) was just about the most adorable thing that has ever been inside of my eyeholes. The way that he was just so nervous about asking her ... precious. Precious to the point where I wanted to pinch his cheeks ... hard. The two of them need to move in together and make foxy/wolfy babies, and that is no lie.

I'm not sure that this was one of their better episodes, only cuz it felt almost like it was pulling away from the momentum that the writers had seemed to be starting to create in the first couple of episodes; the momentum from Adalind trying to get her powers back and with the whole thing with Eric (who is still so obviously alive it's crazy; not obvious to the other characters, but the fact that we have still not seen a body means that he has to still be walking around somewhere ... even if it's kind of strange that he hasn't made his presence known after the news report came out that he had been killed).

Adalind crying ... I want to know what was up with the crazy color of her tears. I want to know if that was something that was normal for every hexenbiest, or if it's something that is only happening now that she's doing all of the stuff to try and get her powers back, cuz it seems like there might be different implications depending on each.

Also, it looks like the writers are going the way of having the zombie stuff change Nick the way that his hearing was enhanced. I'm still not quite digging that idea. I'm fine with grimms being able to see Wesen for what they are, and maybe having a different stamina than "normal" people, but this is creeping up into superhero territory, and I don't necessarily want superhero stuff in with my fairy tales (I'm more than fine with magic being in there, but magic and superheroes aren't the same thing). But now that they're introducing it, I want to know if the possibility for superpowers is something that any grimm can acquire (through accident or design).

'Dog Dean Afternoon' -- SPN 9x05

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Another episode where it felt like the show was running of the rails. It seemed a little bit too Turner and Hooch for me ... and not necessarily in a good way. More in the way where it comes off super corny, and it can't really keep you entertained with the whole thing.

The thing is that there have been episodes that have been super silly in the past, and they managed to at least keep me somewhat entertained with what was going on (Sam doing a commercial saying that he has the clap, that never gets old). But having Dean mind meld with a dog ... not really as entertaining as it could have been (and more something that feels like it has been run into the ground, in the "Dean is a such a dog" sort of way).

So far, it really feels as though this season has been dumbed down from the previous seasons, which is saying a lot when it's been kind of dumbed down for a while now. I'm still kind of romanticizing the YED years in my head, even while I know that they weren't perfect, but they were at least closer to what Show could have been than what all of this noise has become.

But it's coming even closer to either Sam finding out, or Dean telling him that Zeke is feeling him from the inside. There have been way too many near misses so far ... to the point where it's getting stupid ... where Sam should have been able to figure things out by now since he's not a stupid boy. And the fact that the boys have been tap dancing all over the line when it comes to Dean having a secret and Sam not knowing what it was isn't being handled as well as it could have been. So far, there has been no ZOMG! moments of Sam almost finding out. Sure, he's almost found out a few times, but it hasn't been anything where it created tension. At most, it created a shoulder shrug and that was all there was.

And the way that they keep using Zeke to heal him (or do some kind of super zonk that only an angel can do) is getting out of control. They are using him far too much, and it's going on overkill now. If they actually spread out the times when he did something, that would be one thing, but they use him every time that someone stubs their toe. It's getting to the point where I'm wanting something horrible to happen so that there would be no way for Zeke to be able to fix everything; Sam finds out what's going on; and the boys are royally boned (to the point where they both die cuz of it). Is it becoming evident that I've lost interest in Show?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

'Like Father, Like Daughter' -- Castle 6x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Hizzah! for getting a slightly Alexis-centric episode. It's always nice to be able to see Alexis-heavy episodes, as she is freaking awesome. And you know what? After this episode, I can completely see Alexis becoming an attorney and see her do all kinds of good in the world.

I'm glad that Castle was willing to help her with her whole thing (and getting dude free from death row), since he could have easily have told Alexis that she had to work on this whole thing by herself ... not that he would have, since that’s completely not his style. And even more than that, I’m glad that the two of them were able to make up (and that he seemed to realize that he had really upset her, and that he was really sorry about the whole thing ... again, even though it’s not his style, he could have told her that he was sorry, but not have meant it). Being able to see them work together was really cool, cuz we haven’t seen this part of their relationship before; up until now, it’s always only been father/daughter stuff (or how that works for them), but them working on a common goal that is outside of that brought a whole new dynamic to their relationship that didn’t seem to be there before.

Also, it would seem that perhaps Alexis really did have an issue with Beckett and the proposal (even though the two of them have been good with each other before this point), but maybe since she spoke with Beckett, the two of them can become friends with each other again ... and maybe the three of them could become something of a family now that the two of them are cool with each other (provided that they are cool with each other, which they seem to be now that they’ve had the conversation at the precinct).

The younger brother of the guy who was on death row was Wyatt on “Charmed,” and I couldn’t stop myself from keeping on thinking about the fact that he was Wyatt (or the fact that he’s such a horrible actor. Horrible, like whoa).

Saturday, November 9, 2013

'The Sin Eater' -- SH 1x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm always happy to see John Noble, even if my first thought in seeing him is that he was such a dick to Faramir in RotK. ::pets Faramir's head:: And at the same time that I was thinking about Denethor, I was also thinking of Eric from "Grimm," and going "I KNEW HE WAS ALIVE!!" Yeah, I'm such a dork!!

The fact that Ichabod was a Freemason kind of made me roll my eyes. Yeah, of course he was a Freemason. It might have been something that was more prevalent around the time of the revolution, but the fact that so many people want to make them out to be the boogeyman is what kind of made me wish that the writers hadn't added that to his storyline.

But what was completely awesome? Being able to see Katrina and Ichabod's first encounter. I need to be able to see more of the two of them together when it pertains to the real world (and not her being able to pull him into Purgatory). I have the feeling that the two of them would be completely adorable together ... adorable to the point of me not being able to stand it (like getting the sweetest cake ever and sugarcoating it).

Also, the thing that Ichabod thought as being his most horrible thing ever ... it makes me want to snuggle him until he is smooshed into nothingness. The man is so good that I don't see how he could ever not be one of the Witnesses. It makes me glad that he wished that he could have done more for dude that ended up getting killed by Haldir.

Also, part 2 ... I am loving the interactions between Abbie an Ichabod more and more with every episode. In this one, it was having Abbie tell him to "just say yes." You can tell that the two of them really get along in RL, and that they're kind of besties (or at least, I need for them to be besties in RL, cuz they are so freaking awesome together).

Sunday, November 3, 2013

'PTZD' -- Grimm 3x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, they got rid of the zombie affliction from Nick ... for the most part. But there is certainly something strange going on with him looking ashen and feeling super cold to the touch. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he's a Grimm? Maybe they needed to change the antidote somewhat so that it would have had worked better on him ... or maybe the whole zombie thing cannot be fully gotten rid of inside of a Grimm? I'm thinking it would have be more that since his system is different than normal humans, the antidote would need to have been altered somewhat to work fully on him.

At least the writers aren't going with fixing Nick completely within the second episode, since it seems like there should have been more drama surrounding him being altered the way that he was. Things getting fixed far too quickly not only takes away from the drama, it's kind of annoying.

And there's going to be at least a little bit of drama surrounding the fact that someone died cuz of the fight they were in with Nick while he was a zombie (seemingly anyway). There's bound to be all kinds of guilt for Nick cuz of what happened, even if he was unable to control what he was doing, and he didn't know what he was doing while it was happening. But then, there's also the fact that the others have lied for him (and if they haven't lied, they've conspired to lie for him) and that's going to lead to all kinds of guilt for Nick (and trouble for the others if they get caught).

I'm still kind of suspicious about the captain when it comes to the flashdrive. He may have shown Nick what happened (so that Nick knows that he has it), but he acted like he didn't know anything about it to everybody else. That may have been one thing when talking to Wu (since he's not actually part of the Scooby Gang), but it's another thing when he's talking to Hank (who is part of the gang).

I want to know why he wanted to pretend that his brother is dead, cuz he obviously knows that it's not likely that he is. But there has to be something going on with that; some objective that he has that he can only get to by making everyone believe that his brother has died. But it isn't something that is bound to last, since his brother is bound to resurface and let everyone know that the rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated.

The captain's mom is alive ... good on her. I had kind of been assuming that she had been dead all of this time, what with his family being the way that it is (sneaky and not above shanking a bitch); but the fact that she's a hexenbiest (and one who was at one time the mistress to the king) means that she's probably sneaky as well. I wonder if we're going to be able to see her at some point, cuz I would actually kind of love being able to see her.