Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'Do You Believe in Miracles?' -- SPN 9x23

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, Dean is a demon now ... ::sigh:: Cuz no one saw that one coming. Kripke'd yet again. Show is nothing if not something that will give you exactly what you expect (over and over and over again).

The thing that bothered me about the story that Crowley was telling about the legend of how Cain first turned into a demon was that he said that he had used the First Blade on himself, and that the mark wouldn't let him go after that. The way that the writing made it sound, it sounded as though Dean would have had to've also used the First Blade to kill himself if the Mark of Cain was going to properly bring him back from the dead (and turn him into a demon) ... but the fact that he actually got shanked by an angel should have made it so that he died. He wouldn't have gone upward (not only cuz they haven't explicitly said that the doorway is open now (and unless it's said, I'm not going to assume that it is), but also cuz he's got the Mark of Cain ... which would have to keep him out of Heaven even if he was otherwise able to go there), so he probably would have found himself back in Hell again. He would have become a demon after awhile (probably a bit more quickly than he did last time, since he's already got the scaring on his soul from the last time, and the fact that he's got the Mark (which would probably make him something special once he got down there)), but I have a hard time believing that the Mark would have pulled him back and turned him into Super Demon after Crowley's story ... the logic of it just didn't sit well with me (since there wasn't really much of it from what I saw).

Cas not killing Metatron ... I can understand why he didn't (taking a stand to be a better "man" and all), but it was an incredibly stupid move on his part. At some point in the future, I can see Metatron figuring out a way to get himself out of his cell, and once he does, he's going to be coming after Cas and the boys like whoa. They really need to start throwing a shit ton of books at him stat. They probably won't find a whole hell of a lot of them that he hasn't read yet, but they can always hope that he'll be entertained enough by those that they bring him (even if he probably has read them before) that he won't be thinking about trying to get revenge on the people who stopped him from being the new God.

And honestly, since this show isn't above going all deus ex machine all over the place, I half expected to see Chuck show up at the last second and save everybody from Metatron (having him say something along the lines of WTAF, Metatron?), and I'm glad that they didn't do that (I'm still disgruntled by the fact that Chuck is supposed to be God).

I'm hoping more than anything that next season will be the last, and that both of the boys will die ... and stay dead (without any kind of fine print that will get them out of it ... like a deal with a Crossroads Demon, or an angel (gripping them tight and pulling them from Perdition)). Show is getting tired (and has been for quite some time now), and I would like to be able to see them both die for realsies before I give up completely on the whole thing.

Monday, May 19, 2014

'Mockingbird' -- GoT 4x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

You know, what with the name of this episode, I was really expecting there to be more of Little Finger and the Eyrie (what with that being his symbol and everything), but there was hardly anything of them in this episode. Not that I'm complaining, cuz everything about Robin and Lysa has creeped me out since I first read the books, and I am super glad to get past the part where Little Finger pushed Lysa through the Moon Door.

I was kind of interesting to see Arya bond a little bit with the Hound, especially since he's on The List ... but I suppose that it would be expected in a weird sort of way (since he's her only real companion right now, and Stockholm Syndrome is a real thing).

I'm glad that Brienne is at least aware now that Arya I still alive, since I didn't like the idea that no one realized that she was still around. She was really the only one who was unaccounted for amongst the Stark kids (everyone else knew of where at least one or two of the others might be ... or that they were at least alive. She was the only one that no one knew anything about ... but then, she is the lone wolf amongst the direwolves ... and that's why Nymeria is running around with her own pack).

I had forgotten that Prince Oberyn had offered to be Tyrion's champion, and had a serious "Oh, yeah!" moment during that scene. It really does make sense that Oberyn would offer (even if fighting the Mountain is next to suicide), since the two of them have a common goal (in wanting a bit of revenge on the Lannisters). And I really do get excited with every scene that Oberyn has about the thought of all of the cool Martell stuff that's going to happen in the future (they are complete badasses. No lie). I'm not really sure why Tyrion would have thought that Jamie would have been able to be his champion. He's smart enough to realize that Jamie has lost a hand, and he's probably not up to fighting strength at this point (and would probably not feel completely confident in his ability to fight with one hand ... and the wrong one at that). But he called for trial by combat in the heat of the moment, so not remembering that Jaime wouldn't be the one that he would be able to count on can probably be excused ... and it's all worked out in the end, so it's all good.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

'Blond Ambition' -- Grimm 3x22

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, look at that ... Adalind used a spell to get rid of Nick's Grimmy abilities. Who called that? This guy.

So, now we'll have a reason to keep the kid around (since she's the only one around now who has any Grimmy abilities. Of course, this will mean that she will need to get caught up with all of (or at least most of) the stuff that the gang has been dealing with latterly. That will mean letting her know at least part of their history with Adalind. The gang probably won't let her know about what they did with Diana, but they'll probably have to at least tell her everything up to that. Well, they may try to not tell her about Diana for a long time, but they'll probably have to tell her after awhile, if they really want her to be prepared with what may happen with Adalind trying to get revenge on them. But if they deal with that situation the same way that they've dealt with not telling Juliette or Hank or Wu about Nick being a Grimm, or Monroe and Rosalee being Wesen, it'll probably be like pulling teeth to get them to tell her everything that she needs to know about what she may be dealing with. True that the situation is slightly different (in that the kid is a Grimm, and Hank, Juliette, and Wu didn't know anything about Grimms or Wesen), but that doesn't necessarily mean that Nick is going to be down with giving her all of the information that she may need for what she's going to need to do.

Finally getting rid of Pony Boy. That character wasn't nearly as menacing as he could have been, and it was rather confusing as to why it was taking them so long to really deal with him, especially since he could have given them all kind of trouble later on.

I don't feel any of the suspense that I think that the writers were trying to create with the shooting of Renard. I have the feeling that they are probably wanting to make people wonder whether or not he's going to survive, but I don't think that there's any doubt that he's going to live. It's not just how much fun the writers seem to have writing for him, it's the feeling that I get of how much fans like him. They would have to be stupid to get rid of a character that the viewers like (which would only piss them off, and possibly lose them viewers).

I'm glad that they're finally dealing with the fact that Wu doesn't know about the Wesen (or Grimms) and that he totally should. Perhaps he can now finally be a part of the team in a real way, which he should have been a long time ago.

'Stairway to Heaven' -- SPN 9x22

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm not even going to lie ... I'm not sure how much longer that I'm going to be able to stick around with this show. I know that there's only one more episode left in this season, and that there's possibly only one more season after this one ... but I really don't know if I'm going to be able to make it through next season (and it would be even more iffy if I would be able to get through any seasons after that). I'm really hoping that the show ends next season, cuz it's lost all of the mojo that it once had, and I've only been watching out of habit for the past three or four seasons. And I don't expect that next season is going to get any better (or give me a reason to stick around). If past is prologue, next season is going to be even worse than this season (since it has been getting exponentially worse every season).

I guess that I forgot to do a review of last week's episode, which should probably show just how much I'm getting over this show. I didn't even notice until right now, when I went to double check the episode number.

It wasn't at all a surprise that it was Metatron using other people to undermine everything that Cas had been trying to do (whether or not he had been doing it of his own volition, or had been doing it cuz of some crazy string pulling that Metatron had been doing through his play writing). But it was at least good to know that Cas didn't seem to have all of the God complex that he had a few seasons ago ... even if I still don't like the idea of him being a leader of other angels (since there is still the possibility of him doing that sort of thing again). And it's a really good thing that he didn't have the Gabriel Trumpet a few seasons ago, otherwise everyone would have been fucked when it came to him taking over (the boys wouldn't have had all that much to work with since he hadn't been on their side back then).

I really wish that the First Blade would get lost in the ocean forever, and that no one would ever be able to find it ever again. While I did like what the writers had done with Cain (which was a switch to what they had normally been doing with characters), I didn't like the idea of bringing in another super weapon then, and I like it even less now. It's way too much of a quick fix to stuff, and they've already proven that they're going to be ham handed with the way that they deal with how it's messing about with Dean's mind.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

'The Laws of Gods and Men' -- GoT 4x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Finally, we get Tyrion's mock trial. I'm not going to lie, I truly wanted to claw Shae's eyes out. It wasn't that I didn't know that she was going to go up there and tell a bunch of awful lies about him (wrapped up with just enough truth to make them convincing); it was that I don't want horrible things to happen to Tyrion. I like him, and not just cuz he's the only of the Lannisters that is worth not feeding to a lion (see what I did there?).

In a way, I kind of wish that he would have taken the deal that Jamie had gotten him, but mostly I'm glad that he didn't. Things are going to be so much harder for him this way, but at least he hasn't sold his soul to ensure that he would survive the trial (or given up all of his freedom to make sure that it happens ... only to get to the wall and have the White Walkers kill him ... if the Wildlings don't do it first).

But if he did become one of the Black Brothers, I would have loved to see some scenes between him and Sam. The two of them are complete misfits who have to rely on their brains to save them ... well, Sam is still a complete innocent, and if it weren't for his loyalty to John, he probably would have been killed a long time ago, but the fact that the two of them love books so much (and they have both read so many of them) ... it would be cool to see the two of them geek out over the ones that they've both read.

Even if Jamie's heart was in the right place, and he was trying to save his brother, he had to realize that what he was doing would come with a price that may have been far to steep for either of them to pay. It wouldn't have just been that Tyrion would have been sent to the Wall, or he would have been sent back to Casterly Rock (and forced to marry a "suitable" bride and sire children). Tywin would have continued to make sure that Jamie was firmly beneath his thumb if that happened ... even while he would do everything that he could to make sure that Tyrion was completely doomed.

I'm glad that Dany is showing that she has a heart, even if she is still making mistakes along the way. Showing the people that she cares will likely go a long way with making sure that she is able to keep the loyalty of at least some of the people in the places that she has taken over (even if she may not be able to keep control of all of the places that she has freed).

I'm really looking forward to there being more with the dragons, even if the stuff that I would really like to see probably isn't going to show up until the last book (where there is an all out war, and the three of them are used to cause optimum damage).

Monday, May 12, 2014

'The Inheritance' -- Grimm 3x21

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Of all of the things that happened in this episode, the only thing that was really important (to my mind anyway) was the fact that Nick got another key. And now that there are three keys in one place, it seems like Monroe should be able to start narrowing down the places in the Black Forest that the keys could be leading them toward. They won't know exactly where they need to go (since that would take away a bunch of the mystery that is surrounding the keys and what they're hiding ... and I get the feeling that the writers wouldn't want that, especially since they probably haven't figured out whatever it is that the keys are supposed to be hiding at this point (I mean, it took them almost three full seasons to tell us what it was that made it so that Wesen knew that someone was a Grimm ... cuz they probably had finally just figured it out right then)), but they can at least start having Monroe looking around and getting geeky over maps.

WTH with Adalind? The previews have her pretending to be Juliette and sleeping with Nick, but I think that there's got to be much more going on with her trying to pretend to be Juliette than that. She's probably wanting to figure out what she can do so that she can take away his Grimmy powers ... as well as try to help her figure out how she's going to get Diana back (even if she doesn't realize that Nick was involved, I wouldn't put it past her to still blame him a bit for what happened, if for no other reason than he's a Grimm).

The kid isn't getting on my nerves pretty much at all (even though I kind of want to shake her a bit sometimes), which is a plus. I kind of suspected that she may have started to irritate me after a while, but she's doing pretty well with not irritating me ... and I kind of want her to come back next season. I get the feeling that after a while, she's going to feel like she's going to need to strike out on her own a bit (and try to get things done without Big Brother Nick looking over her shoulder), but she'll still keep coming back to Nick and Juliette's like it was a base of operations for her (and maybe even kind of like a home ... or as close as one that she's probably ever really known).

In a way, I kind of want to see the kid (who I am refusing to call "Trubel," cuz I still think that's idiotic) meet Nick's mom, only cuz I want to see the two of them bump heads. But mostly, I really don't want Nick's mom anywhere near the kid, cuz I think that it would turn out to be all kinds of bad (and not just cuz Nick's mom would end up using the kid for nefarious ends ... just like I'm positive that she's going to do to Nick, and he's going to end up being completely crushed by her, cuz he thinks that he can trust her and that she really does love him ... and isn't just a selfish bitch who would use him to accomplish her own goals).

The guy who was from a family of Grimms (but who wasn't actually a Grimm himself), I kind of want to see him start working at the spice shop. It's not cuz I want to see there be a new tertiary character involved in everything that's going on; it's more that I want him to be around the gang in case there's trouble (and the royals figure out that he's from a family of Grimms. If he doesn't know what to look for, or how to properly protect himself, he's going to need the gang around him to help him out and watch over him). But maybe it might be better for him to get far, far away from them (and only reach out to them if he gets in trouble), so that the royals wouldn't necessarily be looking in his direction when they want to start doing bad, bad things to Nick.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

'First of His Name' -- GoT 4x05

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Even though I know that they're not going to meet up anytime this season, it still kills me every time that the Stark kids almost get back together. They are all thrown to the winds (those that are still alive), and I want them to be together again, but I have a feeling that a whole hell of a lot is going to have to happen to them before anything like that happens. ::woe:: Why does GRRM (and by extension, the writers of GoT)like to make the Stark kids suffer so much? I think that they get off on it. Sincerely.

And even if it ended up getting her knocked to the ground, I'm glad that Arya used Needle on the Hound. It's not just that the guys a huge jerk; it's also the fact that I don't want her to ever lose the fire that she has (she wouldn't be herself without it).

Lysa Arryn continues to be as crazy as ever (but then, so is Robin ... not that he has much of a chance to not be crazy, too). Despite that, I really wish that she could see that Little Finger is only using her, and that he's the sneakiest of all sneaks. But the fact that she's completely in love with him has made her completely blind to the fact that he's the puppet master that's pulling all of the strings (or at least, a great many of them). Saying that he's not the ultimate puppet master is like saying that Lannisters aren't evil, or that Ned Stark's honor didn't get him killed. It's just fact.

I continue to love Pod and Brienne's interactions with each other, and would love to see even more of them (even though they aren't strictly at the center of the action). You gotta love characters who really do belong on the Island of Misfit Toys ... or at least, I do.

It would also be great to have more of Prince Oberyn, just cuz that character is so very delicious. The Martells are fantastic, and I am really looking forward to there being all kinds of more involvement with them in future seasons (especially when Elia Sand comes into play, since she's freaking awesome).

Ghost is back with Jon!!! I didn't like that the two of them weren't together, and that he didn't make any kind of comment about how he didn't know where Ghost was, or that he didn't try to warg into Ghost to try and figure out where he was. Sure, they haven't done a lot with the fact that Jon is also a warg (leaning more heavily on the fact that Bran is one), but they're going to have to do more of it eventually ... if for nothing else than so that people don't forget that about him.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

'My Fair Wesen' -- Grimm 3x20

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, there was a reason as to why the kid didn't know that she was a Grimm. I have a feeling that I may have completely missed them saying that in the last episode or something (perhaps I should have been paying a little more attention to everything that was going on). But now it is at least inside of my head, and I have something that makes sense as to why she didn't know what she was.

As much as I think that it might be good for the two of them to be Grimms together ... I'm really getting the feeling that she isn't going to be around long. Not that I necessarily think that the writers are going to kill her off. More like something will happen, and she'll decide that she wants to bail (even if she maybe realizes that she should stick around a little longer and learn as much as she possibly can from Nick).

I wonder now why her foster parents were killed by a Wesen. Did someone realize what she was? Or did her foster parents just happen to get on the wrong side of the wrong Wesen? From the comment that Hank made about how all of their cases seem to involve Wesen, it would seem that there are probably more Wesen in the world than anyone probably realizes, so it may be possible that her foster parents may have quite easily have gotten on the bad side of a Wesen (and that their deaths may have had nothing to do with her). But if that's the case, it makes me wonder why Wesen wouldn't be the dominant species on the planet, and it wasn't humans that didn't have to hide what they were.

I have a feeling that (in the end) nothing good is going to come of Adalind living next door to Renard. If the royals don't get the both while she's right there (since she's been poking the bear), I have a feeling that she's going to find out that the gang all lied to her about what happened with Diana, and she's going to end up blowing up the building with Renard inside; I wouldn't even be surprised if she blew up the building while she was inside, too, cuz she was so angry with him.

The fact that Wu is still unable to shake off what happened with his brush with the Wesen world makes me think that the gang is going to have to explain to him what actually happened at some point, and I really hope that they do. It makes me kind of annoyed that Wu doesn't know anything about what really is going on (and not just cuz I think that he would be a fantastic asset to the team if he actually knew everything that was going on). Hopefully, they do tell him at some point, and they don't drag their feet to do it.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

'The Lord's Prayer' -- Vikings 2x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, "Vikings." It's kind of amazing just how much better the season finale for season two was than season one (where everyone just sat around thinking about what they were doing, and what it was that they might be doing in the future). It was so very nice to actually have a finale where Things happened.

I am so very glad to find out that Floki wasn't actually betraying Ragnar, and that everything he had been doing that made it look like he was on Horik's side was actually planned out between him and Ragnar (I very much did not like the idea that the two of them weren't homies anymore). And even though I didn't like the idea that he knew that Floki hadn't invited him to the wedding cuz the two of them were fighting (which made me super sad about the idea that Ragnar thought that Floki was angry with him and didn't want him to be a part of the day), and now I'm kind of sad by the idea that he may have actually missed it cuz the two of them were working on a plan to get rid of Horik (and they needed Horik and everyone else (with the exception of the five or so people who were actually in on the plan) to think that the two of them weren't getting along). It does make me extremely happy, however, to know that he never thought of hurting Bjorn (and that was all for show for Horik) ... that he was actually watching over the stupid boy (probably as much out of the fact that he really was still loyal to Ragnar as he loved the kid like a nephew).

I am also glad that Siggy decided that she would end up helping Ragnar with his plan against Horik. I do wonder just how far back she was a part of the plan ... if she was a part of the gang from the beginning, or if she came along later (when she started to not like the way that Horik was treating her). I don't think that she helped Ragnar out of sense of loyalty to him, cuz I think that if it came down to Ragnar or herself, she would certainly pick herself (and stab Ragnar in the back); it seemed more like she helped them cuz she thought that it was the best way to help herself get back to her old position (and she knew that with Horik, she would never be able to have that ... so, maybe she didn't throw her chips in with the gang until Horik made his proposition to her in this episode, and she took it as an insult).

I wish that there could have been a bit more of a conclusion to what the writers had been doing with Athelstan this season, cuz there seemed to be all sorts of build up with him that didn't really go anywhere in the end. But maybe we'll get something more out of that next season.

I'm really glad that we saw Floki and Helga's daughter, since it was really bothering me that we hadn't seen her, and it hadn't been addressed that Helga wasn't pregnant anymore (I really wanted to know one way or the other what had happened ... even if it wasn't necessarily that important to the overall story. It was just a loose end that was bothering me). And even if Floki is super crazy (and will probably make all kinds of mistakes), I have the feeling that he will probably end up being a good father once he puts his mind to it (cuz I have the feeling that what he will end up doing will come out of love for his daughter).

So, Ragnar is the king now, and everyone has moved off somewhere else. Now I'm wondering even more what the battle was all about in the pilot (since it still seems like there was something important about it), and I want to know what led up to it ... but I have a feeling that it's going to be one of those things that we don't actually find out about until the very end of the show (if we haven't found out already by now).