Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thoughts about GoT, and the Season Five Finale

So, I just got my laptop back from taking it in to Best Buy for a cleaning (cuz it really needed it. It had been a few years, had been super slow for a while, was a pain in my ass getting onto the internet, and had started to freeze completely when I tried to get onto Facebook. Yeah, it was time), and I was able to catch up on "Game of Thrones" yesterday morning. I'm not sure that the father remembers that he gave me all of his sign in information (and I do mean all of it) when he first signed up with U-Verse, but he did, and I was able to use that to watch it. Granted, I have to use Starbucks' free Wi-Fi to do that, and it can be kind of awkward when it gets to the sexy time, but still, I'm caught up now.

The thing that gets be about the finale, wasn't anything that actually happened in it, but the reaction that people have had to the finale.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

I've seen people having a slight fit over the fact that Jon Snow died, and saying that they're not going to be watching the show anymore. I've never really reacted kindly to people who flounce in that way, and want to tell them that if they need so much attention (and want people to come running to them to try to convince them to not leave), then, they shouldn't let the door hit them on the way out.

But also, the people who have been kind of up in arms about Jon's death:

1) They should have read the books. That scene doesn't happen exactly in the show as it did in the book (such as the presence of Ghost. In the book, the scene ends with Jon calling Ghost over, and he has one of his hands in Ghost's fur, and it's left open as to whether or not Jon is going to survive the attack), but it's pretty close. If they had read the books, this scene should not have been a surprise (nor would Ned's death, the Red Wedding, the Violet Wedding, or numerous other deaths).

2) They don't seem to realize that they are watching a show based on books by GRRM. Dude is known for killing off main characters; he enjoys that shit. And the fact that he gets so much glee out of killing off main characters means that people should expect that sort of stuff and know that no one is safe. No one. And even if someone dies in the show that didn't die in the books, having read them, and realizing that no one is really safe should make it less of a surprise when someone who didn't die in the books bites it (at least, it seems that way to me).

And while texting my cousin after watching the episode, I had some really creepy thoughts. What if Jon doesn't somehow come back (in either show or book), and his face end up in the House of Black and White with Arya ... who takes on Jon's identity. Maybe she goes back to the Wall and starts leading the Night's Watch ... or maybe goes there and takes revenge for them killing Jon (either way, Sam would probably realize that it wasn't really Jon. The others probably wouldn't expect it, but Sam would). Or she could go to King's Landing and take the Iron Throne, or at least getting rid of the Lannisters as the family in power. Sure, that would mean that she hadn't learned anything yet from the lessons that they are trying to teach her about following the Many-Faced God, but if it came to her before she became a full on Faceless Man (she already knows enough to know how to take on someone else's face), it might not be a problem for her, but she fully becomes one of them, it might be a different thing.

Still, it struck me as kind of creepy to think that it might come to her, and she might be able to use it for some purpose. The amount of anguish that she would go through, knowing that her favorite brother had died. Even if she has taken the other deaths in her family kind of well (in that she's still able to function, even if they've given her a reason for revenge), it seems like Jon's death would come at her sideways and knock her to the ground.

And then, I was thinking that if he warged into Ghost, and then, he was able to warg into her (and his face came to the House of Black and White ... or even if it didn't) ... it would be like Jon died, but he didn't. I don't know that Jon would do that to Arya, since it would mean that he would kind of be killing her, but if Ghost was around ... maybe he could go back and forth between the two of them, and it wouldn't be that big of a deal?

Arg! Stupid brain coming up with crazy things that could happen.

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