Thursday, December 6, 2012

'Citizen Fang' -- SPN 8x09

Warning: Spoiler Alert

You know what I could really, really do without? The Vaseline on the camera lens flashbacks for Sam. I get that they're probably trying to do some kind of super visual thing with the falshbacks for Sam (with them being super sunny), the flashbacks for Dean (with them being pretty much devoid of color), and the present (with it being our standard horror genre SPN), but it's gotten really old, really fast. Fast as in it was old and annoying the first time that they used it, and I never, ever want them to use it again (and that would be entirely too soon. For real). The Vaseline-porn camera with the extra dose of vitamin D doesn't prove to me that everything was perfect-happy for Sam, or that he had finally found the life that he had always wanted for himself ever since he first ran away from his family when he was like 12. The boys will never be able to be "normal people" happy, no matter how much they try to talk it up to themselves that that's what they are, cuz the two of them are a very special kind of fucked ... the kind that there is no coming back from, and the kind in which only other people who are truly fucked like that can ever really understand.

Also really annoying me about Sam this season ... the fact that he is so very much willing to gank Benny, no matter how much he may "know" that Benny is the reason why Dean was able to not only survive Purgatory, but that he was able to escape it. And it pisses me off that he is so willing to kill Benny, a "monster" that is very really trying to deny his vampire nature, when he used to be the first one to be willing to give the "monsters" a chance, and he was also the one that was somehow na├»ve enough to believe all of the lies that Ruby was telling him. Perhaps what he took from the whole Ruby thing was that you should never, ever trust the "monsters," but I really don't think that's the right "lesson" that he should have taken from that (especially when, I happened across a rerun of a season four episode (can't remember the name of the particular episode), and Dean was saying that if he was anyone else, with Sam doing the Hand of Ipecac, he would have killed Sam for a "monster". Yeah, what was I saying about the last episode that it was weird that John didn't kill Fred for essentially being a "special kid"?). I can totally understand Dean having a change of heart, at least where Benny is concerned, since the guy did save his life after the two of them essentially went through a warzone together ... and I can even understand where that whole experience of Benny and Cas being the only ones who really had his back in that situation, and finding out that his brother left him for dead, might have given him a new outlook on what it was that hunters do (and how he goes about saving people and hunting things in general) ... but I cannot understand the 180° that Sam has been exhibiting. Nothing in the "I am the God of Pastels" flashbacks seems to add up to Sam becoming such a douche. Maybe the beginning of it actually happened in the finale of season seven, but you know what? I'm not buying Sam's line about "ZOMG!! WOE!! MY WHOLE FAMILY IS THE DEAD, AND THERE IS NO ONE HERE ANYMORE BUT ME!!" Why? Cuz even when the Winchesters are actually dead and in either Heaven or Hell ... they never stay dead (at least when it comes to Sam and Dean, since J2 are seemingly signed onto the series until the end of time). It seems much more like Sam is just using Dean's "death" as an excuse to be an ass, cuz he can't be bothered to figure out a real excuse for his dickishness. So, I say to Sam: boo, you whore.

Martin ... oh, crazy Martin ... you sad, evil little man ... you deserved exactly what you got from Benny, and I am not at all sad that he killed you. The thing with Martin is that I think he proved what I think should have been proved about hunters a long time ago: sometimes it's the hunter that's the real "monster". The good thing that Martin thought that he was doing by going after Benny the vampire was immediately turned into something so very, very wrong when he not only harmed someone who was innocent, he threatened to kill her for no reason (she wasn't trying to hurt him, she wasn't trying to hurt anyone, and he knew that she had no idea of what was actually going on). Benny had every reason to try to do whatever he could do to try and save her life, and the fact that Sam refused to even listen to Dean about the hows and whys of Martin's death make me think even more that Sam is where all douches come from (especially since, if he hadn't known that Benny was a vampire, he more than likely would have listened to what Dean had to say, and probably would have agreed that Martin was way out of bounds on this one). So, yeah, I have absolutely no pity for Martin, and I think that he got exactly what he deserved.

The fact that Dan switched out the numbers on Sam's phone ... I really think that it's going to give Sam just one more reason to be a five-year-old throwing a tantrum. I also don't think that any good is going to come of Amelia suddenly showing up outside of the Vaseline. I have a bad feeling that seeing her again, actually talking to her after he left (and she's back with Don) is going to make him a little more of a whiny brat. At this point, I'm already ready for the boys to break up completely (even though they're really the only ones that either of them really have at this point), and start over with someone new. I have a feeling that Dean would still keep hunting, and Sam would probably find a dog that he can set up house with. And if things keep going the way that they seem to be, I have a feeling that I'm going to get aggravated enough with Sam that I'm going to have to start writing fanfic where I kill him off in such a way that he never comes back.

Also, we still haven't seen any more of the mysterious figure that seemed to be following the boys from earlier in the season. I don't think that it was Benny ... and I don't think that it was Don. I would love, love, love it if it turned out to be Metatron. Love it to the point where I would want to find whichever writer revealed that to us and draw hearts all over that writer's face with a red Sharpie. Fact.

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