Thursday, November 29, 2012

'Hunteri Heroici' -- SPN 8x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

How did the people in charge of Show manage to get Hunnicut to be in such a small role, with so few lines in it? That's kind of impressive. I wouldn't have thought that we would see anyone involved with "M*A*S*H" making a guest appearance on Show, especially since I'm sure that their services probably wouldn't have come very cheap (regardless of how few lines any of them were given within the episode). Though ... if they were going to get anyone from "M*A*S*H", it probably would have been kind of funny if they had gotten David Ogden Stiers, since his character on that show was named "Winchester".

I'm almost surprised that John associated with Fred, what with the way that he had the tendency of thinking that anything that wasn't entirely "normal" human was something that needed to be gotten rid of. Sure, Sam turned out to be one of YED's special kids, and I bet that if he knew about that, he would have been able to turn a blind eye to it (since Sam was always the Golden Boy), but with someone else ... I have a feeling that he wouldn't have been able to just let it go; he was kind of OCD about being "black and white" about things that weren't necessarily black and white. And if John and (seemingly) the boys were ok with a human who had psychokinetic abilities, why wouldn't they be ok with someone who was able to shape shift? It appeared that Fred could do a lot more damage than any of the shape shifters that we've come across in Show up to this point, so I don't see how they could say that the one that is less dangerous is the monster. It seems much more like they are willing to overlook some things that would normally make them chase after someone with pitchforks, if the person is useful to them (and is willing to help them gather the villagers and torches, and make sure they all make it to the windmill in time). Yes, I realize that I'm still wanting there to be logic in this show, even though they've proven for such a long time that they want absolutely nothing to do with logic, but ... it would be nice if they at least made some sort of sense on this, damn it!! (and every time that I want to demand logic from it, I still hear Andreth telling me that I'm never going to get it from genre television. lol)

I did find the inside of Fred's mind pretty amusing (what with all of the "please stand by" type things all around, when Sam and Cas were trying to explain to him what was going on, and trying to get him to help them out with what was going on). It did remind me a bit of the episodes with Gabriel ... back when he was just still Loki (and not an angel yet ... at least to us anyway). Poor Loki Gabriel. I wish he was still around; I liked him.

I still really want to find out about Metatron, and still would love it if s/he suddenly showed up. I don't see why someone who is so high up on the food chain would be mentioned, and then, not make an appearance ... especially when that particular someone is the one that dictated the various tablets. And the fact that there was the mention of Chuck being a prophet (and them not knowing what happened to him) makes me even more want Chuck to turn out to be Metatron (since it makes more sense to me that way).

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