Thursday, January 10, 2013

'Significant Others' -- Castle 5x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The thing with the killer in this episode ... I thought that it was far too obvious to figure out who it was. As soon as Ryan put up the pictures on the television, I noticed the one of Victoria Pratt with dark hair and a slightly differently shaped chin. The photo may have not been on the screen for all that long, but it seemed like it was on for far longer than it should have been if they didn't want people to figure out who was really this episode's MOTW (so to speak), especially since they spent so much time having the boys ogle her when they went to speak with her second husband. That ogle session made it far too obvious that she was someone of importance, and that we should pay attention to her part in the over-all scheme of the case. They're usually better than that (when it comes to keeping the viewer at least somewhat guessing as to who might be behind everything), and I'll admit to being disappointed at how little I had to try to figure out who they were actually looking for (and the fact that it was so easy made me disappointed that the gang didn't realize sooner what was actually going on ... or that the boys didn't see that they were looking at Leann Piper when they saw the picture of Jane Garrison).

Speaking of the Piper gang in all of this ... every time they mentioned "Billy Piper," my brain went immediately to Rose on DW (since the actress that played Rose is called Billie Piper). I'll admit to getting distracted by that, but that really wasn't their fault; it was the fault of my own brain and it's tendency to always be playing a game of "six degrees".

As far as Meredith coming to the flat and inserting herself into the situation cuz she wanted to see what Beckett was like ... I really didn't like that. On a certain level, I did get it, if for no other reason than wanting to make sure that whoever was around Alexis was someone who would be good to her, but that really didn't seem to be what Meredith was concerned about. She seemed far more concerned with the fact that Castle was seeing someone new, and she wanted to stick her nose in the middle of it, as though she would have any say about whether Castle would continue with the relationship or not. It seemed far too much like she was over-stepping her bounds on this. She's Castle's ex, and whatever their relationship is now, she has no claim over him (other than Alexis), and he seems to be the one that is far more stable of the two. Yeah, I would have had a lot less of an issue of her butting in and looking like she was trying to become a wedge between Castle and Beckett, if what she was doing was making sure that Alexis was safe and loved (and not that she was trying to be a bitch and put doubts into Beckett's mind about the relationship, cuz that's what she seemed to be doing). Even with her little talk with Beckett at the end of the episode ... it seemed a little more like she was causing damage than she was helping. After all, all she did was create doubts in Beckett's mind that hadn't been there. And what is Beckett supposed to think when Meredith said that she didn't really know him, and that he could have written books about her ... especially when he's written books with Beckett as the main character?

Not the best episode around, over-all.

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