Wednesday, September 24, 2014

'This is War' -- SH 2x01

Warning: Spoiler Alert

It's so good to have Captain Skinny Jeans back. Oh, how I have missed this show ... even if it was only a few months.

I am really happy that they didn't go the way of jumping ahead a year and having the characters explain what had happened during that year in flashbacks that are peppered through the rest of the season. SPN did that in season 6, and it was stupid and annoying, and I didn't like it. So, hizzah! that the writers of SH decided to fake us out and only pretend that they were going to jump ahead a year and tell us what happened later on. Even if I have more affection for the writers of SH than I do for those of SPN (at any point in its history ... with the possible exception of season 1), I have a feeling that I would still be annoyed by it (regardless of how well they presented the jump), cuz I still feel it's a cheap cheat.

I still don't completely trust that Abbie is out of Purgatory ... or really that Ichabod or Katrina are out either. The fact is that the place has shown that it will mess with your mind like no one's business; as such, wouldn't it pretend to give you what you wanted (in this case, showing them that they have escaped, and they are stopping the End of Days)? And I'm having a hard time believing that the fake Captain Skinny Jeans would have said "lieutenant" wrong. If that place can get into your head the way that it can, and make you think that things are real that really aren't, why wouldn't it have been able to get into Abbie's brain enough to realize how he should have said that word? It seems a little too much like a stupid slip-up on Evil's part, especially when Abby and Ichabod are the two that they are trying to fight most strenuously (since the two of them are the ones that are the most dangerous to Evil). In the end, I don't think that we're going to find out that they never actually left, and that they're still in there, since the writers seem to be playing this straight forward that they did (and that they are going to stop the end of the world), but that doesn't mean that it doesn't bother me that they can so easily get in and out of someplace that they really shouldn't be able to (and which the writers want us to believe is so very good at messing with people's minds).

I really don't trust what that necklace that Abraham put onto Katrina is doing to her. Sure, we're being let to believe that it's been enchanted in such a way that it's only allowing the two of them to communicate, but the fact that he's a freaking Horsemen means that there has to be something more sinister going on ... even if, maybe, he isn't even aware of it. He may only think that he's trying to get her to love him, but someone would have had to've put some sort of spell on the necklace so that she would be able to see him with a head, and we don't know who it was that put that enchantment on it. All we could say with any kind of certainty is that it was likely someone with some bad intentions when it came to the world as a whole. So, there may be some underlying mind voodoo on the necklace to try and make sure that she thinks that she's in love with Abraham, which would mess with Ichabod's mind, and may help Evil's chances to get rid of Ichabod and Abby (and accomplish what they want).

Even though I still love this show, I'm starting to find it rather suspicious that Ichabod was homies with all manner of Founding Fathers, and they completely trusted him with their secrets. Ok, we may be expected to believe that there was a bit of Hand of Fate going on here, but still ... it just seems kind of odd that he knows all these guys and kept getting secret info from them.

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