Thursday, September 27, 2012

'Arsenic & Old Cake' -- Copper 1x06

Is it wrong that I really, really want something horrible to happen to Elizabeth? Cuz I do. The fact that she keeps lying to Kevin is really bothering me, and this time when she lied to him, it bothered me even more (not just cuz she was lying to him, but also cuz her lie was adversely affecting Annie's life). I don't understand how she could willfully do something that would hurt a child ... I mean, I get that she's selfish (and really only took in Annie to make herself look better, probably specifically to Kevin himself), but when you are willfully damning a child ... how can you live with yourself? And she must have had an idea that what she was doing was horrible. If she didn't know at first, if for some reason she actually believed that jerk-face who claimed to be Annie's father, I think that she came to realize what a horrible mistake she had made when Annie acted so uncharacteristically fearful about what was about to happen to her. If she didn't, why would she try to save face with Kevin by making something up about what had happened to her. There wouldn't have been a need, if she thought that she was doing the right thing, and if she truly thought that Annie was going to be safe.

And I don't understand how she thinks she would be able to sex Kevin into forgetting about Annie. Elizabeth knows that he cares for Annie; she said as much when she was saying about how Annie has become a surrogate for Maggie. And I don't see how she somehow thinks that Annie will be the one thing in his life that he will suddenly be unlike himself about. She knows that he cares for Annie, and she knows that he has an inquisitive mind; he won't want to just take her word for it that Annie is safe ... he's going to want to see it for himself, with his own eyes to make sure that what he was told was true. And while it is evident that he likes Elizabeth, that does not mean that she has some extra-special power over him to make him suddenly different than the way that he is.

I have no doubt that once he figures out what has happened to Annie, and that she's back with the man that he promised would never hurt her again, and that it's all the fault of Elizabeth ... there is going to be some hell to pay. It won't even be just the douche that is still trying to pretend like he is her father (so that he can continue to rape her over and over again), but it's going to be for Elizabeth as well. And while I have no doubt that Kevin, O'Brien, and Maguire will beat the hell out of the douche that is pretending to be Annie's father, the tearing of a new one for Elizabeth will probably be the one that will be the bigger beatdown.

And Maguire ... poor, poor Maguire. Yes, I am still upset with him for also having pants that are on fire, but he really wants to be in love, and have someone love him back ... and he is trying to force the issue far too hard. He doesn't seem to want to wait for something that is real, and maybe that has to do with the fact that he really did care for Molly, and he is still trying to fill up the hole that she left in his life. But the way that he is going about it, I have a bad feeling that he is going to be so very, very sorry about the whole thing by the time that he realizes that he never should have tried to rush into anything after Molly died. And I don't think it will be just cuz of the emotional damage that he will have from trying to rush into a marriage when he is on such a huge rebound, but also it's going to be from the fact that I have a feeling that Mary is only using him. Once he realizes that she is using him, he's going to be crushed, and I wouldn't be surprised if he does something truly awful (either to himself, or to someone else).

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