Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not Sure if I Like Her Yet.

I'm trying to reserve judgment for the new character on "Criminal Minds" ... that being said, in her very first appearance on the show ... she annoyed me. She kept making things awkward within the team. I guess that this might be expected in the beginning, since the team would still need to adjust to having someone new within their group. That being said, I don't remember their being this kind of need for adjustment when Emily came on the team ... or when Rossi came on, either. It seemed a little bit more smooth. Maybe I'm just remembering it that way now, since I have grown to like both of these characters. But still ... the way that she seemed so awkward when she overheard Garcia asking if she was nice, saying something about the origins of the word, and how it originally meant "stupid," and she hoped that Garcia didn't mean to say that she wanted to know if the n00b was stupid. Yeah ... awkward.

And the way that she talked over Morgan, cuz she said she didn't think that the Rangers needed to know that part of the profile ... that annoyed the hell out of me. She's new, and Morgan has been doing this for a while now. When you're the n00b, shouldn't you be deferring to those with more experience about what you should, or should not be saying in a profile?

I'm going to try to give her some more time, since it was only her first episode, but I'm really hoping that she will be a loss less jarring in the near future, that she will work well with the rest of the team, and that I won't have to hate her (and write fanfic where something horrible happens to her).

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