Sunday, September 30, 2012

'The Angels Take Manhattan' -- DW 7x05

This post brought to you by the best Easter Egg ever ... and also by the second best Easter Egg ever.

Ok, I do have to say that Amy and Rory went out of the show like pimps. With as much as Amy typically got on my nerves, I was glad at how she reacted when Rory decided that he was going to jump off the building to create the paradox. He has always seemed like he was willing to do more for her than she has been willing to do for him, so it was nice to see that she was willing to jump with him, instead of making him do it alone. It really made me think that she loved him, and that beyond it all (no matter how much she cares for the doctor), she really is in love with Rory and doesn't regret being with him. That and even more so when the angel unexpectedly gets him, and she decides that she is going to let herself be taken by the angel as well, just on the off chance that she might be able to be with him again. And yeah, at first I thought that River was only telling her what she wanted to hear when she said that Amy would end up in the same time and place as Rory, but after thinking about it for a bit, I wonder if she didn't already know that the angels were going to get Amy and Rory cuz she had already been with them after it happened. And I also wonder if River hasn't studied the angels and has a bit of a working knowledge of things that might happen when dealing with them; and if the only reason why the doctor doesn't know things for sure about them cuz he hasn't really paid that much attention to them ... I mean, he knows that they're there, but he hasn't really gone out of his way to figure out how and why they tick.

And as far as the angels being in NYC, I don't see how that would be a good idea for them. It's an awesome idea for a story, but when you are in the city that is famous for "not sleeping," how do you get around the fact that there are people around all of the time (night and day), and there is bound to be eyes on you all of the time? It makes things far more tricky for getting your meals (when you can only get them when you aren't being watched) than I would think they would want to put up with. And the Statue of Liberty being a weeping angel, also a very cool idea, but how does no one notice the Statue of Liberty walking around? Especially when she's creating minor earthquakes when she does it? At some point, someone (probably many someones) is going to look outside to try to figure out what the heck is going on.

There also seemed to be a whole hell of a lot of people turning their backs on angels and having dick happen to them. We've been led to believe up until this point that even blinking will ensure that you are fucked when it comes to the weeping angels, but there wasn't nearly as much of the "I'm going to eat your face ... and also your future" that we've come to know and love from the angels in this episode (at least it seemed like that to me), and that made me kind of sad.

I am also really wondering what the doctor is going to tell Rory's dad, seeing as how the doctor promised that they would be alright. Sure, we as the audience were likely to be made suspicious (at least I was) when the doctor told Pops about his previous companions and how some of them had died, but still, he promised. Well, in a way they are ok ... it's just that they're in the past, and there is no way for the doctor to go get them since they're now fixed points in time (but why 10 and Martha weren't fixed points in "Blink" as far as continuity within the show is concerned is going to make my head hurt if I start thinking about it too much). I started wondering after I watched the episode if Amy and Rory would go try to find Brian when he's a kid and see him (at least from a distance). He might not know that they're there, but they would at least be able to see him and know that he's alright. Someone I'm friended to on LJ wondered if River would be able to use the vortex manipulator to bring them forward in time, but if the two of them are time locked now, I'm not sure that would work (even if the vortex manipulator is able to get into places that the TARDIS isn't able to).

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