Sunday, September 30, 2012

'The Good Shepherd' -- Grimm 2x05

Poor Monroe. Here he is, trying to do something good (and be a buddy to Nick), and what does it do for him? It nearly gets him killed. But at least Nick was got there in time to help him out, right? If he hadn't, I would have been very upset, since I like Monroe (him being my favorite character on the show). Sure, he's super helpful when it comes to Nick needing to know stuff about Wesen and Grimm culture, but that is completely beside the point. It's far more important that I think that he's cool. lol Also, the fact that Monroe was insulted by the idea of a digital clock ... priceless. Of course he would be.

And I was highly amused to find out that there are a couple of terms for humans amongst the Wesen (those who know about Wesen, and those who don't know about Wesen). The look on Monroe's face when he was explaining that there was a term for humans, and that it would be like Hank ... well, not exactly like Hank, since he knew about them, and then, he said what that term was. And all the while, Hank looking like "WTH?" Fantastic. Oh, boys.

I'm really starting to think that Nick needs to move the trailer. I've never liked the idea of it being out in the open like that, without anything to protect it, but I can't think of anywhere else that would be any better. Keeping it hidden in plain sight isn't a bad idea, but when Nick (and sometimes Monroe) keep coming back to it, I keep thinking that there is a chance that someone is going to make it to the trailer and either steal things from it, or else just hook it up to a pick-up. And the fact that he was followed back to it this time makes me even more nervous about him just leaving it out in the open. It's not like it's really secure. I'm sure that it wouldn't be all that hard to break into. If Nick doesn't want to leave it at his house, since he thinks that there is a chance that someone might get into it there (someone who he wouldn't want going through the stuff that's in there), why not leave it with someone he can trust? He can trust Monroe not to break or steal anything, and he could also trust Monroe to do his best to keep other people out of it. But if he's seen with Monroe, or at Monroe's a lot, it might make people think to look there. While the Eisbibers probably aren't going to be very good at fighting and keeping others out of the trailer, it still might be safe at the lodge that Bud belongs to (or even at Bud's house), since it being with them probably wouldn't seem very likely. I just don't like the idea of it being unguarded, and I like the idea less and less as time goes by.

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