Thursday, January 24, 2013

'LARP and the Real Girl' -- SPN 8x11

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Normally, I think that I might have been kind of amused by the fact that the boys were participating in the battle at the end of the episode, except for the fact I still don't feel like the writers are "getting it" about how they treat women or LGBT characters on Show. LARPers are still treated like they are weird for doing what they do, even if the boys seem like they're getting a smidge better at being able to treat them like they aren't complete freaks ... and that seems to mostly come from the fact that they like Charlie. And I do find it interesting that the last time that they interacted with LARPers, it was a gay couple that helped them out, and the boys treated them like there was something icky about them ... but now that it's a lesbian that's helping them, it's super cool. I'm kind of feeling a double-standard there (where it's cool to be a lesbian, but it's not cool to be a gay man), and I'm not digging that. I would almost say that maybe it is good that they go with baby steps toward acceptance, except that I still feel like there is some misogyny with this (and an attitude that straight men then lesbians are hot, but that gay men are gross).

But let me step away from that before I really start getting annoyed with it ...

Why do I have a feeling that Dean has played many, many games of Risk? When he was telling Charlie how she should position her peeps so that they could win the battle that was coming up, my initial thought was of him playing that game. Yeah, it was probably more likely that it came from the fact that Papa was a Marine, and he started training for battle from the (essentially) the time that Mama died ... and they may not have had all that much time to be able to sit around and really take the time they would have needed to play a game like Risk, but still ... I kind of like the idea of him playing it.

I thought that it was super cheesy to have a fairy be the one that was making things happen, when they were in the middle of a giant LARP weekend. It was just a little too cliché (and I said, "Oh, come. on." more than once). Sure, there was one of the LARPers that was making her do things, but there was a little too much of "well, of course it would be a fairy making things happen ... what with this particular game looking like it was in the middle of a Ren Faire". But I guess I can't really think of anyone else that the douche might have been able to get control over to make what he wanted to happen take place (since I have a feeling that if he tried to pull that crap on a pagan god, he would have gotten his ass handed to him).

I kind of wanted the fairy to ask Charlie to go with her into the fairyland. No good comes of that for mortals, but still ... it would have been kind of fun to see her get all excited about being able to go there for a while. And hey, what with time being all whacked out there, by the time that she came back (if she did), there wouldn't be any danger of her having to hide from monsters anymore. At that point, anyone who would have been looking for her would probably have been dead for a while.

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