Thursday, January 17, 2013

'Torn and Frayed' -- SPN 8x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Ok, what is up with the music on the "Then" portion? We are supposed to be getting us some "Carry On Wayward Son". Maybe this is another instance of the new show runner trying to put his own, personal stamp on the show (like when he turned Crowley's smoke red, for no reason, instead of keeping it the traditional black).

So, the boys are back together again ... kind of ... until their next fight, where they'll break up again. Yes, I get that their lives as hunters cannot possibly be easy, and I get that Sam never felt like he was cut out for the life, but the way that the two of them seem to go in cycles with their breaking up and getting back together is starting to get wearisome. It would be ever so nice if the writers of the show would come up with something that hasn't been done on the show at least three times before. Really, how many times do the two of them need to have a huge fight where they break each other, and then, decide that they really can't do life without each other, before the writers think to try something else when it comes to that? Families fight, and they sometimes go through the same cycles in RL, but when you've watched a show since it's pilot, rehashing some of the same themes over and over and over again is not only dull for your audience, it's sloppy writing. And you know what? There's only so much that an audience is going to forgive that before they start to get bored and decide to try something else.

Sooooo ... it looks like Naomi has done something to Cas' hardwiring. Why? So that he will be her own, personal, little buttmonkey? So that she can force him to do whatever the hell she wants him to do without him thinking for himself or trying to fight her on whatever it is that she wants to use him for? Cuz it seemed like it was far more than just some kind of tracking device that she was implanting inside of him to make sure that she knew where he was at all times, and would be able to snatch him up into the White Room. The fact that he was having flashbacks to the time when she was sticking drills into his eyes while Little Boy Angel was being tortured into giving up all of the information that was on his mainframe makes it look very much like there was a correlation between the two events. And it makes me wonder when exactly this occurred with Naomi going all anal probe into Cas' eyeball. It would have had to have been after he came back from Purgatory, yes? It wouldn't make sense that she did it before he went to Purgatory, what with the way that he went off the rails and declared himself god. But if it had been done before that, a whole hell of a lot of stuff could have been avoided ... like Dick.

What do you want to bet that Naomi is just working on her own and that she doesn't have an official sanction to do whatever it is that she's been doing (or whatever it is that she's trying to accomplish)? It doesn't necessarily mean anything that we haven't seen anyone else in there with her in the White Room, but it still kind of makes me suspicious of her ... like she's created her own little bubble that is Heaven adjacent, and she's been making Cas (and us) think that she is something that she's not. There is, oh, so much going on with her than we realize; I'm very sure of that. And I would not be at all surprised to see her turn into this season's Big Bad (since she's already been doing some questionable things that would lead her down that path).

And I'm really not surprised to find out that there is a tablet for angels as well (even if I don't really like the idea that there is a mainframe somewhere inside of their minds that turns them into slaves to whoever is able to "hack" them ... or that they aren't willing servants to God, and that He would need to turn them into slaves for Him as well ... but I don't suppose that we're going to like everything on any show or movie, or in any book). I kind of want the boys to be able to find all of the tablets, and for Kevin to be able to work his magic on them so that they could get rid of all of the angels and demons on earth. If it were only the demons mucking things up, I think that I could live with it, but the angels really get on my nerves. It's the fact that they are self-righteous while they're fucking everyone, and they seem to think that they're doing the right thing. At least a demon will be honest about what s/he's doing, and why s/he's doing it.

I'm sad about Dean breaking up with Benny, since I liked him, and I was hoping that he would be staying around for a while. Well, this doesn't necessarily mean that he isn't going to be around for a while on the show, cuz he could still make a few more appearances later on. Maybe we'll finally find out who that stalker was that made an appearance in the beginning of the season, and Benny will be able to help with that ... or maybe he'll even be able to help with the tablets and getting the angels out of Dodge. I really do hope that we see him again; he's the first reoccurring character that I've liked in a very long time.

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