Monday, June 2, 2014

'The Mountain and The Viper' -- Got 4x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

With the name of the episode being what it was, I was expecting that there would be more to the fight between the Mountain and Prince Oberyn ... or at least, a little more to the lead up to the fight (more with Tyrion and Jaime ... and more than three seconds worth of Cersei). But I suppose that they have a lot to pack into these last few episodes, so they kept that part until the very end. And it really was a very cool fight. I kept wanting to scream at Oberyn that he needed to not show off so much (since showing off would only take his mind off of what he was trying to do), and that he really needed to get ahold of his temper long enough to just double tap before something bad happened to him. But seeing as though he felt like he was finally getting his revenge, maybe flaunting it a bit could be expected ... as could trying to make sure that the douche that killed his sister and her children confessed to what he had done before he died. Still ... if he had kept his head about him ... would have been able to keep his head.

I can't help but kind of want to hug Arya. It's not just that her reaction to finding out that her aunt had died made me giggle (cuz it was so very inappropriate), it was also the idea that maybe she was masking what she was really feeling. Sure, she might have been feeling rather victorious over the idea that the Hound hadn't gotten the sack of gold that he thought that he was going to get, but the way that it was played ... I got an underlying feeling of FML (as though she may have been thinking, "Well of course my aunt is dead when I get here. My mother and brother were dead once I got to them, too."). And let's be real, there is a very real FML feel around her, since everything seems to be conspiring to make sure that she doesn't get back to her family. Sure, there's the feeling that all of the Stark kids are being pulled apart, but I always got the feeling that it was a bit more sad with her, cuz she was trying to get back home, and pretty much everyone thinks that she's dead.

The way that the writers are working with Sansa's character, I get the feeling that they're working her up to be a mover and a shaker in the world of politics. Those little looks that she kept sharing with Little Finger made it look like she was starting to become crafty in a way that she hadn't been before, and that one day, she would be just as dangerous as the most cunning. I'd really like to see them do that with her, since I would love to see her be one of the ones left standing when everything is destroyed in the end, and the whole world has to start over after the zombie apocalypse (she can be the new Cersei, but not evil).

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