Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'Do You Believe in Miracles?' -- SPN 9x23

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, Dean is a demon now ... ::sigh:: Cuz no one saw that one coming. Kripke'd yet again. Show is nothing if not something that will give you exactly what you expect (over and over and over again).

The thing that bothered me about the story that Crowley was telling about the legend of how Cain first turned into a demon was that he said that he had used the First Blade on himself, and that the mark wouldn't let him go after that. The way that the writing made it sound, it sounded as though Dean would have had to've also used the First Blade to kill himself if the Mark of Cain was going to properly bring him back from the dead (and turn him into a demon) ... but the fact that he actually got shanked by an angel should have made it so that he died. He wouldn't have gone upward (not only cuz they haven't explicitly said that the doorway is open now (and unless it's said, I'm not going to assume that it is), but also cuz he's got the Mark of Cain ... which would have to keep him out of Heaven even if he was otherwise able to go there), so he probably would have found himself back in Hell again. He would have become a demon after awhile (probably a bit more quickly than he did last time, since he's already got the scaring on his soul from the last time, and the fact that he's got the Mark (which would probably make him something special once he got down there)), but I have a hard time believing that the Mark would have pulled him back and turned him into Super Demon after Crowley's story ... the logic of it just didn't sit well with me (since there wasn't really much of it from what I saw).

Cas not killing Metatron ... I can understand why he didn't (taking a stand to be a better "man" and all), but it was an incredibly stupid move on his part. At some point in the future, I can see Metatron figuring out a way to get himself out of his cell, and once he does, he's going to be coming after Cas and the boys like whoa. They really need to start throwing a shit ton of books at him stat. They probably won't find a whole hell of a lot of them that he hasn't read yet, but they can always hope that he'll be entertained enough by those that they bring him (even if he probably has read them before) that he won't be thinking about trying to get revenge on the people who stopped him from being the new God.

And honestly, since this show isn't above going all deus ex machine all over the place, I half expected to see Chuck show up at the last second and save everybody from Metatron (having him say something along the lines of WTAF, Metatron?), and I'm glad that they didn't do that (I'm still disgruntled by the fact that Chuck is supposed to be God).

I'm hoping more than anything that next season will be the last, and that both of the boys will die ... and stay dead (without any kind of fine print that will get them out of it ... like a deal with a Crossroads Demon, or an angel (gripping them tight and pulling them from Perdition)). Show is getting tired (and has been for quite some time now), and I would like to be able to see them both die for realsies before I give up completely on the whole thing.

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