Sunday, March 22, 2015

'Bad Luck' -- Grimm 4x14

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Of course Nick is freaking out about the fact that Juliette is now a hexenbiest. How could he not be? I can understand why she would want him to at least look at her, but also why it would be hard for him to; I just hope that this adjustment period isn't going to be a long one, since I want the two of them to go back to being a team (and not fall apart cuz of this). I still have the feeling that once they both come to terms with what's happened, everything is going to turn out ok ... it's just going to be getting to that point that will be the tricky part.

And really, when I said that I would love to see what happens when a Grimm and a hexenbiest have a baby, I didn't mean that I wanted it to be Adalind and Nick. I wanted it to be Nick and Juliette, damn it! The writers really need to pay attention to my demands when it comes to where the story is going to go next, if only to appease me.

But having the new baby be the product of Nick and Adalind will create a whole new kettle of fish for everyone (and not just cuz we don't know yet what the baby will be like with the mixing of said bloodlines). Things may not turn out quite as sticky for Adalind with this new baby as they did with Diana (as far as the royals are concerned), but they may turn out to be very sticky for Nick. I have the feeling that Nick isn't going to be able to get this new baby away from Adalind the same way that they got Diana away ... it may very well be that Adalind is going to be far more protective of this child than Diana (knowing what might happen if she takes her attention away for half a second). Still ... I have a feeling that the new baby may be taken away as well, but this time, it might very well be the royals that get ahold of him/her. I can see them wanting this child very badly once they know of its existence (even more so than they may have wanted Diana). It would certainly create a kind of balance to have the hexenbiest baby raised by a Grimm, and the one that is half a Grimm raised by the royals; and it would raise some interesting questions when it comes to nature v. nurture. It also brings into question how these siblings will interact with each other once they know about each other and are old enough to start to understand the nature of the world that they are in. Will they be allies, will they leave each other alone (out of some kind of respect for blood), will they only come together when the need is great enough, or will they actively try to destroy each other? It could prove to be somewhat interesting.

That being said, I'll admit to being disappointed at having Adalind get pregnant again so soon. What could have been someone who was at least a somewhat decent annoyance to the gang is turning into someone who is only there to be pretty and be a breeder for a further generation of interesting things to come in the future. It would have been nice if the writers had put a little more into her than to make her a mild annoyance and a vagina, especially since hexenbiests have the possibility of being truly formidable opponents when they want to be. But I guess we can't get everything that we want.

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