Saturday, October 17, 2015

'Blood and Fear' -- SH 3x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Sooooo, Abbie is still keeping the fact that she's been stalking their dad from Jenny. Yeah, this isn't going to turn out well. Jenny is going to be pissed when she finds out that Abbie didn't tell her what's been going on with that ... and I think that Abbie was right about Jenny when it comes to whether or not Jenny would say anything to him (she will most likely confront him and try to find out why he ran out on them ... even though it may turn out that it wasn't as clear cut as all that ... at least that's what I'm hoping anyway).

Last week's episode was all about secrets (and how secrets are bad), and this week was all about fear. I'm getting the feeling that the writers are going to be leading up to something ... like there will need to be some sort of big reveal at the end of the season to help get rid of Pandora ... that maybe Team Witness will need to use the Shard of Anubis to help focus on doing whatever purging they need to do to get Pandora the hell out of Sleepy Hollow.

Speaking of the Shard ... I'm really hoping that it doesn't turn out that the "new player" that wanted the Shard doesn't turn out to be Papa Mills, but I have a really bad feeling that everything is going to lead back to him. It's the way that his picture is what Ichabod saw when he picked up Abbie's phone, and the way that the whole thing with Jenny and Joe goes back to his father, and Jenny's comment to what's her face about how Corbin was essentially her father. And if it turns out that he's not the one that wants the Shard ... I have a bad feeling that there's going to be something going on with him that the writers are going to try to turn into something Important.

I was kind of disappointed with the writer of this episode. As soon as I saw that the first dart wasn't going to make it into the Ripper's skin, my first thought was that Ichabod could just infect himself and get the Ripper that way. The fact that that was how it ended up going seemed far too easy, even if there was a fight in the process of turning the blade off. As soon as I realized that Ichabod had done exactly what I first thought he would/could do, my immediate reaction was "Oh, come. on." I guess I was just wanting something more than that.

Also, I have a hard time believing that he would have been sent home with an IV of drugs, instead of being kept for observation (at least overnight), when he had been infected with a disease that couldn't be knocked out by over the counter medications, and especially since he had been stabbed. It makes me think that either a lot of really weird things happen in Sleepy Hollow, or the medical community in that town are shit at their jobs.

I get the feeling that Pandora got to Abbie far more than Abbie is willing to admit. That look that she had when Ichabod was saying that he was grateful that they were homies again (and the way that Pandora seemed so triumphant) makes me think that she's far more freaked out by the whole thing than she's willing to admit right now; and I'm sure that Pandora is going to use that to her advantage, cuz why wouldn't she? It would only be the smart thing for her to do.

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