Saturday, October 17, 2015

'Whispers in the Dark' -- SH 3x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, this one is a bit late. I meant to do it earlier, but didn't get around to it; so, it'll be done now.

So, it looks like Jenny is now teaming up with Joe. I appreciate Jenny being given a B story line that is her own, instead of her kind of disappearing, since I like her, and I appreciate seeing another female lead that can take charge (except where the script needs her to fall on her face for no reason). And I think that I'm liking the idea of her taking Joe under her wing and showing him the things that Corbin showed to her, even if she realizes that this may not be the kind of life that he probably wants to be a part of. It kind of seems like it might do her some good to pass on what she has learned (and yes, that would completely make her Luke Skywalker in this scenario).

This whole thing with the Shard of Anubis ... who wants to bed that it's going to be the thing that is going to be key in getting rid of Pandora? The fact that it just suddenly became important now, right when Jenny's attention got caught by it, and started looking into it makes me super suspicious about it and what it's possibly used for. And what makes me even more suspicious about it is that as soon as she gets it out of wherever she's been hiding it, that's suddenly when someone else wants it. There's definitely something there.

I don't like the idea that Abbie is keeping the fact that she found their father a secret from Jenny. This doesn't mean that I don't understand her reasoning, cuz I completely do ... but that doesn't mean that I like the secret. If anything that the MoTW should have taught her, it's that secrets will have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass if you don't get them out in the open. Secrets can sometimes be a good thing, but in the broad strokes of a genre show, they are never a good thing ... especially when you have a monster that is essentially a Secret Eating Demon, who is coming after you for a secret that you know, and will not hesitate to also eat the other secrets that you are harboring.

I'm hoping that we end up finding out that there's nothing extraordinary about Abbie and Jenny's dad ... that he's just some normal guy, who couldn't handle their mom going (as it seemed to him) all crazy like. I want to find out that he truly does not believe in any of the supernatural stuff that is just Life for Abbie and Jenny, and he will think that they have inherited some of their mom's crazy if/when they try to explain what's been going on to him. I want the supernatural to come up and bite him in the ass, and for him to try to rationalize it all away. Part of it is that it seems like that would make for some good storytelling, since it will give Team Witness something to work against that is nothing but real world normal; but mostly, I like the idea that there are just normal people walking around the supernatural, who can't see what's right in front of them, and who actively refuse to see it (even when those who do see it are pointing right at it). Besides which, with all of the Destiny type stuff that they have from their mother's side, it seems like a good balance to have someone in their life who is just ordinary, and who thinks the supernatural stuff is bollox (having everybody believe, even if they see some crazy stuff, doesn't seem like it would happen).

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