Friday, October 2, 2015

'I, Witness' -- SH 3x01

Warning: Spoiler Alert

As I have said before, I am still not at all convinced that Abby and Captain Skinnyjeans are actually anywhere but Purgatory, and I'm also not convinced that they ever found each other while they were there. And nothing in this episode has made me think any differently.

I must give the writers a bit of a high five for have due who is living the thug life quoting "Annie" to Ichabod. Of course, Ichabod didn't understand what was being referenced, but even at this point, him not getting references like that has yet to become old. Him returning with, "Yes, it is, in fact, a hard knock life" (or whatever it was that he actually said) was kind of great.

So, the actress who played my least favorite character in A Knight's Tale is now the Big Bad for (at least) this season. I still don't care for this particular actress, but so far, she's already done more than Katrina did as far as the witchy way. Maybe she'll prove to be something more than a complete bore.

But speaking of her becoming the new Big Bad, I was rather disappointed that she dispatched Abraham so easily. Maybe she is supposed to be the person that the legend of Pandora is based on, and the writers have decided to make her a truly ancient witch who is not only superbly powerful, but also amazingly crafty (see what I did there?). Still, it doesn't feel like Death should be so easily dispatched, even if she is really powerful. It seems like he should have a bit more power at his disposal, seeing as he should have the power of the Apocalypse behind him, adding whatever he does ... plus, the writers seemed to be gearing up to making him the new Big Bad at the end of last season. Seems a bit of a let down that they just completely dropped that.

Speaking of getting dropped ... through a table. What the fuck with Jenny being all capable and ready, and suddenly having the table fall out from underneath her at the very last second? Ok, yeah, Ichabod and Abbie are the team here (not Ichabod and Jenny), and the writers probably wanted to have the Witnesses get their groove back (or should we be calling them "Destroyers" now?), but I did not like the way that they dealt with Jenny in that scene. They keep building her up as being completely awesome, and then, they have something shitty happen so that she gets knocked out in half a second. yes, bad things happen sometimes, but you know what? I'm kind of tired of the trope of the chick getting knocked out and lying there helpless. Yeah, yeah, this show does all sorts of good things with busting tropes normally; so when the writers seem to follow some, it bothers me (especially when the why and how of her getting knocked out was over something so stupid and pedestrian writing wise).

Also, while we're at it, can we just mention the utterly convenient cardboard boxes that happened to be just the right shape, and in just the right spot to break Ichabod's fall? I'm having a really hard time believing that they would have been there in the first place (and not in a trash compactor of some sort), or that they would have been in just the right shape, in just the right spot, and they would have been arranged so neatly (and without any obvious breaks or tears before Ichabod fell through them ... as though they had never actually been used for anything before that point). Sometimes this show just asks too much when it comes to the details.

But I will try to land a good note ... so ... I really like the new haircut for Captain Skinnyjeans ... I'm glad that the band is getting back together (at least mostly, since the writers seem to have written off Irving) ... and hopefully this new Big Bad will not annoy the fuck out of me the way that Katrina did toward the end.

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