Friday, October 30, 2015

'The Sisters Mills' -- SH 3x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, it looks like there isn't going to be a huge fight between Abbie and Jenny about Abbie knowing about their dad, cuz Jenny already knew all about him. In a way, I'm not really surprised that Jenny went looking for him. I can see her being at least a little bit curious about what he was all about, and what his life was like ... just like I can also see her not wanting to get involved with him. Not ever knowing him, and having heard only bad things about him, I can see where she probably doesn't feel like she's missing anything by continuing to live her life without him. I kind of wish that she had told Abbie about what she had found out, but I supposed it's not really surprising that she didn't (for whatever reason).

I still get the feeling that their dad is going to play a role in something later on. Still not sure what that role may be, but I still feel like it's there.

I was glad that they were both able to be honest with each other about what they had found out about their dad ... finally. It's got to bring them closer together to know that they can trust each other a little bit more (at least, I'm hoping that's what will end up going down). I like it so much better when the members of Team Witness are open with each other, and everybody knows they can trust each other. There will be no more secrets in Team Witness. So it is decreed.

And I cannot be the only one that was wigged out by the MotW. It was more the way that it moved, and the fact that it felt so at ease with being upside down. Kind of thought that it was more creepy than clowns, and I think clowns are just about the creepiest things out there.

I keep getting distracted by how much I don't like the actress who is playing Pandora, and how much she is unable to act. If I were the little girl who she was talking to in the hospital, I would have been suspicious as fuck about her, and would have started screaming "I NEED AN ADULT!! I NEED AN ADULT!!" But maybe she did realize that homegirl was suspicious as fuck, and that's why she agreed to help Team Witness ... or it got her to over the hump to do what she needed to do, and she had already trusted them a bit before that.

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