Monday, October 1, 2012

'The Hudson River School' -- Copper 1x07

Sooooo, Morehouse Jr told Elizabeth that it's alright that she lied to Kevin about Annie cuz everyone lies to him? I have to call bullshit on that. Lying is not ok, not even if "everyone" is doing it to him. But Morehouse Jr was right about the fact that Elizabeth should have told Kevin right away that she was full of it, since he really would go after the answer until he was satisfied with what he was being told. That is the one thing that Morehouse Jr has said that I haven't wanted to call him out on it ... but mostly only cuz it was pretty much the one time that he's ever told the truth about anything ... ever. I also call BS on the fact that Elizabeth said that she didn't know why she told him a lie in the first place. I don't doubt that she knew exactly what she was doing when she told him that she sent Annie out to California; she knew that the man that she let take Annie was not her father as soon as Annie started begging her to not let the man take her (even if she didn't want to admit it to herself). And when Kevin started telling her about the douche that she had let take Annie, the look on her face only confirmed (at least to me anyway) that she knew exactly what she had done. As horrible as I would have normally thought it was that the hero of a show pulled a knife on someone, I really have no sympathy for Elizabeth in this case. What she did to Annie could have ruined the girl's life; Annie has already had enough bad things happen to her without people who don't really care about her throwing her to the lions.

And speaking of Annie being thrown to the lions ... good on her for being able to think on her feet and be able to save herself from a horrible situation that at the very least would have left her with more emotional scaring than she would have been able to survive from, and at worst would have killed her (whether it was from her "husband" doing the deed himself, or from her committing suicide later on cuz she thought that there was no hope). That being said, I have no doubt that she knew exactly what she was doing when she started talking about how lucky Maggie was to have Kevin, and when she asked him for a kiss good night, but I can't say that I blame her for it. Kevin seems to be the only one who genuinely cares about what happens to her, and it would seem logical that she would try to remind him of his daughter (while tying up his memories of Maggie with herself) so that she would be safe (at least for a little while longer). As much as I think that she had her feelings kind of mixed up about him in previous episodes (thinking that she might actually have a chance with him ... and even though she may still have a little bit of that going on now), I'd much rather have her stay with him than with anyone else that's in the series (even O'Brien and his wife), since she will be safe as Kevin's serrogate daughter.

Also, speaking about lying, I don't believe Maguire when he told Kevin that Mary left for England with some guy. Sure, Mary was yelling at him to leave her alone for a while in the last scene that we saw with her, but I have more of a feeling that Maguire just didn't want Kevin to know that Mary had the ledger now that he was sure that Mary was using him (and I don't doubt that that's why Maguire was going all crazy in one of Eva's rooms ... well, that and the fact that he still loves Molly and is sure that there was something wrong with the way that she died). At some point, I have a feeling that Maguire is going to figure it out that Eva killed Molly, and I have a feeling that Kevin will be around when he does and everything will come out about the ledger and the locket. I think that Kevin is going to have to find out about that in a round-about sort of way, cuz I have no doubt that Eva and Maguire are going to both keep up their lies to Kevin and not admit anything that they know or have done.

I also think that it won't be long before everything is going to come to a head between Kevin and Morehouse Jr. Not so much with what is happening with Elizabeth (even if he's hurt by all of the things that Elizabeth has done recently, I don't think that he will begrudge the two of them being together ... after the reality of it settles in a bit), but with Morehouse Jr playing around with spies from the South (and possibly starting up more riots in the Five Points). Yeah, so I have a feeling by the end of this, the only person that Kevin isn't going to have a throw-down with is O'Brien ... but it's not like I haven't had that feeling for a while.

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