Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'Hibbing 911' -- SPN 10x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'd almost say "good on you" to the writers for having Jody yell at the ex-husband for fat shaming, but the fact is that I can't really do that with much of a clear conscious ... not the way that they usually treat women, PoC, and the LGTBQ community ... and especially after the comment they had Dean make about trans-werewolves. It may not have seemed like a big deal to some people, but it struck me the wrong way (maybe from a combination of not being cisgendered myself, and having a very good friend who is trans*). Maybe if the writers hadn't proven themselves to be Dude Bros time and time again, the comment might not have made me want to cringe, but the way that they have proven themselves to err on the side of insensitivity toward gender, orientation, and anyone who is not a white Dude Bro made it just one more thing in that area that cannot be painted over.

I wish the writers would do more with the Mark of Cain, but at least they didn't ignore it in this episode. As much as it could have been awesome with the boys trying to get rid of the Mark, it's turned out to be so disappointing so far. But I don't know why I would be so surprised, since the writers have the tendency of not living up to the idea that they may have had for a season ... and they could have really done something unexpected (and potentially awesome) by keeping Dean a demon for the entire season and have him be the Big Bad (instead of having his demon days be wrapped up so quickly and easily).

I would love to see Cain again, since he was the bright spot in Show amongst seasons of blech. But since it would have been completely legit, I doubt that we're going to see him again (so I probably shouldn't hold my breath).

In a way, I'm glad that Jody has someone to hunt with her and watch her back, but I'm getting more of the feeling that this might be the last year of Show ... and I can't say that I'll be all that sad about it. By giving her someone that she can rely on, it feels like the writers are kind of wrapping up one more loose end that may have been weighing on their minds. I'm really hoping that by doing that, they aren't just trying to make sure that she's not alone, and trying to give themselves an out when it comes to possibly doing a spin-off. The spin-off they should have done should have been about Samuel Colt, but since they've already proven that they can't make him as awesome as they have made him sound from the first couple of seasons of Show (and the way that they have made the one spin-off they were going to do completely dumb), a spin-off should probably not be an option.

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