Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'The Akeda' -- SH 2x11

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I know that it's probably not something that I should be tripping out over, but I want to know what happened with Irving's body. It was laying on the bench when everyone in Team Witness was having their little "I am Spartacus!!!eleventy!!!" moment, but when Henry came into the church, it was nowhere to be found. It could very well have been that the gang did hasty burial, but the fact is that I can't see where they would have found the time to such a thing while they were planning on how they were going get stuff done when it came to Henry and Moloch. It makes me wonder if he somehow rose from the dead during the commercial break. It's possible that the writers may have really killed him off, since they haven't really been using him all that much this season, but I don't see them doing that. The character seems like he's pretty popular, and I don't see writers of a show that want to keep their popularity would want to kill off a popular character and possibly alienate a section of the fandom. If they were DeNight (who was the show runner of "Spartacus") that might be different, but he's a far better writer and show runner than any that I've come across in some time ... and certainly better than those who are working on "Sleepy Hollow". I think that he's going to come walking out of the shadows later on this season, and we're going to be expected to be completely surprised that he's there.

So ... Moloch speaks English when he's fully in our realm? What? Are we supposed to believe that the only reason that we couldn't understand him, or see him clearly, was cuz he couldn't come into our realm completely? If that were the case, why wouldn't Abbie and Captain Skinnyjeans have understood him, or seen him clearly, when they were in Purgatory? It would have made much more sense if his blurry visage and demon speak were only used when he was trying to communicate with someone on Earth, while he was still stuck in Purgatory. To have the sudden change doesn't make sense to me, unless the writers are going to say something about how the magic that he used to bring himself into our realm somehow changed him enough that we no longer get the blurry figure and the demon talk (and that those in his service didn't have it once they became his servants). But maybe I'm expecting too much logic from genre television.

And we're expected to believe that this isn't the first time that Moloch has tried to start the Apocalypse. I want to know just how far he's gotten with his previous attempts, and if Team Witness is able to stop him this time, if he will be capable of trying again (if he survives). If he has made attempts before, have there been other Witnesses (since there have been other Horsemen)? And if he tries again, will there be more Witnesses after this? Or are Abbie and Ichabod the only Witness that there have ever been? There would have to've been someone around that would have stopped him and his previous Horsemen, since he is still trying to get his stuff done ... but the way that the lore is being used, it sounds as though Abbie and Ichabod are the only Witness that there have been. Dear writers: Clarify!!

Henry using the sword on Moloch ... of course Moloch isn't going to be dead when we come back from winter break, and I don't think that Henry is going to end up joining Team Witness (and I don't think that Henry is going to die from using the sword, either). Perhaps that is what's going to happen with Irving. Since his soul was claimed by Henry, he will become the new War when Moloch gets his power back while he's in Purgatory ... I completely think that using the sword on him on Earth will only send him back to Purgatory and that the only way to really get rid of him is to use the sword on him while he's down there. Just watch, I'll bet anyone that that's what's going to happen.

Captain Skinnyjeans and Katrina are on a "trial separation" ... yeah, just one more reason for me to think that Katrina is going to get killed before the end of the season. And I can just imagine that she'll get killed, and the writers will have Ichabod holding her as she does so, telling her that he forgives her for everything that's happened between them. I would almost hope that she would have come back as a super powerful ghost, but the way that we were promised that she was Katrina, Super Witch ... but she turned out to not be in any way, shape, or form, would make me think that it's pretty much impossible for her to be Super Witch Ghost either.

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