Wednesday, December 10, 2014

'The Things We Left Behind' -- SPN 10x09

Warning: Spoiler Alert

If there's one thing that you can count on this show to keep going back to, it's the family issues. And yes, you should be able to read that with all kinds of sarcasm. The family issues that the characters all seem to have is something that I would love for the writers to dial back on somewhat. It's one thing if one or two of the characters are having to deal with their daddy issues, but to turn around and have all of the main cast (and I am counting Crowley and Cass with this) have some variation of a daddy or mommy issue ... it's a little overboard. I might accept the twist on the fact that Cas is someone else's daddy issue if it weren't for the fact that the boys have had daddy issues since day one (and it's been something that has been a serious Thing for the two of them), and if Crowley's mommy issues hadn't now become a Thing.

Also, I want some more rules laid out for how an angel can continue to inhabit a body where the spirit has already gone on to Heaven. We know that demons can keep a body going via Ruby, but I'm completely fine with that, since they are demons and are riding a body until it wears out (whether the soul is still in there or not). With angels, there has to be some sort of permission given before they can even go in in the first place, and even though the way they go in might be splitting hairs, it makes me wonder if there other things that they have to do differently. Angels (for the most part) in the SPN universe are dicks, but they are based on the angels from the Old Testament/Torah, and those dudes were soldiers fighting on the side of humans against demons ... and they were still at least somewhat the helpers that Christians think of them now. Would there have to be some sort of permission given to continue to use someone's body after they have left it? Or does it matter if they get it or not? Andreth would tell me not to worry about this sort of stuff, cuz it's only genre television, but this is the sort of stuff that my brain circles around. Gimme the breakdown of the rules, damn it!!

And this episode made me start wondering again what exactly it is that makes some people so special that they are able to be vessels for angels, and why others aren't. I still want to think that the people who are able to be vessels are descendants of Nephilim, but Show has shot that idea right out of the water. It's not just that we met the one Nephilim that there was supposed to be in existence last season (with Cas and Metatron), but the way that the writers have set up angels, there is no way that they would be capable of having children. As completely spiritual beings, the most they could do would be to possess someone, and guide them into having children with each other ... but the kids would still be completely human. It's just like there's actually no such thing as demon blood (since they are also completely spiritual beings, they don't have blood, and if you are drinking blood, you are drinking the blood of a terrestrial being (whether they may be possessed or not)). I guess there would have to be some sort of marker in their DNA or something, but I'd really like to know what that is. ::whine:: At least "Grimm" gave us a reason as to why Grimms can see Wesen, and how Wesen are able to tell when someone is a Grimm. ::/whine::

This was a rather disappointing midseason finale. Instead of creating any kind of tension for the rest of the season, or actually focusing in on who will become the Big Bad, we get a shit ton of daddy/mommy issues. I suppose that Crowley's mom might become the Big Bad for the season, but if she is, it's still kind of disappointing. It's not just that she doesn't seem imposing enough to be the Big Bad (despite being the kind of kick ass witch that Katrina was supposed to have been on "Sleepy Hollow"), or that she isn't super sneaky (which is pretty awesome in its own right) ... but the Big Bad of Show has a certain level of badassery to live up to (like YED level). She may be powerful and pretty evil, but she has not proven herself to be YED or Lucifer; so, if it turns out to be her, I think that it's going to be a let down.

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