Saturday, December 13, 2014

'Chupacabra' -- Grimm 4x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, finally they have kind of breached the subject of actually telling Wu what has been going on. Ok, sure, the gang had the discussion about whether or not they should actually tell him last season, but they didn't come anywhere close to really telling him (and made it pretty clear that they weren't going to say anything at all, if they could get away with it).

I can understand why Wu decided that he needed to get as far away from Nick and Hank (after seeing dude turn from a Chupacabra into a dude again) as he possibly could, but I really do wish that he would have stuck around. Not only will it mean that the gang wouldn't have to go looking for him while they have other (more important) things going on, but it would also mean that he would get the answers that he's been wanting far more quickly. I'm sure that getting everything explained to him will be tons better for his peace of mind than having to drink away the WTF?

It was a very nice touch to have the dudes who are so pissed off about Rosalee and Monroe getting married hanging up a dead fox outside the backdoor of the spice shop. There probably isn't much of anything else that would disturb her as much as seeing a dead fox in that manner (being, essentially, a fox herself). And I kind of would like to see them try and put a dead wolf outside of Monroe and Rosalee's house, just to try to find and kill a wolf without getting hurt themselves, but also to try and get such a thing past him. I have no doubt that they thought that they could get away with trying to intimidate Rosalee, since Blutbaden are so intimidating to other Wesen; but if they did such a thing in a group, they might feel like they had an upper hand ... and they must have had some sort of upper hand with what happens next week, if the preview is correct in showing that Monroe was captured by those assnozzles.

I'm really glad that it turned out that Juliette wasn't pregnant (and that I was right in thinking that they were just trying to psych us out at the end of the last episode). I'm sure that there would probably not be anything like an ideal time for a Grimm to start a family, but the way things are right now for the gang (and especially for Nick and Juliette), it seems like it would be bad timing to the extreme for it to happen right now. There would have to be a point where things would settle down a little bit (even though it's not likely to ever be completely calm), and it seems like that would be the better time for the babies to start coming (when people aren't trying to kill Monroe and Rosalee, Wu isn't deciding that he wants to go kind of crazy cuz he doesn't know what it is that he's seen, Wesen don't still think that Nick doesn't have his Grimmy powers, Adalind isn't hovering over their entire lives ...). If even a couple of this things can start to get calmed down, and everyone in the gang can kind of look over the baby, things might be a little bit different.

Is it wrong that I kind of want Juliette to permanently become a Hexenbiest? Cuz I would kind of love that. The idea of it amuses me to no end that she could have been turned into a kind of Wesen. But it also begs the question: what would happen if a Grimm and a Wesen had a child together? What kind of being would the child be, being half the hunter and half the hunted. Sure, something like this should have occurred to me when we found out that Aunt Marie has been seeing a Wesen, but we were still too new to the whole "Grimm" world at that point for the question to really occur to me. And it would also be interesting to see just how different each child would be for each different combination between Grimm and Wesen (Grimm/Blutbad, Grimm/Fuchsbau, Grimm/Hexenbiest, Grimm/Coyotl ...), since the different kinds of Wesen have such different natural traits.

Also, I would like the writers to get back somewhat to Agent Chavez, if only to tie up loose ends. Once it became clear that she was up to something, and the kid let Nick know what had happened, we haven't seen her (and have only kind of seen the dudes working with her a bit). I would love to know if they're still in town, if they've still got an eye on Nick (since that could make things troublesome for him), or if they're following after Josh and the kid. Gimme something, so I don't have to keep wondering!

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