Wednesday, April 8, 2015

'Heartbreaker' -- Grimm 4x16

Warning: Spoiler Alert

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So, we've two episodes in a row where the Wesen that's been the focus of the episode has been one that hasn't followed what we have been shown to be the "normal" rules for how a Wesen lives and woges. I have to say that I dig the fact that the writers are branching out a little more and bringing in the idea that being a Wesen can be a bit more of a curse than they have before (where the prevailing attitude has been that this is just the way that people are, and they (as a general rule) have no major issues with what they are ... unless it's something like with Monroe, where it's kind of a moral issue against hurting other people).

The idea that being a Wesen might be a curse is kind of an interesting one, and not being able to be around people without being afraid that you might hurt them has got to suck. And I like the idea that Nick has to kind of retool what he's thought he knew about how he could tell if someone was Wesen, since in this case (and maybe in others that we haven't come across yet), there was someone who couldn't woge in any way that he had come across before. Sure, the whole thing with Juliette is making him have to rethink things that are going on, but this was another way to bring it home a bit for him.

Speaking of Juliette, I don't know that I'm really digging this whole thing that's going on with her right now, but I can't say that I really blame her. Yeah, suddenly finding out that you've been turned into a hexenbiest cannot be easy, and I don't know that anyone wouldn't be freaking out over it ... especially if the whole Grimm life wasn't necessarily something that they were absolutely keen about being a part of, and they only stuck around cuz they loved someone who was a part of it. I'm hoping that she'll be able to find her equilibrium again, since I still want her to be an awesome hexenbiest, to be a part of the team, and for her and Nick to stay together (I know that there are people who don't care for her, and who would rather see her with Renard, but I like her (as a general rule), and I want it to stay Nick & Juliette). I have hope that she will come back around after a bit of freaking out, since she was the one who said that they should do the spell to make sure that Nick got his Grimm back; so, there has to be a part of her that realizes how important it is that he remains a Grimm (not only cuz it's become so much a part of who he is now, but also cuz it makes him safer).

I have the feeling that the writers are trying to make us question whether Juliette is going to stay with Team Grimm, or if she's going to do something on her own ... perhaps reeking havoc as a hexenbiest, or some such nonsense. It's not so much that she's freaking out that is making me wonder that, but more that she's staying with Renard, and even though he works alongside Team Grimm when it comes to Wesen stuff, he's still not completely a member of the team. If it's done right, I think that the writers could do some interesting things with Juliette, fleshing out her character some and having her learn how to be a hexenbiest (maybe travelling to other parts of the world in the process, where we might encounter other royals who aren't part of the European branch that we've been dealing with so far). I'm not sure that they would do this, what with the base of operations of the show being Portland, and it would probably be dead expensive to have this one character travel the world and go to places that they don't already have set-ups for the show. Plus, they might not want to get her too far away from home, if they're going to want to have her get back together with Nick in the near future. Maybe if they did it in one of the tie-in books (or comics), but then, they'd have to still kind of deal with it on the show, since the tie-in stuff is kind of an extension of the things that happen on the show.

Oh, and while we're talking about hexenbiests ... at least now we know that Victor isn't Diana's father, even though he seemed perfectly willing to go along with Adalind's lie. So, the possibilities of who her father is have narrowed down to Eric and Sean, and I would not be at all surprised to find out it was actually Eric. It would actually make me laugh to find out that it was him, and for him to show back up alive after the reveal (yeah, still not convinced that he's dead). And as far as the new baby ... wow! Adalind went from not knowing she was pregnant to looking like she was seven months in like a week. Damn. Is that what happens when you have a Grimm as the father? (only slightly kidding with that)

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