Sunday, April 26, 2015

'Iron Hans' -- Grimm 4x19

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The save as far as "suppressing" the hexenbiest in Juliette seemed a little contrived to me. It wasn't just the idea that Adalind might be the one to make some sort of reparations for what she did to the Scooby gang (and continue to jump back and forth over the love/hate line), or that by helping them, she might get a clue as to where Diana currently is ... it was having a super powerful hexenbiest tell us, "Nope, there's no way that we can do anything about this," then, turn around and have Rosalee say, "Oh, yeah, I can probably figure out what to do if I had the book Adalind used ... yeah, I completely have an idea ... oh, yeah, psych," and then, have Adalind come back and go, "Oh, yeah, there is something that we can do. I kind of half-remember this thing that my great aunt told my mom once ..." Sure, it isn't a cure that she kind of remembers, but it's still something that might help get her somewhat back to what she was before.

I'll admit to being of two minds about this suppression spell that Adalind kind of remembers. One the one hand, I want Juliette to be a hexenbiest and have all sorts of awesome powers that could help the gang later on (and so she isn't just The Girlfriend); but on the other ... I'm not digging what the writers are doing with her character right now. I want her to have the awesome hexenbiest powers, but still be herself. But maybe the suppression spell could let me have my cake and eat it, too. She could go back to being herself, and the hexenbiest stuff might come out in unexpected ways (and times). That could be interesting.

So, now we know that the new baby is going to be a boy, and that makes me wonder if it might change the dynamic of his nature (as apposed to him being a girl ... which may have been more interesting). If he's half Grimm and half zauberbiest, he'd probably get the boost of strength from both sides, but from the way that it's looking, he'd likely not be able to do any spells (which seem to be what the hexenbiests can do exclusively). It might help him if he chose to lean more on his Grimm side than his Wesen, especially if he ended up being a fighter. And if he met up with Diana one day, it could create some interesting confrontations between the two of them.

I still think the idea that this new baby is genetically Juliette's to be kind of a cool one, and I would like to see what would happen if the writers decided to go that way with it. But then, I also like the idea of how Diana and the new baby could possibly react to each other would be interesting if they were biological siblings. Either way, it could be kind of cool.

Juliette working for the royals ... nothing good is going to come of that. Even if she changes her mind at some point (like if the gang is able to get the suppression spell working and into her system), the royals would probably make it very hard for her to get away. They might even make it more hard for her than they might for Adalind, since Juliette knows so much about Nick and can be used so effectively against him; and not having grown up in the Wesen world the way that Adalind has, I wonder if there would be unexpected pitfalls and traps that she wouldn't see coming if she tried to get away. Sure, Adalind hasn't had it completely easy when dealing with the royals, but it seems that she at least knows the game that she's in to a better extent than Juliette does, and wouldn't be completely blindsided when something doesn't go her way (since they're likely to have all sorts of things up their sleeves). And she's got to know that she's being manipulated by the new guy. Even if she' angry, getting into bed with the royals ... that still doesn't seem like a good idea.

WTH is going on with Renard? What do you want to bet that he brought something back with him when he nearly died?

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