Saturday, April 18, 2015

'Mishipeshu' -- Grimm 4x18

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'll admit to being glad that the writers branched out a bit and did something that wasn't based on European folklore or fairy tales. Sure, they've done a bit of that before now, but I dig the fact that they were using a Native American story for this one. I have the feeling that if I felt like I knew enough about any of those cultures to use their folklore in my own writings, I probably would, but I don't feel like I know enough (and I don't want to be offensive).

I also really like the fact that what they were dealing with wasn't a Wesen, but was something else. The idea that the world is far more varied than just Wesen, Grimms, and normal humans makes me all kinds of happy. Sure, they've also done some with things that aren't Wesen before, but to have it sprinkled in the show again is nice.

I have the feeling that the writers may be starting to explore something with Juliette that would be akin to them exploring exactly why hexenbiests are the way that they are. Maybe the reason why they seem to be on the vindictive and manipulative side has to do with their powers somehow. Maybe the ability to access those sorts of things mess around with their brain chemistry? If they didn't have access to their powers, or they used them a different way, would they be a different kind of people? It could be that I'm thinking about this too hard, or in completely he wrong way, and only really using the bitch that Adalind is and the bitch that Juliette is becoming (from the shock and such of her life changing so very much).

Also, as much as I like Rosalee, I'm having a bit of a hard time believing that she would have figured out something that would have stopped Juliette from being a hexenbiest anymore, when Elizabeth's friend didn't know of anything that could stop it. I suppose it could be headcannoned that said friend had never bothered to try and find anything that would have stopped someone from being a hexenbiest after they became one the way that Juliette has, but I really don't like the idea of brushing it off like that. Still, maybe the way things are going with Juliette, maybe it might be a good thing if they get the hexenbiest powers out of her. She's started going to a really dark place with them, and she's turning into someone other than herself ... someone who looks like she might leave the gang and do something incredibly stupid, which I don't want her to do (on either count).

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