Wednesday, November 18, 2015

'Lost Boys' -- Grimm 5x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Maybe it was just me, but I was expecting a bit more out of this episode. I was kind of expecting it to be a little more like the time when Monroe was kidnapped, but it wasn't anything like that ... in that I was never afraid for Rosalee. Well, to be fair, I wasn't exactly afraid for Monroe either, cuz I think that the writers realize what a good thing they have with Monroe (since he seems to be a fan favorite, and they'd have to be kind of stupid to get rid of him while people still like him), but at least when Monroe was taken, there seemed to be a bit of actual danger there. With this, there was no real danger, and I wanted to feel like there might be a little bit.

I was also kind of expecting that with the gang realizing that these kids didn't have any idea of what they were, that they would make sure that the kids were put into foster homes where they were other Wesen ... or that they would at least appear to make the attempt to help get the kids into Wesen homes; that way, they would learn the rules and history, and the gang wouldn't have to worry about trying to stop them from doing something crazy stupid later on. To just let them go back into the system without doing anything in the way of trying to take into account the fact that they aren't "human" doesn't seem smart. But maybe that's just me.

I'm also wondering if we're supposed to think that the person who was behind the door at the end of the last episode was the kid, instead of Juliette. The way that the kid had bruises on her face when we saw her at the end of the episode made me wonder if we're supposed to think that Juliette isn't there ... even though the writers have done a truly horrible job trying to convince us that she is. Maybe the kid got her bruises from fighting with Juliette? That could make things kind of interesting, with Juliette being all bitter that the kid tried to kill her.

I'm also getting the feeling that we're just supposed to kind of take it on Adalind's word now that Diana's Renard's daughter ... even though I'm still not at all convinced of that (just like we're supposed to take it on faith that his brother is dead, even though he was fine when we last saw him). The way that they try to make things mysterious sometimes, and then, just expect to accept some answer after they (seemingly) get tired of making something a mystery, is a bit annoying.

Also, is anyone else kind of getting freaked out by how Adalind is kind of becoming one of the gang? Sure, now that she doesn't have her hexenbiest abilities, she's saying that she would rather suppress them, but what happens when they come back (cuz you have to know that at some point they will)? She's going to go back to being someone that they can't trust, except now she'll be more of a danger to them, cuz she'll know some of the inner workings of the gang ... besides probably using Kelly against Nick.

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Will Oller said...

The Adiland - Nick romance is going to be a plot point, no doubt.
And with Adiland regaining independence and confidence via her impending job, her powers are right around the corner with whatever mind games come with that. Woo!