Sunday, November 8, 2015

'This Red Lady from Caribee' -- SH 3x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Sooo ... Jenny is the new Death? If they do it correctly, I guess it could be alright, but I have the horrible feeling that it might turn the way that Irving turned out (where it was something that would have been really awesome, but ended up being a complete let down).

I almost have the feeling that they are going to end up using Jenny to get ahold of Pandora in whatever underworld that she's in. In a way, I kind of hope that she ends up being in Helheim, but that's only cuz of how much I love Norse mythology ... but on the other side, I really hope that it isn't Helheim she's in, cuz of how much I love Norse mythology (and I don't want the writers to mess things up).

But if Jenny turns into the new lieutenant of the Big Bad (the way that Bram was), that would make someone else attached to Team Witness working for a Big Bad. I suppose that it makes a certain amount of sense to come at the people attached to Team Witness, but I'd like to see someone who isn't attached to them be working for the Big Bad. It might make Abbie and Ichabod make stupid mistakes to know that someone that they care about is in danger, and that is smart on the bad guy's part, but ... I just want it to be someone that they don't know ... and for it the Big Bad to feel like more of an unbeatable threat than Pandora seems to be.

Yeah, I don't really think that Pandora is that much of a threat. So far, even though she seems to be a magic user that could actually cause some damage (unlike Katrina), she has been really underwhelming. A part of that might have to do with the fact that I don't care for the actress, and I am really unimpressed with her ability to "act".

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