Monday, November 2, 2015

'The Grimm Identity' -- Grimm 5x01

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Wow. Talk about working a little too hard to make us believe that Juliette is dead. And the more that the writers tried to drive it home that she really was dead (and how awkward it seemed when they kept trying to drive it home that Nick thought she got on the helicopter, but she didn't) makes me positive that she's alive. And that's not even counting my regular skepticism with not believing that a character is dead unless we actually see that character die on screen (and not even always believing that they will stay dead if we do actually see them snuff it ... like Sam and Dean Winchester).

I got the feeling that they want us to think that she's dead so that it will turn in this huge reveal that she's still alive, and that we're supposed to be shocked when it happens. But if it hadn't played out so awkwardly (and they hadn't tried to drive it into the ground), it might have ended up being the surprise that I'm sure that they are wanting it to be.

And I still really want to find out that the baby is biologically Juliette's. There was such a big deal made last season about how no one knows how much fallout there will be from the spell that Adalind used to become Juliette that it makes me think that we still haven't seen the end of it yet. And how much fun would it be to find out that baby!Kelly shares absolutely no DNA with Adalind, and for Juliette to find out that baby!Kelly is actually her child (from a DNA standpoint)? It would certainly make for an interesting thread in the plot.

Soooo ... it's the Resistance that kidnapped the kid and took Juliette along. What exactly do they have planned? It's obviously something against the Royals; it's just a question of what. Whatever they have planned, I don't have the feeling that it's going to work, cuz the writers would not be so silly as to get rid of the threat that the Royals pose. So, she may end up being freed before the season is up.

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