Wednesday, November 18, 2015

'The Art of War' -- SH 3x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, Jenny has become a zombie Anubis monster. Ok. But my question is: didn't the writers already kind of do that already with Irving and War? Are they going to go the way of the SPN writers and start rehashing old ideas? Ideas that weren't all that great in the first place? It kind of seems like they are.

And seeing as how we have now had a second mention of Norse mythology (first with the mention of Hel, and now with the mention of berserkers and mistletoe), it makes me wonder even more if Pandora is hiding out in Helhiem. Sure, Jenny has the shard of Anubis inside of her (and in a way, it might make sense for her to go to the Egyptian afterlife place ... sorry, don't know the name), but with the mentions of Norse mythology for no reason, it makes me get suspicious of the things that might end up happening. Plus, the writers of this show have never really tried to make sense with what they have been doing, so they may try to go into left field with some of the stuff that's going on.

I might also be kind of excited to see what was about to happen with Jenny, if it didn't feel like the writers were rehashing stuff from before, and if the acting from the actress who plays Jenny didn't feel completely stiff this entire episode. Usually, I really like her, but with this stuff ... none of it felt like it was real. It felt more like since she was expected to kind of be a zombie (or would the word we should be using be "vessel"), she didn't have to emote at all during this episode.

With the whole thing with Katrina finally being over, I was hoping that the show would pick up on some of the magic (forgive the pun) that it had when it first started, but it hasn't gotten any of that back. Instead, it's continued to stay stiff. For the most part, I don't think that's the problem of the actors, and is (instead) cuz of the writing. And the sad part of that is that the premise is a really good one, but it just hasn't been completely delivered.

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