Tuesday, September 24, 2013

'Blood Moon' -- SH 1x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Is it just me, or is it kind of hilarious to watch the man who is not Hiddles, but who possesses Hiddles' nose and hands Ichabod go all amazed!balls over the stuff that the world has now that it didn't have a couple hundred years ago? Watching him use the shower and getting all alarmed by what happened with the water ... Ha!! And I suppose that if you don't know what a hair dryer is, using it to dry your clothes might be a logical conclusion for its use.

I suppose that adding something like a photographic memory was kind of necessary for Ichabod, since that might help him a little bit more when it comes to making sure that he is at least able to function in the world now, instead of always being three steps behind and to one side. At least now, once he actually starts figuring things out, and Abbie properly explains things to him, he might at least be able to "pass" as someone who is from our time ... though, still a little bit odd (since I doubt that he would completely adapt to his new surroundings, and I doubt that the writers would even consider doing that with him, since the way that he tends to trip balls over things is really rather humorous).

I was really glad to see Clancy Brown come back, even if he did only come back in a hallucination/vision. If you get Clancy Brown on your payroll, you don't waste him by killing him off at the beginning of the very first episode. You use that man!! He's too Big Name in the dorky circles for you to not use him (kind of the same way you would use Ron Perlman for the same reason). And I don't care how much time passes, he will always be the Kurgan to me, and I'm always going to want to watch him singing "New York, New York" along with Queen.

But the fact that he did come back in some kind of vision makes me wonder (and hope) that he might be back later as well. The fact that the actress who is playing Katrina is in the opening sequence would make it look like she's going to be a big part of the show, but the fact that he seems to be Abbie's Katrina makes me think that he might be coming back at least a little bit in future episodes.

I'm still buggin' about the way that the writers have been dealing with the horsemen, especially since they made the headless horseman out like he was Death in the first episode (despite giving him all of the trappings of Conquest), and now, they seem to be saying that he's actually Conquest (while making Death someone else, and giving him an appropriate colored horse). Yes, details like this are always going to get my brain running around in circles; that's just how it roles.

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