Saturday, September 21, 2013

'Stay' -- Suits 3x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I don't know why it was that when I heard "Stanford," what I actually heard was "Harvard." So, Rachel still didn't get into the school that she would have needed to go to, and I should have remembered which school it was. That's my bad. But I suppose at least she's gotten the promise from Jessica to wave that rule about which school they're allowed to go to if they want to work at that particular firm, so she'll get to stay ... but I feel like that is going to come back to bite Jessica in the ass at some point. If/when other people realize that Rachel got hired after going to (Columbia, I'm assuming) not-Harvard, I have a feeling that there might be other people who would want to exploit that fact (regardless of the special circumstances that were involved with her getting a position as an attorney with the firm).

I'm still a bit annoyed with Rachel, and I won't lie that I would have liked it if there would have been a bit of a cooling off period with her (where she went to Stanford for a year or two). But I suppose that without her, there wouldn't be anyone that would be able to keep Luis in check. Yes, Jessica is able to do it to a certain extent, but it's not the same. When it's Jessica, it's like a parent coming in and smacking him on the nose (and kids don't always listen to the parents). But when Rachel does it, it's more like a younger sibling, and I think that he actually listens to her a little bit more than he would someone else.

I was super glad that Harvey has learned enough at this point to be able to put aside his pride and tell Luis the things that Luis needed to hear, and I have a feeling that those things coming from Harvey are going to have more impact than if they came from someone else (cuz of the history that the two of them have with each other). If Harvey hadn't been able to step up like that (and do what Jessica suggested that he do), I don't think that Luis would have been willing to do as much as he would have otherwise. Sure, blondie had managed to convince him to at least do a little bit of the right thing, but hearing Harvey tell him the things that he needed to hear only ensured that he would be on Harvey's side. And I have the feeling that if Harvey continues to be able to put his own crap aside, Luis may be willing to back him in most anything. I keep getting the feeling that he's kind of like a neglected kid who will do anything for the grown-up who gives him the attention that he most desires.

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