Thursday, September 12, 2013

'Bad Faith' -- Suits 3x09

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Normally I really like Rachel, but in this episode I wanted to pull her hair so very, very hard. All I could think was that she was one of those stupid bitches who can't seem to be happy about anything, and who insists on throwing eighteen fits about every damn thing.

Ok, I'm not sure that I would exactly thrilled if someone I possibly cared about used me against someone else that I possibly cared about, but I don't know that Mike using her in a roundabout way should have made her freak out so badly and make her talk about how she didn't know if she wanted to move in with him.

But then, I suppose that we found out why she was all over his case about everything for pretty much the entire episode ... she had gotten into Stanford, and she already knew that she was going to go (cuz let's face it, she is going to go). But that is something that I really don't like about Rachel. She is one of those girls who demands that the guy she is with be totally and completely honest with her (the way that she was all over Mike about his big secret last season ... yeah), but she'll keep secrets of her own and act like it's ok for her, but not for him. It's one of those things that makes me want to pull her hair. Hard.

I may be able to appreciate that she is smart, and that she is so patient with Luis (even when he's being a jerk), but I really am not digging how high maintenance she can be.

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