Wednesday, October 8, 2014

'Black' -- SPN 10x01

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I wonder what really happened to Jared's shoulder ... but not really enough to go looking for a reason why he would have been in a sling (and the writers would have felt the need to add something in there about how a demon messed him up while he was looking for Dean). And how is it that Jared's the one that ends up in the slings and the casts, but not Jensen? I guess Jared needs to not be a giant klutz. ;) But then, it has been six seasons or something since he broke his arm, so maybe he's not such a giant klutz.

Even if I knew that it would mean there would be no show, I kind of wish that Sam would just let Dean go ... hell, that's a good way for there to be no show anymore, and as much as Show has been making me crazy in the head the past few years, maybe that's a good thing. It would be easier to just walk away than to wish that the whole thing would explode, but I've invested far too much time into Show at this point, and it's hard to walk away when you've been in on the long haul like this.

I get the feeling that we're supposed to care and wonder about who this dude is that has kidnapped Sam cuz he's so pissed off at Dean from back in the day. But the problem is that I don't really care about who he is ... and only part of that comes from it not making a whole lot of sense to me that he's going after Dean now. If he's a hunter, why haven't we ever heard about this rift until now (and why is it such a surprise to Sam)? And if he's a demon, why would he be so stupid as to go after Dean now that he has the First Blade and the Mark of Cain, especially since he doesn't seem to be so stupid that he doesn't know that Dean has either of those things (like the idjits that Crowley has been getting to start stuff with Dean)? Whatever the case may be, if past is prologue, I have the feeling that there's going to be all kinds of build up, and we're going to be let down by the reveal.

I kind of hope that Cas does end up dying by the end of the season ... mostly cuz I get the feeling that he has a free pass cuz he's so popular ... and there may still be a bit of residual resentment over the fact that they killed off Bobby (and then, didn't bring him back, except as a ghost for a few episodes, and then, as a cheat in Sam's dream), and he was hella popular, too.

Since they made a point in the episode to let us know that Metatron is now permanently in prison (that the door to his cell is always going to be there), it makes me wonder if there would feasibly be more prophets now. If he's all locked up, and the magics that he used to make sure that there wouldn't be anymore prophets is out of commission, theoretically there should be. But I have the feeling that even if there are going to be more, they have run their course on the show. It's not just that Kevin was popular and killed (and the writers broke an entire fanbase by doing it), I got the feeling from last season that the writers were exiting the prophets from the show's mythos with the death of Kevin (especially since the tablets don't seem like they're going to be as integral to the show as they were before). However, I would love to at least have a throwaway comment about how there is a new prophet around ... as well as another comment about, "I wonder what ever happened to Chuck."

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