Wednesday, October 8, 2014

'Root of All Evil' -- SH 2x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

If they hadn't had the whole thing with the Coins of Zakynthos on "Grimm," I think that I may have enjoyed the whole addition of the 30 pieces of silver subplot that's been added to this show. But since "Grimm" already did it two seasons ago, I couldn't help thinking "'Grimm' already did this." Sure, the 30 pieces of silver (and its reference to Judas isn't exactly the same thing (and the addition of it being about Judas did make me think of Dracula 2000), but the fact that there are multiple coins, and that they're kind of important kept making me think of the other show. Not what the writers were hoping for, I'm sure.

I kind of hope that they never find anymore of the coins, cuz I would find that intensely satisfying as someone who enjoys some things to be up in the air (especially when they are things of folklore and mythology). I have the feeling that if all of the coins were brought together at any point, something terrible would end up happening, and even if I would enjoy them remaining somewhat of a mystery, I have the feeling that the writers are going to end up bringing all of the coins together at some point in the future ... maybe in the last season of the show (where they will be the lynchpin for the victory that either side is trying to attain). I really hope that isn't what ends up happening, but I have the horrible feeling that that's exactly what's going to happen.

I did enjoy the addition of the lovable rogue into the show, since I think it'll bring about a fun dynamic into what's going on ... and part of what will make it so very fun will be that it will probably be so very, very annoying to Ichabod and Abbie. Can't you just see Ichabod continually getting flustered by someone who is so blasé about rules and such, and Abbie wanting to shoot him in the face? I can, and it makes me want to giggle uncontrollably.

Henry going to the house where he was born ... there has to be some sort of significance to that ... more than just that it feels somewhat circular to use the house you were born in as a kind of base of operations for mass murder. There has to be some kind of power that he is expecting that he will be able to get from the place; it may partially come from the fact that he was born there, but it may also partially come from the fact that the ground, and the walls, and everything about the house itself is probably used to having magic preformed there (and soaking in the effects of what's going on). The place already seems like it might have started to go bad, but it also still seems like it at least has a bit of residual magic going on in there, so it may not be that hard for Henry to get things going in a bad way from there.

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