Thursday, October 16, 2014

'Reichenbach' -- SPN 10x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm trying to decide if the writers are trying to make us think (through the use of the title) that Dean is dead (and that we may end up getting a psych out later when they realize that they can still make money off of the character. ::cough::SirArthurConanDoyal::cough::), or if we're supposed to think that this new dude is going to be the show's Moriarty ... or something of the like. Or it could be that I'm overthinking the whole thing, and they don't mean either of those things, and if it doesn't, it doesn't seem like the use of Reichenbach would make that much sense (what with the word being associated so much with the supposed death of Sherlock (and the actual death of Moriarty)).

I'm really hoping that they don't bring Metatron back into the show. He wasn't nearly as awesome and awe inspiring as I had hoped that he might be before they introduced him as a character (what with Metatron being one of my more favorite angels). If any of the angels or fallen angels of previous season were going to come back to be an antagonist again, I'd much rather have Lucifer or YED ... not that either of them have much of a chance of coming back onto Show at this point.

But speaking of Metatron, I don't believe him when he was telling Cas that he still has a part of his grace out there somewhere; it seems just too much like something he would say to mess with Cas's head while he still had the chance to do so. And if we do suddenly find out that there is still a part of his grace hanging out somewhere, I won't lie ... I'm going to feel kind of cheated. I know that there are plenty of Cas fangirls out there that would be completely psyched that Cas would be able to survive this season (and possibly into another season, if there is one ... which I really hope there isn't), but from a story standpoint, it feels like a complete cheat to build up that he's dying, and then, randomly give him the Get Out of Death Free card. It feels lazy on the part of the writers if they go that route, like they wrote themselves into a corner and couldn't think of anything that might actually get them out of the predicament they had put themselves into. So, in that way, I do hope that Cas finds out that Metaron was lying to him.

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