Saturday, November 29, 2014

'Highway of Tears' -- Grimm 4x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This episode brought to you by Nick! Hank! Nick! Hank! Nick! Hank! Nick! Hank!

As much as the kid had been kind of annoying me last season, I have to say that she has been starting to grow on me this season. Maybe it has to do with the writers doing a little more with her than just the, "let's add a punk kid" thing, and giving her character some more fleshing out. The fact that she was so willing to stay with Rosalee ... that she got kind of teary and relieved and huggy when Juliette was herself again and when Nick got his Grimm back ... it endeared her to me more than probably a lot of other things that could have happened. So, even if there are still times when I want to shake her, I think that I'll be glad for her in addition to the other members of the gang.

I think I may be more excited about the idea of Nick and the kid getting their Grimm on together than I probably should be. I love the idea of the two of them growing together as Grimms, kicking some serious butt, and changing the world. In my own forming headcanon, the kid will get super trained by and with Nick, and she will go off to somewhere else to help change Grimm/Wesen relations in some major way ... maybe taking up an apprentice of her own along the way. Must resist the urge to make a joke about Jedi!!

Elizabeth being so sure that Renard is the father of Diana ... I'm surprised that she is so willing to believe that this is a fact. I can see Renard wanting such a thing to be true (since he seems the kind who would buckle down and be kind of happy for "normal" family life if it presented itself (perhaps because he didn't have anything of the kind growing up)), but she seems like she would be the type who would be more suspicious of the idea that Diana was Renard's daughter until she was able to prove it. I can see her believing that he believes, but that shouldn't necessarily mean that someone who is so wily would just accept such information without testing it for herself.

And I have the feeling that we are being led into expecting a confrontation between Elizabeth Lascelles and Kelly Burkhardt. It isn't just that Kelly has Diana, it's also the mention of Catherine Schade and the fact that Elizabeth wants to be near her "granddaughter" ... and also the repeated mention of the fact that what Elizabeth did to save Renard when he was dying could only be done for both of them once. It makes me think that she's going to look for Diana, that Kelly and Elizabeth are going to get in a drag out, and Elizabeth is going to be mortally wounded (with Renard maybe getting there just before she dies, knowing that he can't save her and gets all wrecked and the gang questions his loyalties a little more than they are right now).

I'm wondering if the stuff that's going on with Josh is tied somehow with the stuff going on with Chavez ... or maybe Chavez's group is part of the one that doesn't like different kinds of Wesen getting married to each other. Arg!! There is something going on there, and I have a feeling that at least two of them are tied to each other, even if all three aren't tied together. I just wish that I had a better beat on which of the two might be tied to each other, and which one is coincidentally happening at the same time.

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