Wednesday, January 21, 2015

'Pittura Infamante' -- SH 2x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Yeah, I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to last much longer on this show. There's too much that's kind of predictable, and I'm not concerned enough with what may, or may not happen to the characters. For the most part, I do enjoy the characters, which makes it a bit hard to walk away, despite the lack of dynamic storytelling in this season. The glaring exception continues to be Katrina, and I'm still not completely sure if my dislike of her has more to do with the fact that she seems to be someone who hasn't been completely fleshed out (and relies too heavily on the "I'm a pretty girl" factor, or if it's the fact that we were given a promise of her being a Powerful Witch ... and she still hasn't given us anything to really prove that she ever earned that title.

I'm sure that I was supposed to care about the fact that we had a ghosty inside of a painting, who had escaped, and was now trying to make sure that he could walk around murdering people, but I really couldn't bring myself to care about the fact that it might happen. Instead, I was kind of leaning toward the idea that it might be a good thing if he escaped and started eluding the gang and killing people (cuz it might bring some excitement to the show). And I was not worried in the slightest about whether or not Katrina and Captain Skinnyjeans survived going into the painting. The writers have done enough over the past season and a half to prove that they aren't going to put any of the characters into any danger that they aren't going to come back from (especially those who are on the first tier when it comes to importance). It seems much more like the writers have taken a page from the SPN writers' handbook, where you kill characters off, only to bring them back, because supernatural.

It's starting to get to the point where I'm having to handwave anything that's happening in the show and tell myself that the whole thing is happening in Purgatory. I still like the idea that Abbie and Captain Skinnyjeans never made it out after they went to get Katrina out, and this whole thing has been a fever dream given to them by Moloch to make them think that they've succeeded in fighting against him. And when Ichabod went to get Abbie out, I still don't understand why the writers thought that the fist bump would prove anything, and it only proved a little more to me that none of this is really happening. If Purgatory could mess with their minds enough to make him think that he was being brow-beaten by his father, and she was having pie with Corbin, it could make them think that they made it out ... and it certainly would have gotten into their brains enough to know what she was talking about when she asked him to give her the fist bump to prove that it was him (no matter how cryptic she was about how she asked him). This is probably the one instance when I would be all about the "it was all a dream" psych out; since it would make my brain want to explode a little less when it comes to this particular show.

I also am getting rather exhausted of the idea that practically everyone that Ichabod and Katrina knew from their original time either was part of the conspiracy to stop the Apocalypse, or else they were making their own attempts to save the world outside of the greater conspiracy. Not everyone who was important in their adult lives was a part of it in some way. Well, ok, it's not every single person, but the amount of people who were are way past what the odds say should be logical or likely. There had to be other people in their lives who were important and had nothing to do with his future as a Witness.

Just the whole A plot of this episode ... bleck. The two plots should have been switched around. The whole thing with the painting should have been the B plot (since it wasn't dynamic enough to carry the episode, and not just cuz I don't know that anyone cares about whether or not Katrina and Ichabod are able to save their marriage at this point), but also cuz the whole WTF with Irving is much more interesting.

Dearest Dork Gods,

Please have an intervention with the writers of this show so that I don't have another show that I want to walk away from.


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