Wednesday, January 21, 2015

'The Hunter Games' -- SPN 10x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well, I guess it's a good thing that they've finally stopped ignoring the fact that Dean really does need to get rid of the Mark before he goes all out crazy, but this episode didn't really get me excited about the idea that they might figure out how to do it ... not that I'm sure that they would have been able to do much at this point to really make me care one way or the other. And honestly, I trust Metatron about as far as I could throw him. Whatever the way is to get rid of the Mark, I wouldn't believe that he would tell them the truth of it, even if he really did know what it was. Sure, he has read a lot of books, and he was the Scribe before he abandoned his post, but I'm not completely convinced that he would know what the answer is ... or that he would actually tell them the truth on what those steps were.

I keep coming back to why they wouldn't go back to Cain to ask him, since there's no way that he would be dead. He's fucking Cain after all. It probably comes down to the fact that the actor is probably not available to reprise his role, but as far as the story goes, it makes more sense to ask the dude who the Mark came from in the first place how to get rid of it (especially since the one that you end up asking is an angel that's been in hiding for thousands of years, and his knowledge on it might be iffy even if he hadn't been in hiding for all that time, and the Mark comes from a demon. It seems like a demon would be the one to ask, since it's from their area of the universe, even if they tent to keep things close to the vest, especially amongst themselves. I guess my point is that the Mark never had anything to do with angels, and since a demon would likely keep the information on something so powerful to himself, it's not likely that an angel would know what to do about it).

I don't like the idea of Claire being alone; I want her to have someone that she can count on, and a family that she can be a part of. I kind of want her to find Krissy's gang so that she would at least have someone looking out for her who would have her best interests at heart, and who would know that she wasn't crazy. But I suppose it's at least a good thing that she was willing by the end of the episode to at least talk to Cas and accept that it might be a good thing to have him around sometimes to help her out.

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