Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Tribunal' -- Grimm 4x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Look at Wu, all on board with the crazy and everything. Our boy grows up so fast.

I loved his reaction to seeing Bud woge, and the fact that he wasn't all freaked out by it. But I guess that he wouldn't be ... he'd be glad to get more confirmation that he's not crazy, and that there isn't a reason for him to worry about his own sanity anymore. And when he was playing bad cop with Acker, oh, how I loved that. It's not every day that we get to see Wu do much more than play the comic relief, so it was nice to see him pull off turning the screws on someone. I will say, however, that it was a bit "on the nose" to have the Wesen cop that they were dealing with turn out to be a Bauerschwein (pig ... cop ... I see what you guys did there).

Monroe was fantastic with his "I am so disappointed in you guys for not knowing the power of love" speech; and just that little bit of manly tears was fantastic. Bravo, bro. You made me love Monroe just a little bit more. And Bud ... I don't know that I could love him anymore after this episode; doing as best as a little Eisbiber could in the face of so much reckless hate. I need to squeeze him so very tight.

Very nice hero shots of the gang in this episode; first with them all walking out of the precinct (even though I kept thinking, "Why are they not running?! Monroe is getting himself killed, and they're taking time for a hero-gang walk?"), and then, them when they were getting geared up to make their move. The camera people and the actors were working overtime on those to make sure they got the cool down.

And now to the really important parts of the episode: Juliette is a Hexenbiest. Ok, so it's now officially canon that there are some that can be made (and not just born that way); good to know. Doubly good to know that those rare Hexenbiests (is that the correct plural for that word?) that are made (instead of born) are even more dangerous than those that are born that way. I kind of have the feeling that the writers added this part to the Hexenbiest lore to give themselves some cool avenues in which to play with her character, and I am perfectly ok with that. She has already proven herself to be someone you don't necessarily want to mess with when she was in her completely human form, but now that we know that she may be super dangerous in her present Wesen form ... yes, please. It also brings up some very interesting possibilities when it comes to her and Nick and the possibility of children. I still want to know what would happen if a Grimm and a Wesen had a baby together, and it makes me wonder if there might be some added messing about with the DNA of the child, since Juliette's DNA has been messed with so much. Would the child of a Grimm and a Hexenbiest that started off as a normal human have something close to super powers? Something like Wyatt from "Charmed"?

Also, now that we know that there are Wesen who weren't born that way, it makes me wonder if Krampus was also one that was made; it would certainly make a lot more sense as to why dude had no idea of what Nick and Hank where talking about when he returned to human form, and it allows me to handwave the fact that no one in his family would have warned him that something like that was coming, or that he never saw anyone in his family turn into Krampus. Perhaps it's something where there can only be one of them in the world at a time, and when one of them feels like they're about to die, they "infect" someone else with the Krampus ... gene? Yes, I think that this is how I'm going to headcanon this (having there only be one at a time, and adding in the sickness that happened to the little boy in "Stories We Tell Our Young").

I can understand why she might have told Renard first, seeing as how he's half a Zauberbiest and might be able to explain to her what's going on better than someone else in the gang might, but that being said ... I can see where Nick might be hurt and angry that she went to Renard first (even if he might also understand how she might be afraid to tell him what's going on). What I want is for Renard to be able to calm her down some while explaining things, and for there to not be all kinds of drama between Nick and Juliette (I'm not a fan of when there's all kinds of drama between them ... that whole time when she didn't have her memory ... yeah, that went on a little too long, and I'm not eager to have another drawn out "I don't trust you" thing between the two of them).

And once she starts getting her feet underneath her where being a Hexenbiest is concerned (and learning how to do all the things that they can do), I see her being even more of an asset for the gang. She already proved that she is capable of learning pretty quickly (and being pretty dangerous) when she clocked that dude with the branch. I really hope the writers make this good.

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