Saturday, January 31, 2015

'Death Do Us Part' -- Grimm 4x11

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I wish I could say that I didn't see it coming that Stetson was going to be the killer, but I did. Too much of a big deal was made over the fact that Theo was supposedly the killer, and that Stetson was one of the two who was dead ... also, the fact that they pointed to the fact that both of the victims had wedding rings on their fingers I thought didn't really prove anything. Anyone can wear a ring, and just cuz the person is wearing what appears to be a wedding ring, doesn't mean that they are married to the person that they're in bed with. Duh. That seemed to be kind of a dangerous assumption to make, especially when the original detective knew that there was an affair going on.

I completely loved Wu's interactions with the boys in this episode ... of him trying to get his feet underneath him where the whole Grimm/Wesen thing is concerned. Also, loved the fact that the boys are now so open with him and have no issue with answering questions, or letting him do research in the trailer (whether they're there or not). Probably favorite part of that whole thing was Hank explaining what it looks like when someone who is probably a Wesen gets twitchy in front of Nick. Oh, boys.

And Nick's instinct that Juliette is keeping something from him!! She is doing a really crappy job of keeping things from him. Sure, Hank is willing to brush it off as the fact that some stressful things have happened, but Nick should know Juliette better than that, and know that there really is something going on with her. I kind of want him to ask her about it, and not stop pushing until she tells him what is going on; that comes more out of the fact that it's such a huge secret that she's keeping from the person that she's spending her life with, and the fact that he would be able to be beside her as she tried to figure out what to do to make things right (so that she wouldn't have to feel like she's all alone in trying to get back to normal). He loves her enough that I don't think that it would cause problems for them, and I'm sure that he'd stick with her no matter what happened with trying to get herself back to normal (or if she decided to stay a hexenbiest ... which I really hope that she does, since it would be awesome to have one within the inner circles of the gang).

What is going on with Renard? Whatever his mom did to make sure that he survived ... maybe she didn't do as good a job as everyone thought that she did (despite her being so awesome). I kind of would love to find out that whatever is going on with him is cuz of whatever is going on with Juliette ... that she's unconsciously making him ... unheal? As though it's caused by some sort of psychic residue that she isn't aware that she's sending out, since the "made" hexenbiests are more powerful, and she's never had the training that she needed to stop that sort of thing from happening.

Very nice effect when Stetson died, with the electric pulse that shot out everywhere. I kind of hoped that the pulse would have meant that he had disintegrated or something, but that's just cuz I thought it would have been cool (nevermind the fact that it would have meant less paperwork for the boys, and not having to make up the story about how Lily killed him in self defense).

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