Wednesday, January 21, 2015

'Wesenrein' -- Grimm 4x09

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Wu finally knows what's going on!!!! Hizzah!!! It seriously took them long enough to tell him everything; no lie. I am so happy about them finally telling him what's been happening with Grimms and Wesen and such ... well, at least starting to tell him everything (cuz there's still all sorts of stuff that he's going to have to be caught up on that he doesn't know about, especially if they really make him a part of the gang, and give him a key to the secret clubhouse). And I really do hope that they let him into the inner sanctum and don't stop with the information now that they've made sure that he realizes that he's not crazy. It may prove to be kind of tricky, since I'm not sure that Renard wants Wu to know his backstory (not that the others know a whole hell of a lot, but they certainly know more than Wu does ... or may ever know).

For the time being, I can see them being a bit freer to speak about things in front of Wu when it comes to their cases and stuff, and he can help make sure that no one who isn't in the know asks too many questions, but kind of keeping him at arm's length when it comes to what's going on with Renard and some of the more personal stuff with the members of the gang. But after a while, they may end up trusting him more, and I surely hope that they do. I like Wu.

I wish that I could feel more worried about Monroe and his survival, but truthfully ... I am not even the least bit concerned that he's going to survive. The writers would be stupid to kill him off, since he's not only so integral to Nick's survival as a Grimm (since Nick as to get so much information from him), the fact that he was introduced in the first episode as The Wesen that gives us the info we (as the audience) need to understand what's going on sometimes will make sure that he's not in any real danger. Besides which (and probably more importantly), Monroe is dead popular (no pun intended), and they would have to be daft to get rid of someone who the audience loves.

Rosalee, however ... OMG! I was legit scared there for a second that Juliette had really killed her in her Hexenbiest rage (or whatever it is that's going on with her). I typically hate the "oh, it was all only a dream" psych outs that writers do, but in this instance, I was really glad that it was there. It's not just that there aren't enough female characters on the show (and I don't want the writers to get rid of any more), it's also that I really like Rosalee, and I would rather not see her go.

I have the feeling that the whole thing with Adalind and the baby is going to be dragged out for the rest of the season (kind of the way the writers put the royals on the back burner last season), and we aren't really going to see much of anything from that storyline until maybe the last few episodes of the season. And there really hasn't been enough to make me care about where Diana is, or if Adlind is going to find her written into the show. I am more curious as to what may happen when/if Juliette meets up with Adalind. Will the two of them get into an epic fight? Will Adalind lose her powers again (probably won't happen, since that would be a little too much like a repeat of last season)? Will Juliette permanently turn into a Hexenbiest, and will Adalind have to train her (and if that happens, I would kind of prefer Renard's mom to teach Juliette what she needs to know, since I love, love, love Renard's mom)?

Speaking of not enough female characters on the show, I didn't expect that I would, but I'm starting to miss the kid. I didn't care for her too much in the beginning, but by the end of her run, I was starting to warm up to her, and I was looking forward to her working in tandem with Nick. I would really like it if she checks back in every now and then, so we can see the two of them kick some ass together. But I also hope that Nick meets up with and becomes allies with many more Grimms (especially those who think the same way that he does about Wesen, and they aren't all monsters that need to be killed). I can see the final season of the show ending with a giant battle between the royals and Nick (and whoever else he has on his side), and he's going to need all sorts of other people coming to his side to make sure that the "good guys" (a term I don't tend to like to use, since there are so many shades of grey) win the day.

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