Thursday, January 29, 2015

'Enough is Enough' -- Suits 4x11

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Show is back!! I thought it wasn't coming back until the spring! Oh, "Suits," how I've missed you.

I'm glad that Luis isn't gone forever, cuz I've always enjoyed having his character around (even if he is a jerkface who needs someone to shake him until his teeth rattle every once in a while). And I'm even more glad that Jessica figured out a way to make sure that he stopped trying to get revenge on everyone for not telling him about Mike (and not realizing that it wasn't a personal affront upon him that they were trying to keep the secret on the DL). Luis does strike me as the type of person who takes every little slight as a personal affront to him, even when it's not, and who will drive everything into the ground cuz of it if someone doesn't do something final about it to make him stop.

I'm not the biggest fan of Rachel (she tends to kind of irritate me), but I was not at all cool with the things that Luis said to her about lying to him (especially when he started bringing her family into it). Not cool, bro, not cool. But good on her to try to do something good for Katrina, to make sure that homegirl landed on her feet once it became clear that there was no way that Jessica was going to allow her to come back (no matter how much Luis tried to strong-arm his way into getting her back).

And I'm really happy about the fact that all of the drama with Luis figuring out what was going on didn't get dragged out for several episodes. By around the time that the episode was about half-way over, I was already ready for the drama to be at an end, and for them to figure out some other thing to have the characters go through; if they had had any more episodes with Luis throwing his tantrum, I think that I may have started to get frustrated with the show (which would have been a first for this one, since I don't really have a whole lot to complain about where this show is concerned).

As far as Luis becoming a named partner, I know that this is something that he's wanted since the show first started, but I wouldn't be surprised if the writers did something so that Luis found out that it wasn't everything that he wanted, or thought that it was going to be. It feels like he wanted it cuz of the sense of accomplishment that it would give him, but the way that he went about getting it ... I don't know if he's going to have the feeling of being as accomplished as he thought he might have (since he didn't really earn it; as Jessica said, he strong-armed his way into getting his name up there). I wouldn't be surprised if there was an undercurrent of resentment from the others cuz of the way that he went about things (there already seems to be all kinds of animosity for him cuz of it), and if he didn't start feeling the effects of it.

Oh, Jessica. Why can't you tell homeboy the truth? For a second, I almost thought that she was going to tell her piece of stuff about what was going on with Mike. Sure, it's kind of out of character for her to tell anyone anything, but it had been slammed in her face that the secret was hers' as well, and she has said that she was going to have to accept the fact that she was a part of Mike's secret as well. Sure, it would have meant another person who knew about what was really going on with Mike ... someone that we don't really know all that well, but things would probably have been better between the two of them if she had been willing to tell him what was going on. But I have the feeling that he will probably be the next person who will be brought in on the secret, if only cuz Jessica has kind of cozied up to almost telling him, and she looked guilty for not telling him everything. This doesn't mean that I necessarily think that this means he's going to last on the show, since Harvey told Scotty, and she's gone now (so, it doesn't mean that he's going to be a series regular).

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